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Top 5 Best Vitamins to Improve Sex Drive

Erectile dysfunction (ED) typical treatment is usually as a symptom of other health conditions and not a condition in itself.

There are multiple causes of ED, the most common ones being symptoms of diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or health conditions like obesity and lifestyle habits like substance abuse.

In most cases, taking some steps to improve your health can dispel ED; however, Erectile dysfunction is a typical symptom of growing old, so sometimes it can be unpreventable.

There are erectile dysfunction medications that are developed to help with treating ED. However, recent research has found that there are alternative treatments that can improve the sexual health of a person.

In this article, we will be looking at a few of these alternative remedies used for treating people who experience Erectile dysfunction and if it’s helpful. Continue reading to know what vitamins help sexually and what drugs cause ED.

The Best Vitamins For Sex Drive

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is known to help in the production of testosterone levels. Many food items contain vitamin A like meat, eggs, milk, yellow or orange-colored vegetables, and citrus fruits.

At the same time, Vitamin A can be helpful in female sex hormone production as well. Vitamin A is also an essential factor in producing sperm for the male reproductive organs.

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 serves many functions in the body, but the most important one is providing energy.

It is also called Niacin and is a primary vitamin that facilitates the conversion of enzymes to energy. Vitamin B3 also aids in increasing blood flow, giving you a stronger sex drive and erections.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, most widely known as the sunshine vitamin, is one of the vital vitamins you need in your body to build immunity and maintain healthy bones and muscles. In addition to this, Vitamin D supplement also plays a massive role in enhancing sexual function for men who have erectile dysfunction.

A study conducted by the International Journal of Impotence Research found that Vitamin D deficiency was related to incompetent male sexual function.

They also found that the level of deficiency had a lot to do with the severity of the erectile dysfunction that the males go through.

Many studies conclude that this phenomenon is the ability of Vitamin D to develop endothelial cells through the presence of oxidative stress. It also plays a role in nitric oxide production in the body.

Further research points to the association between mental health and Vitamin D deficiency, especially depression.

The lack of Vitamin D in the body directly impacts mental health, which then affects the sexual functioning of the person. This can manifest as unattractive or a lack of sex drive due to mental health problems.


L-arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid that aids in producing protein in the body. When this gets absorbed into the body, it increases nitric oxide, relaxing blood vessels and allowing for proper blood flow and circulation.

Erections occur due to blood flow into the penis, so when these vessels are opened, it makes getting an erection easier and quicker. Most stay hard longer pills include L-arginine.

Vitamin E

An important antioxidant that aids in healthy hormone balance is Vitamin E. Many sex experts call Vitamin E a “sex Vitamin” because of its ability to increase testosterone levels and increase the sperm count in males.

Most penis numbing gel contains Vitamin E and it can help increase the flow of oxygen and blood to the penis, impacting the strength of the erections that males experience when aroused.

Not only this, but Vitamin E is also used in many skin care products because of its beneficial effect on the skin. The anti-aging properties aid in the increase of vitality in males.

What Vitamins Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Typically, erectile dysfunction is strongly associated with different disorders like diabetes, heart diseases, and mental health problems. However, many people believe that the intake of vitamins will help eliminate the issues of erectile dysfunction.

Even though there’s not enough literature on this relationship, the deficiency of vitamins is directly or indirectly related to some dysfunction in the body which can manifest as erectile dysfunction in some cases.

Having a healthy body with just the right amount of vitamins and minerals is ideal for optimum sexual functioning. So in a way, a balanced diet that tackles vitamin deficiency can fight erectile dysfunction indirectly by improving your overall health.

What Is The Connection Between Vitamin C And Erectile Dysfunction?

Vitamin c erectile dysfunction has to do with the increase of testosterone and better blood circulation, which ultimately impacts the sexual function in males. A 2017 study found that Vitamin C plays a vital role in the sexual virility of males.

So what is it about Vitamin C that netizens are hyped up about concerning erectile dysfunction?

Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient that helps improve many critical bodily functions. It is sometimes called l-ascorbic acid to protect the body against infections and reduce the risk of heart disease, eye disease, and high blood pressure. Your immunity will also improve if you take vitamin C daily at a doctor’s recommended dosage.

So yes, Vitamin C has a lot of benefits, but the main question remains- does Vitamin C help reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction?

The ugly truth is that there isn’t enough evidence to connect the positive impact of vitamin C to male erectile dysfunction.

However, there is no denying that the deficiency of essential vitamins like Vitamin C from your diet will have a negative impact on your overall health and not just sexual functioning, which, again, could be a symptom of a more significant health condition you are suffering from.

Since Vitamin C is responsible for better blood circulation and the growth of new tissues, adding this to your diet will improve sexual prowess like achieving a lasting erection.

Hence, by this logic, Vitamin C is indirectly responsible for achieving perfect sexual functioning. Vitamin C increases nitric oxide, a chemical that relaxes the tissues in the body. In this way, blood flow to the penis is improved, which helps achieve a healthy erection whenever the body is aroused.

While this evidence isn’t enough to prove that Vitamin C in your diet will help you maintain lasting erections or cure erectile dysfunction, it can surely help the process indirectly.

Besides Vitamin C, some other vitamins and minerals can help increase blood flow and circulation in the body, including the tissues in the penis. So many factors affect the sexual functioning in males and are not restricted to just Vitamin C.

What Is The Connection Between Magnesium, Vitamin D, And Erectile Dysfunction?

A common misconception among people suffering from ED is that Vitamin D causes sexual dysfunction.

Numerous studies point out that vitamin D consumption has a significant negative impact on your sexual health. Instead, Vitamin D can improve it.

Looking at how Vitamin D is absorbed in the body, you may understand why some people believe that Vitamin D causes erectile dysfunction.

Vitamin D biochemistry shows that the vitamin only converts to its active form called dihydroxyvitamin D1 through the intervention of magnesium. Hence, the body can run out of its magnesium reserve with prolonged supplement intake.

This is why your body might suffer magnesium deficiency while taking Vitamin D without enough magnesium in your body.

Low magnesium in the body can cause heart palpitations and high blood pressure, so you have to be very alert when taking vitamin supplements.

The most common symptoms are migraine headaches, insomnia, muscle cramps, increased anxiety, chronic pain, and sudden muscle twitches.

The role of magnesium in the body is to relax the blood vessels and improves blood circulation. When you don’t have enough magnesium, this function is reversed, and your blood vessels may start to constrict, causing erectile dysfunction.

There are millions of blood vessels in the penis that cannot relax without enough magnesium and result in a failure to be fully erect even when you’re aroused.

So when you take Vitamin D, make sure you include enough magnesium-rich food in your diet, such as pumpkin seeds, spinach, black beans, sunflower seeds, quinoa, and Swiss chard.

However, it should be noted that eating foods rich in magnesium alone may not be enough for some people, so you can consult your doctor, who can give you magnesium supplements to take along with your vitamin supplements.

With this balance in tow, your sexual health will improve while also aiding in better overall health.

What Medications Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

While there are many causes of erectile dysfunction, one crucial factor that most people tend to overlook is ed medications.

There are different types of drugs that cause ED.

We will be discussing some of them below, along with some examples:

Psychiatric Medications Such As Antidepressants And Antipsychotics

They contain several chemicals and substances like Chlordiazepoxide, Amitriptyline, Buspirone, Amoxapine, Dimenhydrinate, and Cimetidine, which might negatively impact your sexual performance.

Examples of such medicines are: Elavil, Buspar, Librium, Asendin, Dramamine, and Antihistamine medicines

Recreational Drugs

Any form of a recreational drug, including alcohol, can have a negative impact on the sexual performance of males. Drugs like Heroin, Amphetamines, Marijuana, Cocaine, Barbiturates, and Nicotine are all a part of this category.

Medications For Parkinson’s Disease

They are manufactured using chemicals like Benztropine, Bromocriptine, and Biperiden, which have a high probability of causing sexual dysfunction in males. Examples include Akineton, Cogentin, and Parlodel

Chemotherapy And Medicines For Hormones

These include Antiandrogens, Cyclophosphamide, Ketoconazole, Busulfan, and LHRH agonists. Examples are Casodex, Myleran, Flutamide, Cytoxan, Nilutamide, and Zoladex

Water Pills (Diuretics) And High Blood Pressure Medicines.

They contain complex substances like Atenolol, Bethanidine, Bumetanide, and Thiazides, which tend to cause ED. In fact, Thiazides are one of the most common causes of ED among males. Examples include Tenormin and Bumex

Painkillers Or Opiate Analgesics

These include common medicines like Codeine, Dilaudid, and Innovar, including substances like Fentanyl and Hydromorphone, which can cause severe ED.

What Are Some New Ingredients Being Studied For Treating ED?


It is regarded as one of the most natural and promising treatments for ED.

After numerous researches, it was found that the plant improved ED in males by a significant degree.

However, it is yet to be researched for its competence against first-line pharmaceutical products like Viagra, so doctors still do not recommend it as a first choice for treating ED.

Red Ginseng

One of the most widely used ingredients in ED supplements is red ginseng, traditional Chinese medicine.

It is believed that red ginseng increases nitric oxide production in the body, which regulates proper blood flow, ultimately increasing the blood flow towards the tissues responsible for erection, called the corpora cavernosa. The penis experiences a healthy erection, aiding in ideal sexual performance.


Deeply rooted in history, this ingredient has been used for ages as a corrective measure for erectile dysfunction. However, tests with advanced technology have only been done on animals, so it is still not conducive if Maca is good for improving sexual health in humans.


Another common ingredient is fenugreek, which is also called methi. It is a descendant of the Fabaceae family and has been tested multiple times for its effects on sexual performance in males and came out with positive responses.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is commonly used to treat conditions other than ED, such as Alzheimer’s dementia and hypertension. Ginkgo biloba has been studied for treating ED, but there have been mixed results.


It is a natural steroid produced by the body, and the adrenal glands in the human body have this steroid which is said to improve sexual performance. However, with only two official trials conducted, the positive results are not enough to dictate its power to treat ED.

Are Supplements Safe To Take Over The Counter?

With so many companies coming up with these so-called “supplements” for improved sexual performance, you can’t help but wonder, “Can supplements cause erectile dysfunction?”

The answer is complicated because while these supplements claim to use ingredients that are natural and organic, there’s very little regulation on their production, so there’s no saying if the accessories are genuinely good for you or not.

While the FDA is looking after the manufacture of conventional pharmaceuticals, they have no control over supplements. Hence, it can be a dangerous gamble if you’re considering taking these sexual supplements without the recommendation of a health expert.

Today, some of these available supplements may even contain dangerous substances and impurities, whether in small or significant amounts. These can have adverse side effects on your overall health.

FAQ On Sex Vitamins

What Drugs Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Several prescription medicines and recreational drugs can cause ED in males, such as psychiatric, chemotherapy, hormonal, and blood pressure.

Recreational drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and Heroin are also responsible for ED. Alcohol and nicotine abuse can also cause ED in some people.

Can Multivitamins Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Various research shows that vitamins like Vitamin C, E, D, B3, and B9 can improve ED.

Can Too Much Vitamin D Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Vitamin D requires magnesium to become active in the body. So the more Vitamin D you take, the more magnesium you will need. A lack of magnesium in the body causes constricting of blood vessels, resulting in interrupted blood flow to the reproductive organs, causing ED.

The connection between Vitamin D, Magnesium, and ED is complicated. Still, with proper care and balance, you can tackle the complexity easily while simultaneously experiencing the perks of a healthy lifestyle.

Should I Stop Medications That Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Many recreational and prescription medicines can cause ED in males and even affect their sexual performance.

Suppose you start experiencing side effects and problems that negatively affect your erectile function after starting a new medication. In that case, it is best to consult your doctor to discuss these issues.

It is not recommended that you stop your medication without professional medical advice.

However, it would be best if you still talked to your health care provider because there may be more life-threatening side effects to the medication you are taking, and ED might be the least of your worries in such a case.

What Can I Take Instead Of Conventional Pharmaceutical Medications To Treat Ed?

Supplementing prescription medication to Vitamin D, red ginseng, L-carnitine, and L-alanine supplements can help treat ED. Taking supplements while using ED devices like penis vacuum  can likewise help you get an erection. It’s most effective if you have mild to moderate ED. You can take it with prescription medications like Viagra, which may even improve its effects.

Is There A Connection Between Vitamin D And Erectile Dysfunction?

Multiple surveys have shown that men blame Vitamin D for their ED. However, if you look at vitamin D’s biochemistry, you’ll understand that Vitamin D works by using magnesium to activate the vitamin.

However, our bodily reserves for magnesium get depleted when you don’t include enough magnesium in the body for the supplements to work correctly. The lack of magnesium negatively impact sexual performance in males and not the vitamin directly.

Vitamin D boosts sexual health as long as you take enough magnesium-rich foods or magnesium supplements to aid in the activation of vitamin D.



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Shrinking Penile: 5 Tips To Minimize or Avoid Penis Shrinkage

Is it possible for men to shrink? Is there a cure for shrinkage?

In certain cases, your penis will decrease by a few inches for different reasons. The change of size in the penis generally varies between 1/2 and 1 inch. A slightly smaller penis will not hinder you from a happy, active sexual life.

Find out about the symptoms associated with penis shrinkages by reading this informative article. Typically, a penis loses its length in several ways.

If you want to know the details about penis shrinkage or penile shortening, why it happens and how to deal with it, then you are just on the right page.

I will discuss how one’s penis size could change, including the factors that cause it and some professional medical advice related to the subject.

What Is Penis Shrinkage?

Penis shrinkage is a decrease of the penile length which could be due to treatable health conditions or lifestyle habits.

It could include weight gain, surgical procedures, and medications, to name a few.

However, neither race nor ethnicity has something to do with the penis size, per Medical News Today.

But is penile shortening really a thing? Does the penis really shrink as one age?

Dr. Ajay Nangia, a professor and vice-chair in the Department of Urology at the University of Kansas Medical Center, told Esquire that normally penis shouldn’t change. However, one’s erectile function declines based on their lifestyle (smoking, diet) or health (hypertension, diabetes, etc.) it could affect the penis length.

“The penis can lose about a centimeter of length from your rock-solid thirties to when you’re in your about-to-retire sixties,” added Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD, a Florida-based urologist (via Fatherly). “The difference, honestly, is minute, and many men may not even notice it.”

Here are three things about it.

• Men experience testicles and penile shrinkage as they age
• Many men said they noticed their penis was shorter after gaining weight
• Men who are not satisfied with their penis size may look for ways to increase its length (using sexual medicine, penis enlargement products, or getting penile enlargement surgery)

According to Mary Samplaski, MD, urologist and the director of male infertility at the University of Southern California, there is no medical tool for measuring shrinkage. However, she confirmed that smoking and age could cause a decline in testosterone production that affects erection and penile length.

What Is A Small Penile Size?

Many might think that their size is above average or their penis is too small when they have the normal penis size.

To know if you should be alarmed with your penis length or not, check out below if you are above average, below average, or just average as most men do.

• Average length of a flaccid penis: 9.16 centimeters (about 3.6 inches)
• Average length of a flaccid stretched penis: 13.24 cm (about 5.3 inches)
• Average length of an erect penis: 13.12 cm (about 5.2 inches)
• Average circumference of a flaccid penis: 9.31cm (about 3.7 inches)
• Average circumference of an erect penis: 11.66 cm (about 4.6 inches)

Now that you are aware of the average penis size, will penis shrinkage bother you or not?

Well-endowed men might not mind because, in most cases, the shrinkage is minute and almost unnoticeable.

However, for those whose penis size is below average and are experiencing penis shrinkage and want to understand their condition more, continue reading!

At What Age Do You Start Shrinking?

As mentioned in the previous article, penis shrinkage is common among men as they age. So, at what age does penis shrinkage start?

Penile shrinkage starts at around the age of 40. The decrease in size is simply how the penis appears. Also, as men age, they produce less testosterone, which results in reduced penis size and libido.

What Are The Causes Of Penile Shrinkage?

Penis shrinkage is common among men as they age. But aside from aging, one may experience penile shrinkage due to obesity, prostate surgery, Peyronie’s disease, and alcohol intake. Let’s discuss these things in detail below.

1. Aging

As men age, fatty deposits build up in the arteries causing reduced blood flow to the penis.

As a result, the muscle cells in the erectile tubes inside the penis become weaker and you will not achieve a strong erection which may affect your penis size.

The erectile tubes produce erections when engorged with blood.

Another factor would be the build-up of scar tissue over the years due to injuries from sports or sexual activity.

When the scar tissue accumulates, the spongy erectile tissues of the penis may cause penis shrinkage or limit the size of your erection.

2. Weight Gain

Many men notice that when they gain, their stomach bulges and their penis shrinks. According to Medical News Today, weight gain doesn’t necessarily cause shrinkage — one’s penis may look smaller because it is attached to the abdominal wall and when the belly expands, it pulls the penis inward.

Yes, a thick pad of fat envelopes the penis; that’s why when men gain weight, they feel that their penis shrinks.

In extremely obese men, fat can enclose most of the penis and make it look so small. According to Dr. Nangia, they also called it a “buried penis.”

“That happens over time to a large proportion of people, since we have such a high obesity rate in this country.

That gives people the perception of shortening. It can also be real shortening, without adequate blood flow [from narrowed arteries] due to obesity,” he told Esquire.

3. Prostate Surgery

Due to some health conditions, some men are forced to get prostatectomy. Men turn to this minimally invasive procedure due to prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The procedure involves the removal of a part of the prostate gland.

Prostate surgery works, according to those who underwent it. However, it also comes with major possible side effects like urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction and penile shrinkage.

According to Healthline, the experts couldn’t explain why some men experience penis shrinkage after prostatectomy. However, one possible reason is abnormal muscle contractions in a man’s groin that pull the penis farther into the body.

One may also struggle with getting an erection after the surgery because the erectile tissue is starved with oxygen, which shrinks the muscle cells in the spongy erectile tissues.

Shrinkage after a radical prostatectomy ranges between 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch when the penis is stretched out while flaccid or not erect. Fortunately, this side-effect does not happen to all men.

4. Peyronie’s Disease

A man’s penis is normally straight, but some men experience penile curvature, also known as Peyronie’s disease. A curved erection could affect your sex life because extreme curvature makes intercourse painful or impossible. It can also make a penis shrink.

Surgery is needed in removing scar tissue that causes the disease. However, it can also cause your size to shrink.

5. Unhealthy Lifestyle (Smoking)

Experts from the Boston University of Medicine examined the erect penises of 200 men, and they observed that smokers have shorter penis length than those who don’t smoke. The 1998 study concluded that smoking inhibits the blood flow to the penis and stops it from stretching, which makes it shrink, The Sun reported.

Samplaski confirmed that smoking damages the blood vessels and disrupts the blood flow to the penis, preventing it from reaching its peak hardness.

6. Medications

Certain health conditions can cause penis shrinkage and just like that — particular medications cause penis shrinkage.

According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the male study subjects taking finasteride to treat enlarged prostate reported smaller penis size and reduced sensation.

Another study published two years later in the journal Urology found that 41 percent of men taking dutasteride to treat prostate enlargement experienced some form of sexual dysfunction.
If you feel that you are experiencing penile shortening, then check if you are taking any of the medications below, according to Very Well Health.

• Adderall, typically prescribed for attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder (ADHD)
• Antidepressants and antihypertensives
• Avodart (dutasteride), used to treat an enlarged prostate
• Proscar (finasteride), used to treat both an enlarged prostate and hair loss

Also, Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) which is widely used as a form of therapy for cancer can suppress testosterone levels and result in significant penile atrophy and shrinkage of erectile tissue.

7. Low Testosterone

It is extremely important for men to maintain high testosterone levels all the time. Low testosterone can lead to penile atrophy and penis shrinkage. Penile atrophy occurs then the lasting and smooth muscle shrinks which result in a loss of length and girth and at worst lack of response to erectile dysfunction treatments.

Unfortunately, testosterone level drops with age, a condition called andropause. Testosterone levels start to dip past 30 and drop by an estimated one percent each year.

Low testosterone level decreases libido, makes morning erection less frequent, and increase erectile dysfunction. All of these conditions contribute to penis shrinkage.

How Can I Get Hard After Prostatectomy?

If you struggle to get an erection after the surgery, you can still enjoy your sex life. Johns Hopkins urologist Trinity Bivalacqua, M.D., Ph.D., gave a few suggestions on achieving an erection after a prostatectomy.

“You use prescription erection pills. If they don’t work, you move to injectable medications. If they don’t work, you get a penile prosthesis. Also, having a loving and understanding partner always helps,” he said (via Prostate Cancer Foundation).

She cited one of her patients who left the hospital after radical prostatectomy with a prescription for Viagra. He doesn’t take it like a vitamin, and it will take a few attempts until it works.

“I tell men that it often takes three or four attempts with Viagra to have a true response that will allow penetrative sex,” she explained. “But usually men see the most meaningful recovery around 9 to 12 months after surgery.”

Aside from prescription medications, one can use a vacuum erection device (VED). According to Bivalacqua, VED can play a critical role in surgical recovery, penile rehabilitation.

Also, you can use penile size increase pumps which works to boost blood flow to the penis. They have lower risks than other methods. They are also cheaper and non-invasive because they don’t require surgery, penile injection, or inserting any medication at the tip of your penis. And you can use it alongside other penis treatments. Most importantly, it works.

“No matter what is specifically causing the erection, the vacuum causes the vessels in the penis to fill with blood, just as they would during a normal erection,” Bivalacqua added.

Injection therapy is another option, and it has a success rate between 70 and 80 percent. For this, the medication is injected into the base of the penis with a small hypodermic syringe. It works quickly, within five to 20 minutes, with the erection lasting between 30 and 90 minutes.

How Do You Avoid Shrinking As You Get Older Or Stop Penis Shrinkage?

Although shrinkage is inevitable, especially because it is common among men as they age, there is still hope to minimize, if not completely avoid it. The potential solutions usually combat each of the causes of the problem.

1. Lose Weight

Many feel that their penis shrinks when they gain weight. The penile length remains intact, but as the belly grows, the penis cannot extend farther from the body.

According to Private Gym, experts estimate a one-inch loss in length for every 35 pounds of weight gain.

Yes, obesity is a culprit for your penis size and overall health. Fat contains an enzyme that converts testicular into estrogen, which can cause erectile tissues and testicular shrinkage.

So what can you do?

Lose weight! Stay in shape by maintaining a healthy diet and keeping yourself active. Pretty sure you already know that a clean diet and an active lifestyle are essential — this time, you have another reason why you should aim for it.

2. Be Sexually Active

How’s your sex life? How about your sexual function? Your penis is just like any other part of your body. It has to be exercised or used regularly. Yes, you read that right — you should use your penis.

Masturbate or have sex because these activities boost blood flow to the penis, which is beneficial to your penile and sexual health. Your package is designed to be engorged with blood and erect. Going too long without an erection will deteriorate the erectile tissue and result in penile shrinkage.

Maintaining the erectile function is important because it fills the penis with oxygen-rich blood that helps prevent penis shrinkage. So, fill your erectile tissues with blood and get your penis erect!

3. ​​Look Out For Your Penis’ Health

I understand that when sex is too good, you tend to forget and just continue thrusting. However, you should not forget about your penile health.

If you want to continue enjoying sex, your penis should be in good condition, so take good care of it.

Suppose you notice a painful lump of erectile tissue or scar tissue, a bend, deformity, or shortening. Peyronie’s disease is treatable once the acute phase is over and the scarring stabilizes.

If ever you encounter a penile fracture — marked by an audible pop, acute pain, swelling, and bruising do not hesitate to seek help. Head to the emergency room immediately.

4. Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Aim for a healthy lifestyle for your penis health! If you need to shed the extra pounds, then lose weight. If you do not need it, then continue to eat healthily and be active by exercising regularly.

“Exercise is a natural means of achieving a rise in a man’s testosterone. Testosterone is important for the health and well-being of the male functional organs,” says Leslie Deane, MD, associate professor of urology at Rush University Medical Center.

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is also staying away from unhealthy habits. Quit cigarette smoking, limit your alcohol consumption and maintain a healthy weight. You need to be fit to keep your package down there as healthy.

Also, drink plenty of water. It’s very important to get yourself hydrated. And avoid tight underwear pants because they constrict the flow of blood down there which can reduce penis size.

5. Keep Your Testosterone Level Check

As mentioned above, testosterone is very important for men because low testosterone could lead to shrinkage. So, it’s important to always check if you have the right amount.

If you are suffering from andropause, you can try Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). You can opt for a hormone shot every two weeks or use the hormone patch onto the skin daily.

Another option is the testosterone-infused gel that can be applied on the upper back and arms or inert hormone pellets under the skin every two months.

Wrap Up

Penis shrinkage can be attributed to several factors — age, health condition, lifestyle, medication, and more. Normally, your penis should not shrink, but as you age, your testosterone level drops, and erectile function declines, which eventually leads to penile shortening.

Good thing, you can at least minimize the penile shrinkage by living a healthy lifestyle and keeping your testosterone level high. If all else fails and you feel like you can’t do something about it, don’t worry — the shrinkage will be minute and unnoticeable.

If you want to learn more about penis health and other products that can help you increase your penis size, check out our homepage.



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Is 5 Inches Small? What Is The Average Penis Size


Are you well-endowed or are you wondering if your package is enough to please your woman? What is the average penis size anyway?

For men with a five-inch dick who are looking for answers, if their cock is huge enough to pleasure their lady, then you are just on the right page.

In this article, I will discuss the average penis size and girth and I’ll help you understand the things that really matter in the bedroom for mind-blowing sex, no matter what your penis size is.

What’s The Average Penis Size? Is 5 Inches Small?

Pretty sure men measure their penis size at one point in their life. You are reading this because you probably did the same. So, how do you measure up?

If you have a five inches penis and you are wondering if it’s enough, I’m pleased to tell you that it’s perfectly average.

An average erect penis measures 5.16 inches, according to a scientific review published in BJUI International. The study looked at the flaccid length of erect penises of over 15,500 men.

According to the results, 68% of men with erect penis measure between 4.5 and 5.8 inches The average length of a flaccid penis is 3.61 inches, and the average girth is 3.66 inches for the flaccid penis and 4.59 for an erect penis.

Norman Rowe supported this claim. He said, “15 percent of men have a 5-inch penis.” One in seven men and about double that fall between 5 and 6 inches making it the most common or average size of a penis, Ask Men reported.

Vanessa Marin, a licensed sex therapist, also supported the claims. She told WomensHealthMag the same thing about the average length of their partner’s penis

“I think if you ask your average person what they think the average penis size is, they’d probably tell you something like six, six-and-a-half, or even seven [inches],” Marin told the magazine.

“This is something that there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation about. The average penis size is around five to five and a half inches [erect].”

According to Boston Medical Group, the vast majority of men, about 90%, have penises between 4 and 6 inches when erect, so those with really small or large penises are only 10%.

For men with a penis smaller than four inches, then you have relatively small manhood. But men with micropenis or tiny penis usually measure 2.05 inches when flaccid and 3.35 inches when erect.

Other researchers consider a penis less than 3 inches when erect as the threshold for micropenis. If you have a micropenis, you can consider using an all day penile extender device to stretch and add a few inches to your length.

Again, the average size of an erect penis is 5 inches, so an erect length beyond that is considered that is already a large penis. And men with seven inches manhood are already “too big.”

Many men get insecure when they learn that their pal measures 7 inches or 8 inches down there. However, you should also consider the fact that sex has to be pleasurable and anything too big is not pleasurable at all.

When your penis size is too huge, the extra length or circumference won’t add any pleasure to your woman at all.

Advantages Of Average Size

For men with a five-inch penis size, you should celebrate it and here are some advantages of being average size.

1. No painful sex

Men with a 5-inch penis size are unlikely to hit the cervix during thrusting, so the woman is unlikely to experience painful sex but with a lot of insecurities in this area, it seems that only a few men realized this.

Huge penises tend to cause uncomfortable and painful sexual encounters, making some women afraid of men with a huge build. A five-inch cock will hardly cause any fright or harm to your girlfriend or wife.

Yes, five inches is preferred because the vaginal canal only measures between three to six inches long. A woman’s vagina is elastic and the muscular canal is soft and flexible, but it can’t accommodate all sizes. When a man is too big, his partner won’t feel pleasure. Instead, it will be painful and uncomfortable.

2. Normal life

A five-inch penis size is an average size, and it’s normal. When your penis measures at least five inches when it is fully erect then be proud because you do not belong to the group of men with a smaller penis.

But, you are also not among those who have larger penises. It fits most condoms safely that might break if you have a longer penis say — size eight or nine inches long.

Also, if you are well-endowed, you might need special pants to package your manhood well. You might also endure unwanted attention because your cock is visible. Plus, when you have a normal size penis, you are sure that your woman sticks around not just because of your package but more than that. Having an average-sized penis keeps you away from various annoyances.

3. Oral sex is easier

Most men enjoy oral sex. However, no matter how gifted a woman is at giving blowjobs, a longer penis can make her gag, and it will be uncomfortable for both of you.

She may cause abrasion on your dick with her teeth when your package is too much for her to handle. If you love blowjobs and have a huge dick, you might find it hard to find a woman who will enjoy doing you without any complaints.

How to Measure Penis Length and Girth

Many men feel insecure with their size, but most women do not actually care about the penis length.

Yes, you read that right! Only men mind their penis size because women don’t think about it.

So, do not be conscious of your own size especially if you have a 5-inch penis.

But, if you want to know how you measure up or aren’t sure about the size of your package and you need help with how to measure your manhood, no problem, I am here to assist. So, let’s get started!

Measuring Penis Length

1. Take a ruler or tape measure.
2. Begin at the base of the penis, where the shaft meets the lower stomach.
3. Measure to the tip. Stretch the tape measure to where the penis meets the pubic mound up to the tip of the glans or penis head. You have to follow this because if you measure along the bottom, you will get a different number.

Tip. It’s best if you take two measurements.

Measuring Penis Girth

Measuring the penis circumference is a little trickier if you do not have a flexible measuring tape. Rulers can’t measure it because they are not flexible — you can’t bend them.

If you do not have other options but a ruler, do not worry. Take a small string like a shoelace and use that instead to measure your girth from midway up your shaft.

Once you know how much string is required to encircle your penis, transpose the string onto your ruler, and you’ll get a more appropriate measurement.

Does Penis Shrink As You Get Older Or Fatter?

Is penis shrinkage true? Some men are concerned about their penis size because they feel losing some of it as they age.

Some said they used to have a 5-inch penis, but it appears shorter as they get older which really bothered them.

According to Healthline, yes, the length of your penis can decrease by up to an inch or so for several reasons, including aging, obesity, prostate surgery, and curving of the penis or Peyronie’s disease.


As you get older, your penis and testicles will slightly get small because the build-up of fatty deposits in your arteries will reduce the blood flow that engorges your penis to erect. Also, repeated injuries and scarring from sex or sports activities can cause scar tissue to build up, reducing the size of erections.


Men who gain weight notice that their dick starts to look shorter. That’s normal because the thick pad of fat starts to envelop the shaft. However, if measured from the bone to the tip, you will realize that your penis measures the same.

The extra skin after gaining weight only hides part of your cock, making it look shorter. If you are having this problem because it makes your five inches penis shorter and it affects your confidence in the bedroom, then I recommend that you lose weight.

Prostate Surgery

About 70 percent of men experience mild to moderate shortening of their shaft after having their cancerous prostate gland removed through radical prostatectomy.

The reason could be due to abnormal muscle contractions. Those who experienced this notice that they lost about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch when the penis was stretched while flaccid.

Peyronie’s Disease

The condition involves an extreme curvature making sex painful or impossible. Peyronie’s can reduce the length and girth of the penis. And removing the scarred tissue that causes the condition can also reduce the size of the penis. You can use a vacuum device for peyronies to reduce this bend curve.

Now that you are aware, you could lose some of the lengths down there; are you worried if size matters? Check out the next section to answer your question and if it’s worth bothering your peace.

Does Penis Size Matter?

Many men feel insecure with their size, but most women do not actually care about the penis length.

Yes, you read that right; many women don’t mind their lover’s size. So, do not be conscious of your 5-inch penis!

One study suggested that penis length is not really important for female partners. In the NCBI study, 77% of females who joined the survey said their partner’s penis length was unimportant or totally unimportant.

Only 21% of the respondents said it was essential or very important. Those who said that length mattered also stated that girth or with was as important.

In another survey, 45 out of 50 sexually active undergraduate females said penis girth was more important for sexual pleasure than penis length.

But what’s really the size that women want? A 2015 study asked 75 females to share their penis size preferences using 3D printed models of 33 different dimensions from 10–21.6 cm (4–8.5 in) in length and 5–17.8 cm (2.5–7 in) in girth.

The study learned that the choices depend on the participants’ nature of the relationship with their partners. For a long-term partner, women prefer a length of 16 cm (6.3 in) and a girth of 12.2 cm (4.8 in). However, for one-time sex partners, they chose a length of 16.3 cm (6.4 in) and a girth of 12.7 cm (5 in).

Best Sex Positions For Perfectly Average Penis Size

Now that you are already aware that you have an average penis size let us maximize your potential in the bedroom.

I know that men with five inches penis are still insecure with their penis size, especially when compared to eight and nine inches dicks.

Even experts know that men with 5 inches penis still feel frustrated with their size. Of course, many believe most women prefer thick meat or bigger penises. However, penis size doesn’t really matter.

If you are feeling the same, cheer up because there are many things you can do to compensate for your average penis size!

Your size will not matter if your partner has a shallow vagina because going deep won’t be that challenging. What’s important is giving your woman the orgasm she desires.

In this section, we will recommend some sex positions that allow for deeper penetration. Even men with a small penis can make their woman achieve her orgasm if they know the best sex positions perfect for their size.

Here are the highly recommended sex positions to ensure a fantastic sex life with your partner.

1. Knees to chest

Let the women lie on her back and position yourself between her legs. Let the woman pull her thighs to her chest or you can drape her legs over your shoulder for entry. You can also position them on either side of his neck or on one of your shoulders.

“If she crosses her legs at the ankles and rests those on his chest, that can work well because, again, it just creates a tighter fit,” Marin said.

2. Doggy Style

Let your partner kneel on all fours and get behind her. You can kneel or stand and penetrate her. This position will help your woman achieve her big-O because the position will give you easy access to her clitoris for clitoral stimulation.

It also allows for a good penetration. But if the penetration doesn’t feel deep enough, then get closer, lean your partner all the way down or let her spread her legs further apart. You can also allow your partner to take control from the front.

3. Face-off Sex Position

Any position that will make you and your partner in a chest-to-chest and crotch-to-crotch position works really well in satisfying your partner.

To achieve this, sit on the edge of the bed or any stable surface and let your partner straddle you. Have her grind against you while she is seated in your lap. It is an excellent position for clitoral stimulation.

4. Cowgirl

For deep penetration, you can try the cowgirl position. Lie on your back and have your partner get on top of you. Let her grind to keep your penis inside instead of pumping up and down. But she can also do the latter if she wants to. Aside from penetration, this position allows you to hit her G spot.

5. Seashell

It is similar to the knees-to-chest position. The seashell works well because it allows close contact between the penis and the vagina. Also, you and your partner can grand or move in a circular motion for enhanced pleasure instead of focusing on deeper penetration.

Have your partner lie on her back with curled pelvis up and her legs back toward her shoulders. Spread her legs in a V-shape and enter her straight down if you can. Narrow the space between her legs for a tighter fit depending on her flexibility.

6. Upstanding citizen

If you have a high bed, a table, or a safe countertop where you and your partner can get intimate, you can use it. Marin suggested having sex with your partner in a standing position. You can have her sit at a table or lie on the surface of her choice.

Just ensure to align your pelvis and be in more control. You can also have her ankle cross over one of your shoulders for a more snug and pleasurable sexual encounter.

Additional tip: If you want to pleasure your long-term partner in the bedroom with your five inches cock, explore her body using your mouth and hands. You can likewise take stamina pills for men so you last longer.

Wrap Up

So, men with five inches penis have the average penis size. Yes, you read that right. Most men measure the same down there, so do not feel insecure.

Instead, do the most of what you got because an average penis also comes with many benefits, including pleasurable sex without pain, safe from condom breakage, convenient oral sex for your partner, and more.

Also, men are wrong to think that all women consider the size of their penis. For many, size doesn’t matter, but our performance does. So, make the most of your five-inch penis and try the sex positions we recommend above.

For those considering penis enlargement, looking for a potential solution for erectile dysfunction, or finding ways to improve their performance in the bedroom, check our homepage.



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Coital Alignment Technique: How To Do CAT Position, Tips To Make It Right

Are you familiar with the CAT sex position? Do you want to know how to perform it right?

Have you watched Netflix’s Sex/Life? There was a scene in the series when Billie (Sarah Shahi) instructed her husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) to do the “coital alignment technique,” a.k.a CAT.

However, just like most men, he had no idea how to do it right. So, both of them endured an awkward sexual encounter that ended in frustration instead of orgasmic bliss.

For those who aren’t aware of the CAT sex position and want to learn it, you are on the right page. Keep reading because I’ll be explaining why CAT makes a good addition to your next performance and, more importantly, how to do it right.

What Is Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) Sex Position?

The coital Alignment Technique (CAT) is a sex position that focuses on clitoral stimulation. It’s a twist from the classic missionary position.

It shifts the focus from vaginal penetration to stimulating the clitoris with the penis or toy to achieve the female orgasmic response.

Yes, this position is focused on stimulating the clitoris instead of deep vaginal penetration. Several women do not achieve their Big-O with penis to vagina penetration alone, which could be a solution.

A 2016 study, from the Archives of Sexual Behavior, examined 52,500 adults in the U.S., including lesbian, gay and bisexual. The majority of men, about 95%said they orgasmed during sex, but only 65% of heterosexual women enjoyed a female orgasm.

“The number-one reason for the orgasm gap — and it’s not the only one — is our cultural ignorance of the clitoris,” said University of Florida professor Laurie Mintz, author of the book “Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters — And How to Get It.”

According to her, most women need direct clitoral stimulation such as oral sex and touching to orgasm. Another study in 2015 published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy received responses from over 1,000 U.S. women.

Thirty-six women admitted that clitoral stimulation helped them orgasm during the intercourse and only slightly more than 18% said they orgasmed from intercourse.

“Most sex positions fail to provide clitoral stimulation given the distance between the clitoris and the vaginal entrance,” said Ian Kerner, Ph.D., LMFT, sex therapist and author of “She Comes First,” Men’s Health reported.

CAT is a great solution because it stimulates the external portion of the clitoris during the penis in vagina sex. But, again, it focuses more on grinding than thrusting.

That is the reason CAT is also called “grinding the corn.” It may sound strange, but the name is coined due to the movements of the partners. Both rub or grind up against each other’s bodies to create fiction against the vulva.

“You aren’t grinding corn kernels down into cornmeal, per se, but you are putting a substantial amount of pressure on the clitoris,” Healthline reported.

“Psychotherapist Edward Eichel developed the technique in the 1980s in an effort to close the orgasm gap,” Kerner said.

According to Eichel, CAT helps people achieve more orgasms beyond penetration. It requires the penis holder to move higher up on the vagina-holder until an erection points down and presses against the nerves closer to the clitoris, AASECT-certified sex therapist Bat Sheva Marcus, LCSW, MPH, Ph.D. explained.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of CAT Technique

For those who aren’t convinced if this position is worth it, here are some reasons per MBG relationships why it is highly recommended, especially to those still exploring how to heat up their performance in the bedroom.

Stimulates clitoris

The clitoris is the women’s pleasure button and is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones. CAT hits it on the right spot because it involves grinding and rocking.

Makes partners feel extra close

CAT is similar to the missionary because one partner lies on the floor and the other person is on top of the other. So, the two partners are facing each other.

However, it paves way for a closer encounter because both partners end up rubbing and grinding up against each other. Also, the heightened closeness of the two bodies increases the pleasure, making the act more intimate.

The bottom partner’s legs can be wrapped around the top partner while the latter makes a rocking motion.

Offers more variety but less hassle

If you are in the mood to explore, CAT is one position that offers multiple ways to spice up your sex life without much hassle. It’s fun and easy once you get the groove.

Beneficial for those with sexual dysfunction

Since the technique is not penetrative, it helps men struggling with premature ejaculation to last longer.

Again, the position is more about grinding and not thrusting, which delays penile ejaculation and enables both partners to enjoy their intimate moment together.

Also, according to an 8-week sexual enrichment workshop, women who practice the CAT tend to achieve their big-O. The workshop involved 36 women who could not reach their orgasm through missionary sex or penetrative sex positions with their respective partners.

They were divided into two groups — 17 were encouraged to masturbate to be more comfortable with their sexual responses. The other 19 were taught CAT. Both groups kept sexual diaries for a 21-day period.

The comparative study revealed that the group who performed directed masturbation reported a 27% increase in orgasm during missionary positions. However, the CAT group reported twice the increase, 56%.

One should note that there is a major drawback about this position — it can be challenging to perform, especially for those who have no idea how to do it. The challenge is to get the perfect alignment between you and your partner.

Yes, the two partners have to figure out the right angle and position that work best for them because penises come in different sizes and shapes, and vaginas are often tilted in a different direction. Plus, the clitoris may have different distances. So, it needs constant practice to perfect the position.

“There’s absolutely no one-size-fits-all to intercourse success,” Marcus explained. “The angle you need to achieve for this whole endeavor is questionable and can possibly even cause pain, or in the worst situations, damage to the penis.”

How Does CAT Sex Position Looks Like

For the coital alignment technique position, the woman should lie on her back with her legs open wide, just like in a missionary position. The legs can also be wrapped around their partner’s.

The person who will do the penetrating will be on top, raise themselves on their arms with shoulders high and back arched. Kerner likened the position to an upward-facing dog position in yoga.

It’s a p in v sex position where the penetrating partner grinds their penis up against the vulva owner’s clitoris during penile-vaginal intercourse to help your woman reach orgasm.

So, the penetrating partner has to shift forward, so the penis or dildo is pressed against the bottom partner’s pelvis, pointing down rather than up to rub the clitoris on its way to the vagina.

“The clitoris is being stimulated by the top (dorsal side) of the penis and benefiting from the pressure and friction of the vertical movement,” Kernel explained. “A lot of the time, the male partner isn’t inserting much more than the head of his penis.”

CAT Sex Position vs. Traditional Missionary Position

Although both positions have the bottom partner lying on her back, there is a huge difference between the two.

According to Marla Renee Stewart, M.A., sexologist and expert for sexual wellness brand and retailer Lovers, the main difference is the position of the man’s cock.

In CAT, the penis is pointing downward in the vagina, not upward because it focuses on the clitoris. But in the first look, it’s just like the usual missionary position because the woman is lying on her back and her partner is on top of her facing her.

“With CAT sex, the partner on top—the one using their penis or dildo—focuses on stimulating the clitoris while penetrating the vagina,” Stewart explained.

Meanwhile, with missionary, on the other hand, “The person on top may not use their weight to put pressure on the clitoris or may use their fingers to stimulate manually.”

How to Do CAT Sex Position

For those wondering how to do the CAT position, here are some instructions to pull it off.

Once you do it right, you can confidently tell yourself that you have another skill in the bedroom that you can be proud of.

1. Do the missionary with a twist — focus on grinding

Do the missionary position, but the penetrating partner on the top should grind his penis against the clitoris until it penetrates.

The bottom partner has to position their pelvis upward or elevate their hips to allow deeper and more intense penetration.

Thus, the partner on tops has to angle their hips correctly to align the penis and vagina so that the base of the penis can create pleasurable friction against the vulva and clitoris. The penis has to be angled downward to hit the tee wall of the vagina.

2. Enjoy the moment — take it slow

The coital alignment technique is sensual and erotic because it is slow-paced. Yes, partners can have the same pace in missionary, but the latter also gives way to deep and aggressive thrusting and into rough sex. But CAT is more on stimulating the clitoris and the best way to do it, is to do it slowly.

3. Go down — give your partner an oral-genital stimulation

The CAT position could involve heavy grinding and rubbing, so it’s best if the woman is well-lubricated. Stewart suggested starting with oral sex to engage in the activity. It will prepare both partners in the mood and increase lubrication.

4. Use sex pillows

Yes, using sex pillows have a purpose. Stewart recommends “using an elevated  pillow to angle the vagina and vulva upward to gain better access.” Placing a pillow underneath the woman’s tailbone will help tilt her hips at the right angle.

Sex pillows are a great choice because they come with a supportive wedge and easily slide beneath the lower back and making it easier for both partners to try new angles and positions.

5. Make it more fun — use sex toys for clitoral stimulation

CAT sex is versatile, and if you and your partner want to take it to the next level, you may do so by incorporating sex toys.

Get creative, and you will surely be surprised how this position can blow you away.

Here are some sex toys that you can use.

Vibrating penis rings
• External vibrators
• Dildos
• Butt plugs
• Nipple clamps
• Handcuffs

Note: If you don’t have any toys, don’t worry, you can make it more fun by being more flirty.

Tease your partner’s erogenous zone, nibble their ear, moan into it, whisper sweet nothings, trace their skin with your tongue, lick and suck. Just get creative and you’ll both enjoy it.

Tips and Tricks to Make CAT More Fun

Again, this sex position is not easy to do because it’s not as intuitive as a basic missionary, but once you find the groove, then you and your partner will surely enjoy it. So, here are some tips to make it right.

1. Angle it

The bottom partner should tip their hips and thighs up at an angle no higher than 45 degrees for better positioning without inhibiting pelvic movement.

2. Use a cushion

Place a pillow underneath the base of the bottom’s partner’s tailbone to help them find a comfortable angle, and adding a cushion will take away the discomfort when they need to lift their hips for a certain angle.

3. Move in alternate directions

One person should move downward and the other upward. You can also try to switch the movements in different directions to stimulate the clitoris even more.

4. Stick with slow movement

You need the right pacing to make the activity more fun and enjoyable. In a basic missionary position, you can get as fast as you want. However, CAT works best with a slow and controlled pace.

What Is Reverse Coital Alignment Technique?

If you wonder if CAT can be reversed, the answer is Yes! To do so, the person receiving the penetration is on top and will shift their body higher than their partner’s.

The top partner should shift their body a few inches lower to allow the penis or dildo to better stimulate the clitoris.

Again, this position is less about in and out thrusting but more about slight vaginal penetration and clitoris stimulation.

Wrap Up

The coital alignment technique position is not as popular as the missionary position, but the two are close.

Only that CAT is more challenging to do and there is a huge difference in angling the position of the penis.

CAT sex position is highly recommended for those who want to improve their sex life, especially those who suffer from sexual dysfunction. However, it needs practice because unlike other positions, it is not easy to do.

But since it focuses more on stimulation than vaginal penetration, more women achieved their big-O through it. It’s a win-win for both partners because it results in great sex and simultaneous orgasm.

If you want to explore your sex life or need products to boost your package, check out our homepage.



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How to Please Your Wife With a Good Sex: 9 Tips To Give Women Maximum Sexual Pleasure

Are you aware that many women aren’t satisfied in the bedroom? Is your new partner among those unhappy ladies who couldn’t reach orgasm after your sexy time?

Many men feel insecure with the size of their penis. However, that’s not what ladies are after. What they care more about is how you could satisfy them and help them reach their big O. Impress your woman in bed by showing her your passion in making her

Difficulties experiencing orgasms have affected a large proportion of women. According to a NCBI study, in 2015, 9% of women reported never experiencing an orgasm from intercourse.

Earlier studies reported that the proportion of women who had never experienced an orgasm from sexual intercourse was 4-7%, which is lower than in 2015.

The same study also reported that 14% of young women under 35 years of age had never had an orgasm from intercourse. The figure is higher than in the previous survey

Most women have unhappy sex lives and if you want your wife to have a different experience, make sure to feed her sexual desires. Please your woman in bed and make her enjoy sex.

Fortunately, there are many ways to improve your performance in the bedroom. And in this article, I’ll help you by giving you tips on how to achieve that steamy session in the bedroom.

Some of the suggestions are from a sex coach and other intimacy gurus. But before that, I’ll give you an overview of how to start to get your woman ready physically and emotionally.

How Women Achieve Orgasm

Everyday Health gave a four-step process described by the sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson decades ago to help women achieve their big O.

So, on your next bedroom session with your wifey, you should consider these four things before you get naked.

Excitement – I understand that many men can’t wait to get their woman into this stage because, they, themselves couldn’t contain their excitement. You will know when your partner is excited because at this stage she will start to focus on sexual stimuli, Blood will engorge the clitoris, vagina, and nipples. Her heart rate and blood pressure will increase.

Plateau – Sexual tension is a precursor to orgasm. At this stage, one-third of the vagina is engorged with blood, creating what researchers call an “orgasmic platform.” You should focus on sexual stimuli that drown out all other sensations. In this stage her heart rate, blood pressure and respiration continue to increase.

Orgasm – This is a series of rhythmic contractions in the uterus, vagina and pelvic floor muscles. The sexual tension caused by lovemaking or self-stimulation could result in a feeling of warmness that will emanate from the pelvis and spread throughout the entire body.

Resolution – After reaching the big O, with blood flowing away from the engorged sexual organs, things will return to normal, including the heart rate, blood pressure and respiration.

9 Tips for a Good Sex

Now, let’s get into details. Here are some of the things you can do to keep your woman happy and satisfied when you make love.

You can try any or all of them for maximum pleasure and see how your performance in the bedroom could turn around your relationship.

Remember, don’t rush to get her naked and penetrate her. Keep her excited until she’ll ask you to take it because she couldn’t wait to feel you inside her.

1. Kiss

Do not skip the kiss because women love it. Being kissed on the neck, lips, boobs, jawline, ears, inner thighs, and just about anywhere in their body make them feel good. A kiss can help your wife to reach the excitement stage, so take the time to kiss.

Also, you should familiarize your woman’s body. Kiss her in her erogenous zones because that will turn her on instantly. Most women You can pleasure your girl by kissing her.

“Women get their greatest erotic pleasure from frequent, passionate kissing,” says Patti Britton, Ph.D., clinical sexologist, and author of The Art of Sex Coaching: Expanding Your Practice. “If you get the sense that she’s starting to lose interest, kissing is always the best way to bring her back into it.”

2. Foreplay

If you want to give your wife the maximum sexual pleasure, you should know that it will take time.

So, have the patience and take as much time. Explore her body because immediate penetration is boring.

Foreplay is not optional. It’s a must in every steamy lovemaking session, according to Men’s Health.

“Without foreplay, [sex] is equivalent to putting a frozen turkey in a 250-degree oven,” explains Taylor Sparks, erotic educator and founder of Organic Loven, one of the largest BIPOC-owned online intimacy shops.

“Oh, it will defrost at some point and it will cook within the next 4 or 5 days. But why go that route when you can defrost it and then warm it up the correct way at the correct temperature?”

A 2017 survey of over 50,000 individuals aiming to identify differences in orgasm frequency across sexual orientations reported that “women were more likely to orgasm if their last sexual encounter included deep kissing, manual genital stimulation, and/or oral sex in addition to vaginal intercourse.”

You can do all of that during foreplay. In fact, you can be as creative as you can for more fun and enjoyable sexual encounter. use your mouth, tongue, fingers, and palms. Slither, lick, kiss, touch, rub, or smell her to get her excited for your next move.

You can give her pleasure by whispering sweet nothings, giving her a pussy massage or clitoral stimulation and more.

Here’s a tip from certified sexologist Jess O’Reilly, Ph.D., host of the Drive Her Wild With Pleasure video course in using your mouth for foreplay.

“Start at their collarbone and change your breathing patterns to experiment with temperature. A wide-open mouth should create warm air, and pursed lips can create cool air,” she said.

“Work your way down around the sides of their breasts. Tease over their nipples and beneath their breasts.”

“Once you’ve touched every inch of their backside, roll them over and kiss, touch, caress, and lick from head to toe on the other side before diving down between their legs,” O’Reilly added.

3. Dirty Talk

Do you know that communication applies to your sexy time in the bedroom too?

This might not be appealing to some, but whispering sweet nothings can actually bring you and your partner closer. For husbands, make your wife feel wanted and desired when you talk dirty to her.

“Feeling intimately connected can be the sexiest foreplay for some women,” said Layla Martin, sex expert and author of Wild Woman in the Bedroom. “Hundreds of couples have told me this is the best foreplay they have ever tried.”

This a skill because it requires practice to be effective. It has to be intuitive, so you can communicate with your partner. When done well, dirty talks increase the excitement, fun, and joy over awkward silence.

Your skills will also have a correlation with your confidence in exploring sexual pleasure and in persuading your partner to experiment with you.

“When you feel sexy and empowered and are being creative in your words and imagination, you are more likely to feel comfortable trying new things, asking for what you want, and feeling comfortable with your sexuality,” said Dr. Rachel Needle, a licensed psychologist in West Palm Beach, Florida and the Co-Director of Modern Sex Therapy Institutes.

Here are dirt talk phrases recommended by sex therapists.

• Tell me what you want me to do
• I’ve thought about this all-day
• How does this feel
• I want to taste you
• I am crazy for you
• That feels good

4. Use sex toys

Aside from building up anticipation, you should make sure that she won’t be disappointed. Make your bedroom session extra fun and spicy by bringing up and using sex toys.

Sex toys are designed scientifically to aid sexual pleasure. Sometimes, it’s not easy to stimulate your mind and body to be in the mood and these bedroom accessories can help you with that.

Adult toys are manufactured to hit the right pleasure points, reducing your workload to impress your woman.

Popular sex toys include vibrators, dildos, leather whips, interlocking foam foreplay mats, nipple rings, clamps and more.

Sex expert Tatyana Dyachenko of Peaches and Screams shared some tips of what’s the best toys for each technique.

She recommends sex swing for angling because it allows your woman to rotate, raise or lower her pelvis on the penetration item for maximum pleasure. Silicone mini finger is best for stimulating the clitoris during penetration.

You can also wear a raised ribbed cock sleeve with a clitoral stimulator and vibrator. Your wife will surely enjoy your lovemaking session because it helps thicken and support the penis. You can also wear cock rings for firmer and longer erections and also use vibrating clitoral stimulators to deliver direct stimulation.

5. Focus on the clitoris

If you want to give your woman the best experience is to focus on the vulva —the inner and outer lips — and the clitoris not the inside of the vagina.

Focus on stimulating the clitoris because women require stimulation in their clitoris to have an orgasm.

According to a 2015 internet-based survey published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, which involved 1,000 U.S. women, 36% reported reaching orgasm by stimulating their clitoris.

The clitoris is the organ in the body solely responsible for sexual pleasure. In Greek, it means “key.”

In another study conducted in 2017, Prof. Debby Herbenick from the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University in Bloomington. Herbenick and her colleagues found out that 36.6 percent of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm during intercourse.

Prof. Herbenick asked women about the type of clitoral stimulation that they preferred, irrespective of whether it was necessary for orgasm or not. Two-thirds of women preferred direct clitoral stimulation and the most popular motions were up and down, circular shape, and side to side.

So, why focus on the clitoris? Here’s why:

“The bulbs of the clitoris surround the vagina, and that’s why — when the clitoris is engaged and aroused — penetration can feel amazing, but when it’s not aroused, it can feel really uncomfortable, or like nothing, because the sensation and pleasure comes from the clitoris, not the vagina,” feminist and artist Sophia Wallace said.

6. Use sensual food

Eating food and sex are two of the best thing about being alive and you can do both at the same time.

Yes, you can take food in your bedroom during your sexy time. Aside from sex toys, you can add other items during your intimate session to keep the fire burning.

For instance, you can keep a stock of chocolate sauce to turn on the heat. You can use food to be more playful while you get intimate.

There are kinks involving food such as sploshing (sexual pleasure from sitting on food) and other forms of W.A.M (wet and messy) pay. Sex is supposed to be messy. There are many ways to incorporate food when you get intimate.

For instance, you can pour a chocolate syrup or sauce over her breasts and lick on them. You can initiate many dirty games with food. You can use fruit, cream, honey, caramel for unforgettable pleasure.

Here are some foods that you can take to your bedroom for more fun and exciting encounter with your wife.

Sushi – Get rid of the traditional bamboo leaves and place it directly on your partner’s body. It will change your sushi experience for sure.

Cherries – Go old school and challenge your wife for a classic kissing test. You can also run cherries to your partner’s body or drizzle the juice over their erogenous zones and lick them off.

Grapes – Just like cherries, you can use this fruit for icy, hot foreplay with your spouse. Run it over your wife’s nipple and other erogenous zones as she anticipates your next move.

Whipped Cream – This is a popular item in the bedroom for a sexy time. It’s the best segue way to oral sex. You can create a line from your partner’s neck down to her genitals and lick your way down there before eating her out. However, make sure to not get the dessert inside her labia because sugar can cause infection.

Chocolate syrup – It is a little messier and drippier than the whip cream which requires more tongue action. Your lady will surely enjoy all the lick after you drizzle the syrup all over her.

To make the experience more fun, you can also use the syrup to write your affirmation for your love, her initials or the filthy names she likes being called in bed. If you want to be arty, go all out and put it on her back or butt.

Cannabis chocolates – Cannabis has a reputation of being an aphrodisiac making it a great addition to your sexy time. It can make your foreplay more fun. You can feed each other as you wait for its effects to kick in.

“Be really careful with edibles, because they take time to kick in, and they bring about a more intense high than smoking or vaping,” warns cannabis-friendly dating coach Molly Peckler.

7.Give her an awesome fingering

Fingering is a crucial part of female pleasure and orgasm, according to Megan Wallace. Around 80% of women with vulvas can’t orgasm through penetration, so top-notch fingering skills will come in handy.

If you feel that you lack in the size department, your expert fingers could be your way to helping your wife achieve her Big O.

Vulva responds well to stimulation. Start slowly and sensually. So, take your time to make her wet. It might take 15 minutes for her to reach her orgasm. When it comes to fingering, don’t stimulate her clitoris immediately.

Build up the tension by touching her near her genitals but not directly where she expects it. you can stroke her thighs or lower stomach, for example.

This will set the right pace, encourage blood to flow to your partner’s genitals and amp her arousal. She will be more receptive to intense stimulation.

Observe her breathing and responses. When she is already aroused, you can start zoning in on the areas where she responds the most.

Make the move rhythmic and consistent, rub a finger back and forth or trace a circle. Pay attention to your wife’s cues before you penetrate.

Once you slip a finger or two, here are some moves you can try out.

• Circular, swirling motion at the opening of the vagina.
• G-spot stimulation using a finger or two agains the vagina front wall.
• Switch things up by slipping your fingers in the vagina and caressing the G-spot, then slipping them back out and up over the clitoris.
• Use the rest of your hand to caress and massage the clitoris while you move a finger rhythmically in and out.

8. Perform ​​oral sex

According to a 2016 study published in The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality women are twice likely to go down on their partners than men and they are less likely to enjoy it. There is an oral sex gap between men and women.

Based on the survey, only 40 percent of women engaged in cunnilingus with their partner and more than half of women orgasm through oral sex.

So, if you want to pleasure your woman, get down on her.

According to the survey, 80% of women enjoy it when their partner gives them oral. However, less than 1/3 of women feel comfortable communicating their desire to be eaten down there.

Several sex therapists and gurus said many women feel self-conscious about receiving oral sex due to potentially offensive smells and the appearance of their genitals.

Some also find it dirty, but those who have tried it, enjoyed it. But she will easily overcome this if you are both sure of your relationship. Also, make her feel relax to enjoy the moment.

“Many women feel that receiving oral sex is the most intimate sexual act, much more intimate than intercourse,” said Kimberly Resnick, certified sex therapist, associate professor of psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine.

For the best oral sex, you can lick her, bite her, play with her, grab her and experiment with anything you have in mind. You’ll surely hear loud moans in the bedroom when you find yourself in between her legs.

9. Try different sex positions

Again, several women do not enjoy the sexual encounter through penetrative sex alone. Be
experimental and try different positions and forms of stimulation to let your partner know that her pleasure is what you want to achieve.

Here are five sex positions that could help you and your partner enjoy satisfying sexual intercourse.

Revamped Missionary

Add some action in the missionary position if your partner already finds it boring. You can thrust in her with a gentle grinding action or place her legs on your shoulders for a new angle and deeper penetration.

Downward Doggy

Many enjoy doggy style, but you can make it more fun by having your partner get down on her elbows while you are behind thrusting her. This position is more intense than the doggy style because it allows you to stimulate the most sensitive part her womanhood. You can also instruct her to rub her clit while you go in and out of her.

The Bridge

Have your wife lie on her back and bend her knees with her feet flat on the bed. Have her arch her hips up toward the ceiling. Kneel in front of her and hold her hips to leverage as you thrust her. This is a great position to introduce clitoral stimulation with hands or a sex toy.

Reverse Cowgirl

Straddle your partner backward and let her move up and down your shaft in a rhythmic pace. You can run your fingers down her back, read around her breasts and massage it, or rub clit as she rides you.

Sideways Spoon

This is a sweet and intimate position. You need to lies on your sides facing the same direction. Push your way insider her. Reach out and stimulate her clitoris. You can also use a sex toy for additional stimulation.

More Hints on What Women Want and How to Pleasure Them

Prof. Herbenick’s research presented a list of sexual behaviors and asked if they found them “very appealing,” “somewhat appealing,” “not appealing” or “not at all appealing.”

• Vaginal intercourse – 69.9 percent
• Cuddling more often – 62.8 percent
• Kissing more often during sex – 49.3 percent
• Saying sweet, romantic things during sex – 46.6 percent
• Giving or receiving a massage before sex – 45.9 percent
• Having gentle sex – 45.4 percent
• Receiving oral sex – 43.3 percent
• Watching a romantic movie – 41.9 percent
• Making the room feel more romantic – 41.3 percent
• Wearing sexy underwear or lingerie – 41.2 percent

Forty women also shared that having sex more often was very appealing to them.

Wrap Up

In most cases, women struggle to reach their orgasm compared to most men. If you are eager to please your wife in the bedroom, you should take your time and observe her reactions.

Know what your partner likes, familiarize her cues and do not hesitate to get down and give her the best oral sex and fingering because these two often work well in leading her to her Big O.

Achieving orgasm for women could be real work for some husbands. So, it’s best if you prepare her leading to your sexy time. Make her feel safe and relax. You can tell her, you can’t wait to get home and get on top of her. Build up tension, make her excited, and give a mind-blowing performance to achieve your mission — make your partner feel good after you make love.

If you wish to learn more about improving your sexual prowess and performance, check our homepage and explore our site, you’ll find similar content that will surely answer your questions


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41 Steamy Movies And Series You Can Binge Watch As Porn On Netflixs


Is there porn on Netflix? No, technically speaking. You won’t necessarily find the same kind of porn that you would on Pornhub, XHamster, or YouPorn.

However, there are many films with nudity and sex scenes that can make any guy feel the heat in the sheets and have that urge to jerk off or have sex.

You can find plenty of Netflix porn (sort of), that’s whether you’re looking for erotic movies, steamy R-Rated series, or even soft porn.

For many years, there’s endless debate on where’s the clear line between cinema art and smut.

For the sake of storytelling, countless film directors toe the line, at the edges of decency, to create closest that you can get to porn on Netflix.

Many of these titles are available on Netflix from the convenience of your gadgets and Smart TVs.

Although these hot movies aren’t strictly called porn, they have the same impact if you want to feel horny and have a boner.

Can You Find Porn On Netflix?

It’s no secret that Netflix, the world’s most popular streaming service, has a massive library of movies and series. Some are big-budget blockbusters, while others are less well-known.

Netflix’s appeal is that they offer such a diverse selection of material, which is a crucial factor in its success.

Suppose you’re looking to watch rom com K Dramas or looking for sizzling French thrillers, you’ll be able to find these in their content catalogue quickly.

However, you may be disappointed if you want to view some porn on Netflix unless you know the titles.

How To Find Steamy Shows On Netflix?

The hot and sexy movies won’t be on your Netflix homepage due to their heavy adult material. Still, they’re just a click away if you know how to search.

Netflix offers “steamy” sub-genres among its hundreds of standard genres. Try searching for “Critically Acclaimed Sexy Movies,” “Steamy Foreign Dramas,” or “Hottest Thrillers in 90’s.”

There’s a lot of results based on everyone’s sexual preferences. Although none of these films are pornographic, they have received one of Netflix adult ratings, such as NR, UR, TV-MA, NC-17, or R.

For your watching enjoyment, the following are the sexiest movies that managed to get past Netflix porn filters.

Best Movies And Series Porn on Netflix

Here are the best movies on Netflix that are, by all means and purposes, falls into soft porn category.

Well, not all of these movies are available in every country, so you might need to do some digging and search tricks to access them.

1. Nymphomaniac (Part I and Part II)

Nymphomaniac is a two-part film directed by Lars Von Trier. This sexy movie is about Joe, a self-diagnosed female nymphomaniac.

She is discovered beaten up and unconscious by a middle-aged bachelor.

Then Joe confesses her sexual promiscuity, which devolves into a painful watch, a retelling of abuse and violence.

The scenes are pretty explicit, steamy, and contain numerous deviant activities. Still, they are as near to porn as you can go without going for hardcore porn.

There are no unexpected twists in the film and you’ll see Joe as what you would expect from a Nymphomaniac.

2. Black Snake Moan

What could possibly go wrong in a movie starring a bible-thumping zealot (one-time blues guitarist) farmer and a youthful sex addict?

Here’s a movie about a man who tries to ‘fix’ the wrongdoer by having her in chains and imprisoning her until she realizes her mistakes.

She then appears half-nude in most of the film , while there are a few decent sex scenes to enjoy as well.

3. Below Her Mouth

This lesbian romance Canadian film centers on the love connection between two women. It is described as “Art-House,” “Steamy,” “Thrillers” and “LGBTQ.” One is a fashion writer dating a man, and the other is a roofer working on the house next door.

It was directed by April Mullen and shot by an all-female team, so it should accurately represent what a woman desire and the language to get their rocks off.

Below Her Mouth has plenty of hot woman-on-woman action. It explicitly depicts lesbian sex, with plenty of oral sex, female masturbation, and beautifully creative ‘porn’ shots.

4. Strictly Sexual

Two groups of best friends (two girls and two guys) meeting in a club one night, searching for a one-nighter.

The girls return to the guys’ flat for an all-night steamy sex session after a case of wrong identity, in which they believe the lads are gigolos.

The females admit in the morning that they are tired of having usual dating and they feel bored.

The guys do what any other man in their situation would do: they let the girls stay with them in exchange for sex. A superb crazy clutter of sex sequences follows.

5. Romance

A French art-house film, Romance, was released in 1999 and is about Marie, a schoolteacher.

She, while living with her partner, cannot accept intimacy.

They don’t make love despite living together, but that doesn’t mean she’s virginal and don’t want sex.

Marie then examines her personal dilemma through a series of sexcapades with different men, including her school’s principal.

Basically, Romance has many sizzling and steamy scenes to watch, including those with sadomasochism perspective as well as public sex.

6. Blue is the Warmest Colour

This is one of the most critically acclaimed French films. It won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and is a lesbian romance between two women in the ‘LGBTQ’ genre.

Expect a lot of intense girl-on-girl action in the best coming-of-age dramas, that’s also a hot steamy independent film.

Oh, and there’s a girl/boy sex scene at the beginning (even though she didn’t like it, buy if you’re a guy, you should!).

7. Sex and Lucia

One of the most acclaimed Spanish movies to date, this is set on an remote island and chronicles Lucia’s lives and relationships, the main character of the movie.

This movie has some great sex, including one character’s porn impersonation.

8. Long Nights Short Mornings

This movie looks at the dating scene in New York City through the lead character, James, a young, but lonely guy.

His steamy excursions into the city’s bars and clubs results in an unavoidable trysts and one-nighter, all vividly depicted with plenty of nudity and lots of sex scenes.

9. Bang Gang

Bang Gang, which has been nominated for multiple awards from several international festival for movies, tells the story of Alex.

This adolescent is left alone at home while his mother is away on business.

Of course, being French, Alex decides to have sex parties. He then decided to upload the videos of his sex events to the internet.

It’s actually not a horrible film that reflects today’s era of online sex-tapes and hidden cam porn.

Aside from that, you’ll enjoy a lot of steamy group sex in the movie.

10. MILF

It’s difficult to envision a film called MILF being romantic in any manner. Still, this film about three French ladies who have steamy affairs with younger men while dealing with their own heartbreaks proves otherwise. Of course, it has some of the hottest clips that you’ll enjoy watching.

11. Illusions That Kill

The star of the hit series Sex and the City is Kristin Davis. With her sexy image as a provider of hot sex in men, Kristin stars in this film about an author experiencing writer’s block and hires a babysitter to look after her children while concentrating on her work.

Of course, her imaginative and steamy nights with the nanny and her adoring husband supply all the inspiration she requires.

12. Nasha

For everyone who prefers foreplay to sex, here’s Indian erotica about an 18 y/o student who becomes fascinated with his new theatre teacher.

Nasha develops into a story about forbidden romance from its unsettling beginnings, straddling between a romantic drama and a stalker film. Although there isn’t much nudity, the grandiose build-ups and fantasy steamy encounters make for a very hot viewing.

13. Love

Love is one one of the hottest French cult movies featured under Netflix ‘Romantic’ and ‘Cerebral’ genres. It should not be confused with the wacky Judd Apatow TV series.

The sexy story revolves around an American student who falls in love with a French woman and relocates to Paris.

They decide to liven up their sexual behaviors by bringing their young Danish neighbor in for a threesome after two years together. Isn’t it great to have a no-strings-attached three-in-a-bed romp? Wrong.

All hell breaks loose when the American has sex with the teen and gets the teenage girl pregnant. This film has plenty of fantastic sex and nudity (with full male frontal), intense foreplay and steamy hardcore sex.

14. Immoral Tales

Immoral Tales is a four-part collection of sexy stories about incest, virgin sex, masturbation, and lust for blood.

It was released in 1973 in France and one of the most intriguing movies that’s sexual enough and has an ‘art house’ feel. It’s a strange steamy collection of vignettes. There’s a 16-year-old girl who gives her cousin a blowjob on the beach.

Then the narrative of a sadistic countess who places pearls into her vagina and kills young girls in a bid to become everlasting. Still, it’s not without appeal… for a lot of people.

15. Boogie Nights

Mark Wahlberg’s film is now one of the popular movies on Netflix. Boogie Nights is an ode to the 1970s and 1980s porn industry. It is one of the best standalone movies to watch, but for those thirsting for sex, is it porn-worthy?

Well, there are a couple of sequences that could be characterized as steamy, and you do get to see Wahlberg’s massive cock, but the plot alone is worth it. Wahlberg almost turned down the film, and would have Leonardo DiCaprio instead.

16. Friends With Benefits

Considered as one the forerunning millennial movies, Friends With Benefits stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. It tells interwoven stories of two pals who decide to have sex with no lust, attachments, relationship status, or romance.

Their objectives fail miserably, which is what you would expect in real life. Still, it’s worth seeing because it stars two of the hottest actors in Hollywood.

17. Newness

Newness can be considered as a modern steamy romance-comedy with a soft touch of porn on Netflix.

A pair met on a dating app, moved in together, cheated on each other, and began an open relationship in a matter of weeks.

Sex plays a very significant role in all of those events. Newness takes a pleasant, if not unsophisticated, approach to the idea of open relationships.

You’ll follow millennials who, after trying monogamy, find themselves in mud and decide to test dating other people.

Basically, Newness is a gripping and realistic story about the concerns that non-monogamy can raise, with surprising little dramatization.

18. Bridgerton

“Steamy Period Dramas” isn’t Netflix genre category, to be sure. Though, considering Bridgerton, one of the phenomenal British dramas right now, owe its success in large part to its passionate, NSFW scenes between Daphne and the Duke of Hastings, it really should be.

19. Outlander

Even before Bridgerton became Netflix most popular original period series, STARZ’s Outlander set the standard for having experiences of a steamy coupling in the 1700s.

For loyal viewers, this series about a lady who finds romance by chance in 1743 continues to rule the category of hot period drama. Every season of Outlander is a must watch for one of the best steamy dramas in Netflix.

20. Reign

Reign’s four-season drama follows Mary, Queen of Scots, as she rises through the Scottish monarchy and gains power in French courts – and over French men. Reign is one of Netflix popular sexy dramas to watch.

21. 365 Days

365 Days is a direct to movies on Netflix softcore BDSM film.

With its extreme sexual violence and disgusting representations of crime and consent, 365 Days got six Razzie nominations from critics and viewers.

Despite this negative reviews, lots of viewers were turned on by the softcore but extremely steamy scenes in the film that Netflix decided to make two sequels. They started shooting of 365 Days Part 2 & 3 and will be released on 2022.

You might be wondering why 365 Days has spent so much time in Netflix’s top 10 with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 0%. Well, this is porn on Netflix erotic list.

The film is about a group of Sicilians who abducted a meek sales director. She’s given a year to develop some feelings and engage in romance with the boss of crime family.

Even though the sex is hot, the premise is ridiculous, language is bad, and the acting is terrible. This movie has some exploitation, so be warned that it deals with kidnapping and has significant consent problems.

22. Cam

Cam pulls back the curtain on the life of camgirls. It shows the dangers they face and how they’re really treated on the job.

The story evolves on how sex workers work on cam as if the norm, similar to a contentious subplot on HBO’s hit adolescent drama Euphoria. Alice, the main character, is also quite excellent at what she does, providing a lot of controversial yet steamy situations.

23. Sense8

Fans were outraged when Netflix original series Sense8 was canceled after only two seasons, and deservedly so.

The series, which followed a group of “Sensates” from around the world, provided good LGBTQ representation and didn’t hold back when it came to image of lusts and sex in the show.

24. White Girl

College is all about trying new things, and main character Leah has taken to the streets of New York. She discovers love and sorrow in equal measure as she wanders its streets in search of blow and physical pleasure.

This cautionary steamy tale in the vein of youth is gruesome to see for others. Yet, the numerous sex scenes are explicit and passionate. There are multiple depictions of sexual assault in this film.

25. Duck Butter

Two women fall in love at first sight in the most wacky rom-com movies to date. Instead of dating, they compressed the relationship into 24 hours and never see each other again, resulting in steamy couplings.

It’s as tumultuous as it sounds. In this experimental indie mumblecore comedy, Alia Shawkat of Arrested Development appears as one of two fed-up women who decide to undertake an experiment.

They’ll be together for 24 hours, having s every hour and vowing to be entirely honest with each other throughout.

What begins as a harmless pastime quickly transforms into a study of intimacy in all its manifestations. While the sex scenes are essential, the connection between Shawkat and her co-star Laia Costa is the picture’s highlight.

26. Elisa and Marcela

One of Netflix laid back sexy movies follows two women who fall in love but are forced to keep their relationship hidden for fear of punishment.

Set in 1885, their fate changes when one of them decides to pretend to be a male to marry, demonstrating that the battle to love honestly extends back millennia.

The true story of Elisa and Marcela, who were legally married after passing as a heterosexual couple in 1901, is inspiring. You’d think a meaningful adaptation of this narrative would result.

Still, Elisa & Marcela is a pretentious black and white snooze. The sexiness of its surprisingly hottest scenes is one redeeming feature.

27. An Easy Girl

Like many teenage girls, Naima is unsure of what she wants to accomplish with her life. She grew in Cannes, France, surrounded by beautiful people who are asking her what to do and where she wanted to go.

Well, until her 22 years old cousin Sofia arrives in her sphere. Sofia then embraces her beauty and sexuality, making the most of what they have to offer. Sofia discovers a world of infinite possibilities as the pair make their way through Cannes. Even Sofia’s undecided about whether or not she wants them.

The film’s sexual and steamy content is focused on Sofia and there are a lot of mature discussions.

28. Amar

If you’re looking for love but don’t mind long build-up of the sex scenes, this is the film for you. Amar is one those slow-burning movies that takes viewers on a trip through two young people’s first love experiences.

Amar is sensitive and scathing as they move from their early romantic beginnings to the pitfalls that beset first time relationships. Its solemnity heightens the intensity of its passionate outbursts.

29. The Dirt

Mötley Crüe blazed a swath of wickedness throughout the globe in the 1980s that would make the devil feel small.

They were involved in everything: sex, greed, drugs, crime, adultery, vulgar language, vehicular manslaughter – almost every despicable stuff you could think of.

The Dirt, Netflix film adaptation of the band’s bestselling published novel, allows you to relive their glory days.

If you’re worried that their desired stories have been tamed for the cinema, the first squirting scene should relax the stressful thoughts in your mind.

30. High Society

Nothing in Netflix description for High Society can prepare you for how bizarre this film becomes. The main story is about an art gallery curator and her professor husband striving to get into South Korea’s financial elite. Interestingly, you won’t see any of the couple’s passionate steamy intercourse in the movie.

However, you’ll get to see the incredibly graphic “people in lubricants on a plastic bed” scene. You’ll definitely see social life of the elite in a very different light the next time you delve in it.

31. A Perfect Ending

Those who appear to have it all most of the time hide very painful secrets. Rebecca has never experienced orgasm for the first time – despite the money and comfort her marriage provides.

She believes she’ll never be able to, well till her two friends introduced her into a discreet and lovely escort. A Perfect Ending would be the result, in case Lifetime would have tamed sex scenes into their melodramatic films. So you have to make sure you’ll have some Kleenex handy for the shocking conclusion.

32. Nasha

For everyone who prefers foreplay to sex, here’s an Indian erotic film about an 18-year-old student who becomes fascinated with his new theatre teacher.

Nasha develops into a story about forbidden love from its unsettling beginnings, straddling the line between a romantic drama and a stalker film.

Although there isn’t much nuance, the grandiose build-ups and steamy fantasy scenes make for a very hot viewing.

33. By the Sea

By the Sea is a strange film by all standards, as its a tragic narrative about a couple struggling to save their marriage, as told by perhaps the hottest Hollywood couple in history. And who would have thought that two A list stars would come out in your porn on Netflix search.

A dancer (Angelina Jolie) and a writer (Brad Pitt) went on vacation to a coastal hotel. The journey becomes a flurry of sex, conflicts, and confessions after they barely communicate when they started off.

The fights are difficult and excruciating to watch, but you’ll definitely find Brad and Angelina’s steamy scenes breathtaking. If your relationship is falling apart, you may want to skip this one and find another film to watch with your significant other.

34. B.A. Pass

B.A. Pass, another Bollywood film on this compilation, demonstrates how other countries deal with the sexuality within cultural boundaries. This sexual thriller follows a penniless student persuaded by a gorgeous rich woman to become a gigolo.

Putting his morals aside, he takes on increasingly dangerous jobs, which end in disaster. B.A. Pass, like the other films on this list, features graphic sex with no nudity, but with some disturbing plot twists. Well, there’s a steamy sex scene where you have to do some some visualizing of the nipples.

35. The Art of Loving

Michalina Wislocka, a feminist and sexual health icon, is profiled in “The Art of Loving”. Her work on themes including the sexual needs of lonely people and contraception was banned.

This was due to the story where a sexologist and gynecologist lived under Communism in Poland. The Art of Loving honors its subject’s work by simultaneously informing and supporting your sexual urges with Academy-worthy cinematography and a really steamy and erotic sex scene.

36. Desire

Who’s in for some flimsy illusion to get the sex urge juices flowing – Desire is just that. Although Ofelia and Lucia are sisters, their relationship has been strained for the past seven years.

When they finally get together to celebrate Lucia’s wedding, things appear to be on the mend until Ofelia meets Lucia’s husband and steamy flames fly. Desire is an odd fantasy, but often the hottest ones are the ones that are graphic, steamy, and darkly humorous

37. Fifty Shades of Grey (Parts 1,2 &3)

Based on EL James 2011 self-published novel, Fifty Shades of Grey is about the sexual connection between virginal Anastasia Steele and wealthy Christian Grey.

You can’t argue Anastasia Steele (played by Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) have the sexual chemistry and make the hottest on screen pair.

From the elevator, to the bedroom, to the shower, to the billiard table -the 3 part steamy movie franchise has some of the hottest and memorable sex scenes in a Hollywood flick.

Every kiss, spank, thrust, moan… the sexual tension will have you on the edge of your seats and would want to see more.

38. She’s Gotta Have It

She’s Gotta Have It, Spike Lee’s feature-length debut is an avant garde sex comedy given today’s broad rise of non-monogamy relationships.

Young gorgeous Brooklyn native Nola Darling is dating three different men and has always turned down each guy’s commitment. Nola likes her independence, but her suitors have different views.

“She Gotta Have It” is a hugely influential film for American independent cinema. It has a wonderfully seductive investigation of romantic autonomy in the contemporary times.

39. The Tree of Blood

A couple travels to the wife’s old family farmhouse to investigate their shared family history in this erotic tale of generational tragedy. The connected roots of both families vibrate with 25 years of romances, murder, betrayal, and heartache – threatening to pull apart our protagonists’ love in the present.

The Tree of Blood is a pitch-black drama, is not the usual porn on Netflix, but shows how violence destroys generations, and it thus lives up to its name. The steamy encounters, on the other hand, are a heated, pleasant respite from the gloomy plot and setting .

40. Dry Martina

Martina was once a popular Argentinian singer, but heartache and sadness has taken away her voice. She then feel the passionate return of her voice, when her seemingly lost sister reappears – accompanied by her attractive boyfriend César.

The sexy film is a complex comedic-drama that tells about woman’s sexual drive and lust, that doesn’t always portray a woman’s sexuality in the best light. Its combination of good chuckles and graphic steamy clips on the other hand makes the movie a terrific watching experience.

41. Bodyguard

Bodyguard is a British thriller about David Budd (Richard Madden), a sexy bodyguard who works for Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes), a hot politician.

The series is BBC’s “most-watched drama since current records began” in the United Kingdom, and it’s understand why.

You have Budd who doesn’t speak much (mysteriously hot) and he appears to be a decent father. Then he constantly calls her superior Montague as “Ma’am” (steamy hot!!!).

You’ll get several sizzling sexual encounters between the two that would make you want to release some steam yourself.


So, while all of the movies mentioned can fulfill your thirst for porn on Netflix, which ones do you find essentially porn but with a bit more steamy plot?

Let us know and share your thoughts.


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How to Combat Shrinking Penile Tissue?

News just in, you might not always be the young swinging man you were in your twenties, and with time comes the horrible realization that you will shrink, you will lose muscle, and as you get older your sexual health will begin to decrease.

Many men begin to appear smaller by the age 45, and look frail and older if they do not live a healthy lifestyle. Apart from just the exterior, penis shrinkage is also something that troubles many elderly men.

As men age, over the age of 30 (differs for most men) testosterone begins to drop. Lower testosterone has been linked with weight gain, loss of erections, loss of libido, plaque build up in blood vessels, and a lower life standard.

With older age also comes the fact that the average male also produces more Sexual Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) which binds to normal testosterone, decreasing the available testosterone even more.

What Causes Penis Shrinkage As You Get Older?

As men age, penis shrinkage is something we all face – amongst other things.

As this happens, sex can become more anxious and this can lead to depression and other mental problems.

Penises don’t actually shrink, however other health related issues may make it appear much smaller.

Fat increases with age, which makes the penis appear smaller. Having a lot of fat in the pubic area may especially decrease the visual appearance of your penis.

Most men gain weight as a result of decreasing testosterone, which can also lead to a decrease in penile length. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for sexual function and libido. In fact low testosterone has been linked to prostate cancer in some studies.

Another cause of penis shrinkage is the fact that with time comes worsening health indicators. Blood pressure rises, Cholesterol rises and physical activity lowers.

This can all lead to plaque build up in blood vessels, lowering the available blood flow to the penis. This is not only the leading cause of Erectile dysfunction but also can make the penis smaller than it is.

Research also shows that penis shrinkage can also happen due to something called scar tissue buildup. This is not always normal, as trauma to the penis causes this.

This trauma can cause you to lose length and girth, but can also cause your erections to be curved. This shrinking via curve can be treated with medical treatment. This is referred to as Peyronie’s disease.

Having prostate troubles can also contribute to penis shrinkage. The prostate is a small gland sitting at the base of the penis that produces fluids that end up in semen.

Many men experience prostate problems as they grow older, and may need to have this small gland removed.

This procedure is called radical prostatectomy – the removal of the prostate with little notice. This prostate surgery has been medically reviewed, and can decrease the size of the penis by up to 15%.

The prostatectomy induced penis size loss is only apparent in one in five men. While this shortening is not great, the benefits of perhaps removing cancer from your body do outweigh losing an inch or two.

How Do I Stop Penis Shrinkage?

The fact of the matter is that your health can severely influence your penis length, penis size as well as it’s function.

Making sure the penis has ample blood flow will give it the best chance of maintaining size and stop shortening.

For a penis to be and stay erect, this blood flow is crucial, and there are some actions you can take as well as medical advice to help you.

Decreasing body fat and body weight will significantly improve penile function. Not only will this make the flaccid or erect penis seem larger, but it will also make erections easier to get and maintain.

Lowering fat in the body is also good for prostate health. Sleeping more can also help, as a lack of sleep has been linked to an increase in body fat, as well as an increase in blood pressure and cholesterol.

In general, living a healthy lifestyle is essential. If you are currently smoking, it might be a good idea to stop – smoking has been linked to high blood pressure, cholesterol and cancer.

To stop testosterone from lowering too far down, you can have a discussion with your doctor about Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

This is a treatment for males that will enable stable levels of hormones, and call help with sexual activities and battling depression. Some men even claim that TRT can help you gain an inch or two down there.

Just make sure your doctor monitors your prostate, as an enlarged prostate can lead to cancer – too high or low testosterone has been linked to prostate health troubles.

How To Cure Peyronie’s Disease?

Male Effective Penis Extender

Peyronie’s disease affects 1% of men over the age of 18, and can influence the erectile tissue, size, and even the ability to stay erect – making sex a lot more painful and stressful.

Medical advice for curing Peyronie’s disease are slim, with some options available that could alleviate this.

Using a penis stretching method with a flaccid penis could help with this disease, as this can help the breakdown of some scar tissue and enable the penis to be straighter.

Men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease also claim that a penis straightening device may substantially help lengthening the penis, undoing the shortening.

There are medically reviewed surgeries that could help. Inserting stitches on the longer side of the penis could pull it more straight.

The second surgery option would be Grafting – where a vein or pig intestine is inserted into the shortening side of the penis, to help it elongate.

The last surgery is inserting a prosthesis, that could help straighten the penis.

How To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is mainly caused by health complications such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and higher fat content but can also be caused by mental issues such as porn addiction.

Penises can be very finicky, and ensuring it receives the proper treatment will ensure that it and the testicles work when you need it to.

While erectile dysfunction has nothing to do with penis size or length, having a flaccid penis when it should be erect can be infuriating.

Make sure you live as healthy as you can, ensuring you follow a good diet and exercise regularly.

Decreasing saturated and trans fat intake, decreasing your weight or even your average fasting glucose levels may all benefit your penile tissue.

Giving up unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking may also help, and medical advice reads that even eating a more plant based diet.

Using erectile dysfunction vacuum constriction devices have also been known to help prevent and treat ED as well as other men sexual issues like treatment of shrinking penile.

This is something that troubles men in all stages of life, and of course there are medical actions to help you out.

Supplements To Increase Blood Flow

To increase the access to blood, you need to increase the ability for it to flow.

The simplest way for this is dilating the blood vessels – allowing more blood to flow to the desired area.

Viagra was designed as hypertension drug, before it was used for erectile tissue.

Arginine and Citrulline Malate are both nitric oxide boosters, meaning they can dilate the veins of the muscles and can create a better erection.

Supplementing with longer erection pills daily can not only help increase muscle endurance (meaning longer sex) but can also help with a stronger erection, as well as battling penile shrinkage.

A penis that can achieve circulation easier, may seem larger even when it’s flaccid. Beetroot might have similar effects, but not as strong as medical ingredients such as these.

Many men also report positive effects from using Aswaganda Root. This drug has been linked to decrease in blood sugar which can improve overall health.

Research also shows that this drug can also improve triglycerides levels as well as muscle mass which can combat shrinkage.

Some speculate this can cure an enlarged prostate, and research has actually found that this could limit prostate cancer growth.

Perhaps You Should Try Therapy

Aging is completely normal, your penis length will change, as well as your overall size and cognitive alertness. Scar tissue from years of sex has also build up and the old guy is tired.

This is the natural way of life, and while you may not have the length or the girth – you can still have a great sex life.

Many women claim that a too big penis is uncomfortable in bed. Perhaps you should seek mental therapy if you are insecure about your erectile tissue.

You can even try using toys in bed as well – having a penis size that isn’t what it once was is no reason to be ashamed.



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Why Is My Flaccid Size So Small?

“It shrinks in the cold!” – something not only George Costanza is familiar with, but also every man and person who has a penis.

While the erectile length can be blamed on your partner just not doing it for you, the question remains as to why the hell it’s so small when it’s flaccid?!

It’s barely 3 inches on a warm day, and you’ve seen many men that were clearly not growers but showers – so why is your flaccid penis so soft and the 9mm among tanks?

As most men know, the male body undergoes a very frightening phenomenon when a small and flaccid penis gets engulfed with blood, becoming erect and suddenly gaining girth, length and lives up to the term of erectile tissue.

Overall penis size is determined by genetics, overall health, body fat, and other medical factors such as blood circulation.

A penis requires blood to remain erect, thus poor blood supply will obviously mean a lesser penis or erection. It is thus crucial you remain as healthy as possible to keep hold of your inches.

What Determines Penis Size?

The average penis has a length of a flaccid penis stands at 3.61 inches, and increasing by 30% when erect to about 5.16 inches.

The penile tissue is comprised of two cylinder like tubes that become filled with blood when you are aroused, and the small penis becomes a big penis capable of producing semen. It is clear then, that having great blood flow is key to penis size.

Penis size is influenced by a great deal of things – but the biggest ones being genetics and general health. If your parents genetic data are to have a smaller flaccid penis, chances are you might have one too.

Even your parent’s hormonal levels play a role – medically reviewed journals show that a hormonal shortage of your mother whilst pregnant with you could have led to your lack of penis length.

Health also greatly dictates how big you are. Yes, PT class is coming back to bite you because more body fat has been linked to shorter flaccid length.

Having just 5% of bodyfat more than usual can have a significant impact on your penis length, and even just shaving your pubes can grant you an extra inch or two.

A study in 2009 found that bodyfat and obesity both negatively affect penis size but also erectile dysfunction.

What Makes A Flaccid Penis Small?

Contrary to popular believe, penile tissue (the penis) is not a muscle. It consists of two narrow chambers that determine the flaccid and erect dimensions.

When aroused, these fill with blood and an erection is achieved, allowing semen to exit the penis. However, most men still tend to be unsure if it is normal for penises to be that small when flaccid.

The simple answer is, a flaccid penis is that small because there is no excess blood flowing to it. As mentioned, the penis is not related to muscles – and therefor the size is completely dependent on blood flow.

A flaccid penis might also appear smaller due to external factors such as temperature and body fat.

Why Does My Flaccid Size Change So Much?

Since the average flaccid penis size is 3.61 inches, and about 5.16 inches when erect, there is quite a difference between the two extremes – but also many men will back the notion that the size varies great dependent on temperature, stress levels and even hydration; but why?

The reason why temperature has such a great influence is due to the constriction of blood vessels. One Urologist even claims that once temperature drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit men could lose up to 50% of their size!

Now of course this claim hasn’t been medically reviewed by a study, and this shrinkage doesn’t last forever – luckily. Once temperatures rise the penile tissue will have greater access to oxygen and therefor gain back it’s size.

Another factor to consider is stress. External stress can wreck havoc on your body in regards to cortisol and general health markers, all of which can influence the size of your shaft.

Smoking and drinking can also contribute to this stress, potentially raising blood pressure by 20 percent. There are medical treatments for these kinds of stressors, however if the stress is psychologically induced, it might be best to look at therapy.

Will Stretching Devices Increase Flaccid Length?

Will Stretching Devices Increase Flaccid LengthStretching devices attach to the male genitalia, and as the name suggests is a lengthening method.

This device has the claim of increasing the length of penises by 1.5 – 2 inches in just 3 months – granted you wear them a few hours a day. There are a range of these sexual devices available, with a couple of scientific research behind them.

Penile extender devices like quick extender pro works by attaching to the penile tissue and then stretches it to be longer. A 2010 review found these to be just as effective as surgery when it comes to erect length.

While this stretched tissue will only do justice for the length size, it will definitely increase the length of a flaccid penis as well – up to 2 inches even.

Surgical Enhancement Methods

In search of penis enlargement, men will sometimes turn to the medical world. Surgeries to enhance the penis do exist – however only one is cleared by the FDA – Penuma.

Penuma is the act of doctors placing a piece of medically safe silicone into your flaccid penis, with reports saying the average penile length increase was 1.5 – 2.5 inches – flaccid and erect.

Things you need to keep in mind is the fact that you need to be circumcised and you will need to abstain from sex for a number of weeks. While this growth is great, it comes with risks such as scarring, nausea and even stroke – and does not aid in circumference increase.

The next surgical method is by a Fat Transfer Treatment. Doctors remove fat from one part of your body, execute a cleaning procedure on the fat, and deposit this fat at the base of your penis.

This penile lengthening method has not been through a lot of University grade studies, however a 2019 study did find that the fat grafting did affect penile length and girth- up to 6.5%.

This procedure relies on stem cells within the fat to ignite penile growth. Unfortunately, these fat treatments are not always successful, and carry drawbacks like abstaining from sex, pain whilst having sex or permanent scarring.

The last surgery lengthening method is called Suspensory ligament division surgery – or ligamentolysis.

This penis therapy won’t do anything for your girth, as doctors simply cut a ligament that allows the penis to hang more freely – so while it doesn’t technically make your penis bigger, it does make a small penis look longer.

While all these procedures are mostly safe, only 30 – 65% of men who receive these enlargement procedures are actually happy with the results.

Can Supplements Help Increase Penis Size?


Even though most men on earth fall within the average flaccid length of penises, many men will turn to supplements or pills as a treatment for their small John. There might actually be some medical truth to this.

Viagra was never intended to increase the erect length – and it doesn’t. Though, if you took supplements that made you healthier, lowered your blood pressure and cholesterol; that might work.

Using supplements as a treatment has very little scientific articles backing it. However, there are a range of supplements that might help. Turmeric has plenty of anti inflammatory properties, with some data suggesting it could help lower hypertension and cholesterol.

Research also shows that Ashagandha Root might enhance your natural testosterone. There are men who uses natural supplements like ashwagandha for penile growth and have shown promise of a boost in their blood flow to the penis. Another supplement treatment some men use, is using Nitric Oxide boosters to relax their arteries.

Since the flaccid length and erect length are mostly determined by blood flow (after genetics), data shows that nitric oxide relaxes arteries slightly resulting in better blood flow.

While the average penile length is constant, by using nitric oxide boosters such as Citrulline Malate or Arginine, you could potentially increase the size of your penis.

Vacuum Pump for Flaccid Penis

Another method you can consider is vacuum pumps, which are a phenomenal medical treatment for sexual impotence.

You can try using penile pump devices for lengthening the flaccid, as they have also been reviewed for penile growth properties.

You’re Probably Normal

Men will almost always doubt their sexual power or authority – it’s part of society. However, this image is not always one that is accurate.

Penises come in all shapes and sizes, and almost all flaccid penises are smaller than erect ones. This is not a reflection on your sexual ability – hence the term “Grower not a shower”.

Men should be proud of who they are, and so should you. More than 50 percent of all men do doubt themselves in a sexual way – and that is way too high of a percentage.

Your penile tissue is most probably completely normal and average. Be happy about that – portray the image that you are a man happy and content with who you are.



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How To Make Penis Bigger?

A bigger penis has often been associated with masculinity, higher testosterone, wealth, success, and more sexual partners.

The largest penis ever recorded is hanging off of Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, hailing from Mexico, whose penis measures 18.9 inches – a lot to be jealous of!

The average penis ranges from 5.1 – 5.5 inches when erect, however this can be influenced greatly by external factors. Factors include genetics, sexual injuries, blood pressure, body fat tissue, and so forth.

A 2006 Study titled “Does size matter? Men’s and women’s views on penis size across the lifespan” delved into the satisfaction rates of how men and women felt about the penises in their lives.

Only 55% of men were satisfied, and a staggering 45% wanted it larger! In contrast, 85% of women were satisfied with their partners penis size.

What Determines The Overall Size?

Firstly, genetics come into play here too, lending you an advantage that something as simple as shaving off pubic hair or something as invasive as penis enlargement surgery would never come close to.

The length, girth, and size of your penis can largely be determined by what your predecessors were packing, and when compared to the average penile length, your genetics might just be what sets you apart from the masses.

Your cultural origin might not always play such a big role as the internet may have you believe – a 2004 Study found that race has very little influence over the size of your member down under; and that the proportions you have are purely a role of the genetic dice.

Still struggling with a less-than-average length? Don’t blame your genes just yet. Other factors like hormones (which are largely dependent on lifestyle and will be touched on next), your nutrition choices, your physical fitness, and whether or not you have underlying medical conditions that could affect your penis, all play a role completely separate from anything hereditary.

What Role Do Hormones Play?

Testosterone is the predominant male hormone, responsible for male characteristic developments, muscle growth, body hair growth, deepening of the voice and sex drive.

Low testosterone has been linked to depression, anxiety, poor general health, and of course problems in bed.

A simple way to naturally increase your erection size, is to increase your testosterone levels. Higher testosterone levels have been hypothesized to be an enlargement method by increasing blood flow to the penis.

Sleeping more than 8 hours, working out a few hours per week, and decreasing the amount of fatty tissue you have can all contribute to higher testosterone levels, and could help to make your penis bigger.

Eating a diet higher in seafood such as Oysters, Shellfish, Tuna, and Beef could increase testosterone, giving you a better erection, better health, and make you a little bit more irresistible to your partner.

Not having enough Luteinizing Hormone limits the amount of natural testosterone you produce. Your mother might not have produced enough hCG whilst in pregnancy, causing the fetus to not develop with enough testosterone.

Some males suffer from the condition known as Androgen Insensitivity. This condition makes them slightly less responsive to testosterone, causing the symptoms associated with low testosterone.

Trying to control the amount of estrogen you have might also help, as higher estrogen counts in males have been linked to more fatty tissue, inflammation and depression.

Estrogen is primarily a female hormone, and while males do need some estrogen, too much can be detrimental on the activities you and your partner engage in.

Ensure Your Environment Is Penis Safe

Chemicals in the environment around you can influence your endocrine system, which determines your genes and hormones. These chemicals are known as pollutants, and include chemicals such as pesticides and plasticizers.

Studies published in 2015 and 2016 found that exposing a mother and her fetus to these pollutants can cause male genital birth defects.

There are some myths connected to male sexuality, such as that Masturbation will decrease the measurements of the penis. This is not true, it is also not true that shoe size or height determines the male’s penis measurements.

How to make PP bigger easily?

A larger erection is definitely something most men want, and a 2012 study found that women who achieve orgasm from vaginal stimulation over clitoral stimulation prefer a larger penis as well.

Men often use pills (we’re sure one or two popular brands come to mind) to help increase the size of their penis, without any real knowledge whether it will work or not.

The simplest way of increasing your penis size is to shave your pubic hair. This won’t necessarily increase the actual size of your penis, but visually, pubic hair can be very fluffy and invasive – you might be hiding a few inches down there and you wouldn’t even know it.

Losing weight will also do the same, making your penis look bigger aesthetically by revealing previously hidden inches. As a way to increase the bulk of penis, these are very easy and extremely safe.

The average male has between 18-24% bodyfat. The most commonly heard medical advice will be losing weight through a healthier diet or even a medical intervention method such as liposuction to remove excess weight.

Not only will this make sex more pleasurable, but it’s an effective method to increase blood flow and leads to a bigger penis.

Another simple treatment would be to decrease the amount of cholesterol in your blood. Cholesterol can also decrease blood flow, making it harder for your flaccid penis to become engorged and become erect. Eating a diet higher in fiber and higher in plant proteins might be a treatment for a small penis.

Pills That Could Increase Penis Size

Different herbs and remedies have been used for centuries as penis enlargement methods.

Medicinal advice and practice have improved over the years and some supplements might actually increase the size of your penis, both when flaccid and erect.

Improving of general health will of course massively help to increase your penis size and girth.

If you want to avoid surgery, supplements that can act as penile extenders include ZMA (A mixture of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6), Ashwaganda Root, Testo Tribulis, Sildenafil, and Yohimbine, provided you do not have any side effects from these supplements.

Other products that can help with penis enlargement are more fitness orientated. Caffeine, Green Tea, Chromium Picolinate, Turmeric Curcumin, Omegas, and a Protein Shake may all increase fat loss and health, enabling better sexual health and make your penis look larger.

Some pills on the market are specifically designed to increase your sexuality and perhaps even act as one of those penile extenders. Pills containing horny Goat Weed, Maca powder, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Zinc, and Riboflavin.

There is not a massive amount of evidence that these work, however Vitamin B6 can lower Progesterone, which in large quantities is not great for the male genitalia. This is of the more safer methods for penile growth, however you should check with your GP first.

Stretching Methods To Make Your Penis Bigger

Many men are not satisfied by their penis length, which leads to the avoidance of sex, a presence of anxiety, struggles with loneliness, and depression. Erectile dysfunction is another problem many men struggle with.

A flaccid penis whilst trying to engage in sex is a sure fire way to be punishing on the male’s emotional and mental health.

Failure to reach a full erection affects 5-15% of all men, and general trouble in the pubic area affect more than 50% of men throughout their lives.

A popular method to increase your penis size, is to use an all day penis stretcher. Using penile extension device like sizegenetics have claim to increase the overall dimensions of the penis by creating micro tears in the muscle tissue, caused by using penile traction equipment to stretch the penis towards the end of the penile tissue. Doing this, the micro tears will be flushed with blood and appear engorged and therefor larger.

Another method is Jelqing, which has been studied extensively to measure it against other methods to increase penis length. A 2011 study found that traction devices did result in an average increase in penis length of 1 inch, if the devices were worn for 9 hours a day, for 3 months.

Another 2011 study found that techniques such as traction devices resulted in increased penis dimensions comparable to that of surgeries; thus there is evidence that Jelqing does in fact work.

Side effects of such penis enlargement methods include pain, bruising, excess scar tissue, and even erectile dysfunction. You can use men enlarging gels to alleviate friction when massaging. Keep in mind that Jelqing should only be performed cautiously and safely.

Treating  Peyronie’s Disease With Stretching Exercises

Peyronie’s disease is a condition where the penis is bent at an angle, starting around the base of the penis, causing a disproportionate look at how big your penis is.

This can not only cause sex to be extremely uncomfortable, but might be a sign that the penis has undergone some form of trauma, affecting sexual health by potentially causing erectile dysfunction.

A simple cure for Peyronie’s disease is to do stretching exercises whilst the penis is flaccid, a few times a day. By doing so, you could not only make your penis bigger by slightly straightening it out, but also make your penis look more “normal”.

Another method to try is to stretch the penis whilst getting an erection. Getting a penis implant could also help, but more on this later.

Do Penis Pumps Increase The Length Of The Penis?

Vacuum Penis PumpsFirstly, penile vacuum pump devices are meant as a method to combat erectile dysfunction.

A plastic tube device is placed over the penis with a constriction ring placed around the base of the penis, and either via a battery powered suction or a hand pump the penis is pumped to help maintain an erection.

Whilst erection pump devices are very effective for this situation, there is little evidence to suggest this device will make your penis look bigger than it already is.

Vacuum pump for men are relatively safe to use, however you are still at risk of bleeding – and it is also not advised to use these pumps if you are suffering from sickle cell anemia.

How About Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Penis enlargement surgery, also known as Penuma, has been the only FDA approved surgery to increase penis size.

It can be quite expensive, costing upwards of USD$15 000, and even worse, is not covered by your medical aid.

Doctors place a piece of medical grade silicone into your penis, increasing both the length and girth of your penis.

This procedure claims to increase the length of your penis by 1.5 – 2.5 inches, with more than 80% of men claiming they were happy with the results of their male enhancement.

Another surgery method of penis enhancement via surgery is to simply have surgeon remove fat cells from one part of the body and inject them into the penis to increase girth of the person’s penis, possibly also adding a few inches, known as Fat Grafting.

The cells are purified and contain a certain stem cell that could increase blood flow and spark growth.

Fat grafting seems promising, and has the added benefit that the tissue will not reject the fat cells, since they come from the same body. The recovery time after the surgery is anything from 2 weeks to a full month, whilst no sexual activity is advised.

The last surgical method to make your penis bigger is to cut the suspensory ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone.

Surgeons will then move skin from the abdomen to the penile shaft as well, by doing so the penis will appear longer as the penis can hang more freely thanks to the ligament being cut -this procedure is unlikely to result in an increased girth.

What Are Penis Injections?

These injections are mostly comprised of a compound known as Trimix – a mixture of three chemicals alprostadil, phentolamine, and papaverine.

Trimix is only one of three penis injections you could use, and when injected into the penile muscle, it causes the smooth muscle to relax thus increasing blood flow.

Multiple men are advocates that this causes an erection, at which point they can have sex with their partner. This however is not a method a form of male enhancement, as it would not increase the dimensions of your penis.

Even thought Trimix is a medical grade compound, it can still have side effects. Priapism can follow the injection, which is a painful erection that lasts for hours.

It is also advised that men who suffer from leukemia or sickle cell anemia avoid this treatment.

How Do Penis Implants Work?

Penis implants are medical devices inserted into the penis to act as a penile extender, especially to help in the process of getting an erection.

Some men do claim that this is quite a painful procedure, but quite a few gentlemen claim to have an increase in the size and girth of their penis after the implant- however these extenders are more for men who struggle to achieve an erection.

These implants are relatively expensive as well, ranging from $16 000 to $19 000, and are not covered by medical aids.

The time you need to take off from sex after getting the implant, is also quite long – upwards of 8 weeks. A bonus however, is that the implant is invisible and no one will be able to tell you have it.

Penis Fillers

Fillers are injected into the sides of the penis, and increase the girth of the penis. These fillers are a minimally invasive method against your losing battle, and the fillers are more often than not comprised of hyaluronic acid, as they are safer than others since they dissolve easy.

Penis fillers are a fairly safe method, with 90% of patients having good results within 2 weeks after receiving the fillers.

Are You Trying To Fix Your Insecurity, Or Help Your Sex Partner?

Every man is nervous about going to bed with their partner for the first time, having anxiety of whether or not they will be good or large enough.

More often than not this fear is not necessary, and is simply your insecurities playing tricks on your mind.

Unless your partner specifically requests that you undergo treatment for an increase in penis size (and even then you should only make decisions to do something about your size if you really want to, and if you are medically fit to do so), there should be very little reason for you to consider it. Penis enlargement methods might sometimes be very invasive, and dangerous at that.

Sometimes It’s Better Being Happy With What You Have

There are various mental attributes associated with the feeling that your length and girth might not be enough for your partner.

These are more often than not grounded in insecurities and could easily be fixed with some mental adjustments – investing in your mental health just might be the best treatment. The safest and best advice there is for penis enlargement, is losing weight.



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What Is The Age Limit for Penis Growth?

Growing up was never easy.

The raging hormonal fluctuations, the constant itching from hair growth, the spontaneous growth in height and weight, and of course the increase in testosterone levels.

Puberty hits us all as children but all very different, the average age for male puberty being 12 years old. Most men continue to grow in their puberty state till they are 16 years old, but this can go on until they are 18 years old. But is this true for the penis as well?

Normal penis growth begins to accelerate at the beginning of puberty, to the age of 18 years old – with the vast amount of the development taking place from the ages of 12 – 15. The penis can be found to continue growing until the age of 21 in some males.

Testosterone and Growth Hormone is associated with male attributes such as deepening of the voice, muscular development, body hair growth, the size and color development of the testicles, and is also the primary driving force behind penile growth.

Testosterone and Growth Hormone continues to rise in the male body until they are 20 years old, thus it is not uncommon for some men to have penis growth in this part of their life as well. Sill, many men – if not most – are still quite shy about their penile length, especially fearing if they might have a micropenis.

What Determines Penis Growth?

As mentioned earlier, testosterone does play a role in penile growth.

When in the womb, testosterone is produced by the developing testicular organs, and is converted into Dihydrogentestosterone (DHT) in the penis.

This significantly increases penis growth, and testicular development as it is a much stronger version of testosterone.

Once the child is born, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is mainly responsible for penis growth. HGH peaks in younger ages, and with time begins to taper off from the age of 25 years old.

For the penis to have development, sufficient HGH needs to be present. Data suggests that if you do not have enough HGH as a child, your penis will grow less than 0.5 inches per year.

What Determines Total Penis Size?

Penile length is something that troubles upwards of 45% of men, and sexual data shows most of them wish they could increase the length or girth.

This is actually not something to be shy of, as the average penis size is 5.1 – 5.5 inches, compared to the average female preferred penis size of 6.3 – 6.4 inches.

This is primary evidence as to why some men are considering male enlargement procedures.

The penile tissue is comprised of two cylinder like tubes, when aroused there is blood flow into these cylinders and the flaccid penis increases in size to become an erect penis.

The main determining factor for penile length, is genetics. The genetics you inherit from your parents, more so the X chromosome, will significantly influence the length of your penile tissue.

Data indicates that other factors that influence penis size, are hormones such as DHT and HGH, bodyfat level, the amount of pubic hair you have, and trauma to the penis. Another small determining factor is the actual size of your body.

A single study published in early 2021 found a correlation between height and penis length, the claim being that taller men have a bigger penis size.

What Roles Do Testosterone And Growth Hormone Play In Male Sexuality?

Testosterone is the main male hormone, with the average healthy male producing 240-950 ng/dl but data suggests it can be as high as 1200 ng/dl in puberty.

This begins to lower with age, after the age of 30 a lot of men are going to their GP and receiving Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) which is a Testosterone Injection to mimic that of normal Testosterone levels.

Testosterone is responsible for various male attributes. Sperm production, libido, muscle and bone strength, and some is aromatized into estrogen. Having either low or high Testosterone is unhealthy, causing hair loss or body hair growth, reduced or increased sex drive, blood pressure issues, and has been linked to various cancers.

Human Growth Hormone is responsible for overall human growth. HGH is responsible for functions such as growth, body composition in regards to muscle growth, aging, and can even improve your quality of life.

Having sufficient growth hormone is essential and having low HGH can have symptoms such as fat gain, increase risk of disease, and overall poor quality of life. HGH is also a driving factor in penile growth, and there is possible evidence that HGH supplements could increase penis size.

Can I Increase My Testosterone Levels?

The notion that increased testosterone will make you more of a man has been around for decades.

Bodybuilders are known for using the stuff and they just ooze manliness, walking with massive size.

While a deficiency in either of these two will be detrimental to health, having a tiny bit more can always be better right? The data will show us…

In search of higher testosterone, it is often a response to take wild supplements or begin doing MMA. Increasing testosterone is fairly simple and straight forward – start living like a healthy man would.

Training with resistance weights has been shown to increase your levels, as well as losing bodyfat. Eating a diet lower in unhealthy fat also helps, and trying to manage stress can also help.

Foods that can also possibly increase natural testosterone are seafood, ginger, and eggs. Increasing testosterone by a large amount will be difficult without getting treatment from a doctor.

There are procedures you can take to have your test levels tested if you think they might be low. Hormonal Replacement Therapy is the one often used.

Can I Increase My Growth Hormone Levels?

Increasing human growth hormone is a lot more difficult than increasing natural testosterone production.

HGH can be increased by following a fasting diet. Intermittent fasting is a diet in which you fast for a long period throughout the day, and follow that by a small feeding window.

Following a intermittent fasting (IF) diet can increase HGH levels by 300%. 16/8 is the most common of these procedures, and scientific articles do state that this diet does not only increase HGH, but also leads to limited fat gain, and better health markers.

Other ways to increase HGH is by optimizing sleep, reducing stress, and consuming less sugars.

Supplements To Increase Penis Size

Supplements are a exponentially rising market, with some of these magic pills being wonders – and some being bust.

The treatment these provide varies greatly, and are apparently a cheaper and safer alternative to surgical enhancement.

The supplements that do actually have science backing them in regards to helping you sexually, are often Vasodilators.

These provide Nitrogen to the body, and allows veins to dilate, causing more blood flow. Both Arginine and Citrulline can increase this, which can help in achieving fuller and bigger erections. The vasodilator creams otc available in the market right now contain natural ingredients that can help you get larger erected penis.

Ashwaganda does have some supporting science, with one study that a 675 mg/d dose for 90 days administration resulted in a 17% boost in Testosterone.

Taking a Multivitamin, Vitamin D, and a Vitamin B supplementation have all been linked to an increase in test levels. Be sure to check with your GP if you are primed to take these, as taking too much of one supplement can be detrimental.

Can Exogenous Growth Hormone Act As Penis Enlargement Technique?

The most common administration of HGH is to children with a HGH deficiency, patients with renal failure, patients who suffer from Turner syndrome or Prader-Willi syndrome.

The size of their deficiency will determine the dosage they require, as production of your own HGH varies greatly from person to person.

There has been some medical research to use HGH as a sexual aid, and to help with penis length.

Research published in 1983 does show exogenous HGH administration resulted in increased penile length, and there was even sufficient response from the testicular area. It is still unclear if this procedure will work for adults as well.

Taking growth does have severe side effects though. Decreased insulin sensitivity has been strongly associated with this hormonal therapy, which can worsen your body composition and then decrease your penis size.

Joint and muscle pain, increased risk of some cancers, spike in bodyweight, and carpet tunnel syndrome are all possible effects of exogenous HGH.

Are There Free Or Cheap Methods To Increase Penile Length?

Are There Free Methods To Increase Penile Length

You can begin to increase the size of your penis, today even – you can even do it right now. Live healthier.

There is sufficient evidence that high fat mass, high blood pressure and high cholesterol is directly linked to a smaller penis.

Your health is incredibly important, and exercising a few times per week, losing some weight, and lowering saturated fat intake can all lead to better penile health. This will all also improve your sexual function, as research has found that looking and feeling healthier can lead to better sex.

Another relatively safe way to grow your penile size are enhancement methods such as the use of penis stretching device. Using something like an andro penis extender regularly, it works by stretching your penis, causing tiny tears and bruises in the penis. This damage in combination with more blood to heal this damage, causes the penis to swell and lead to penis enlargement.

Others do jelqing or penis massages. However, these can have side effects in your sexual health, as it can cause scar tissue build up, pain, and not as effective. It is important to check with your GP as some claim this method can be extremely intrusive, and can alter the function of the penile tissue.

What About Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Penis enlargement surgery is the medical practice of surgically altering the composition of the penis to increase the length or girth.

There are a few medical surgeries available, all having their drawbacks and benefits.

The main three main surgeries are Penuma (only FDA approved surgery), Fat Grafting, and Suspensory Ligament Alteration.

The Penuma treatment can significantly improve your penile length, anywhere from 1.5 – 2.5 inches. More than 80% of men are happy with the results of this surgery, as the procedure is simply the act of inserting a medical grade silicone into your penis. Unfortunately, this treatment can run you $15 000 in costs.

Fat grafting is a great medical treatment, as fat is taken from one part in the body, cleaned, and then injected into the penis. These fat cells also contain stem sells, which can initiate penile tissue development.

Since the fat cells are from the same body, there is relatively little chance that the body will reject them. The surgery is also quite expensive, and not covered by medical aid.

The last surgery is cutting the Suspensory Ligament. Seems like the most intrusive procedure for penis enlargement. Cutting this ligament will allow the penis to appear larger, and in combination with the fact that the penis hangs more freely now is a great penis enlargement procedure.

Help, I Have A Micropenis

A micropenis is a penis that is shorter than 3 inches in length, and scientific research shows that 0.6% of men suffer from this condition.

While surgical penis enlargement is the first thing that springs to mind, medical personal will rather prefer hormonal administration for a micropenis.

A micropenis is often noticed in children, as the development of penile length has been greatly documented and doctors know which penises will need penile enhancement.

Hormonal replacement therapy will include applying Testosterone cream to the penile area, however this administration is mostly effective before or during puberty. Doctors expect the micropenis to grow by up to 3.5 inches following this procedure.

HRT will function as a replacement for the low testosterone level in some boys. This can be as a result of the mother not producing enough human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) while carrying the male baby, or the male fetus not producing enough testosterone.

A micropenis is nothing to be ashamed of, as the sexual function of the penis is still perfectly normal. Males who have a micropenis can still orgasm, masturbate, and urinate just like other penises. However, if you still do not feel like you are happy, reach out to your local GP for medical treatment.

Help Again Please, I Have Erectile Dysfunction

Help Again Please, I Have Erectile DysfunctionErectile dysfunction (ED) is the condition where the penis is unable to become or stay erect whilst trying to engage in sexual activity.

This condition can affect more than 55% of men across their life. The main causes of ED differs from person to person, but is often hormonal imbalance, hypertension, or even just anxiety.

By living healthier, you are also at a much lower risk of ED. The very first treatment for ED is to live healthy. Giuliano et al. found that 67% of high blood pressure patients, have some form of ED. Following a strict regime of exercise and diet is the simplest method to combat ED, and maintain a healthier penile functionality.

Porn addiction is also sometime linked to ED, and various men claim that porn does alter their sex life – and not always in a good way. Some men also have the claim that using psychological focus methods in response to their ED could potentially help. Sexual function of either sex can be negatively affected by pornography as it does not represent normal sex.

There is of course a surgical solution. A penile implant is placed in the penis, and an external cylinder is used to keep the penis erect enough for sex to take place. Compared to using pills such as Viagra, this might seem extremely intrusive. This procedure might even alter the length of your penis, but the data is inconclusive.

Another method is by using penile vacuum pump devices. These male ed pumps work to treat erection problems in men by inserting the male genitals into a cylinder. The vacuum causes blood to fill in the penile, thus engorging a bigger erection.

Is My Penis Normal?

9 out of 10 times, yes. Penises come in all shapes and sizes, some have curls, and some even have exponential growth from a flaccid penis to an erect penis.

Many men are concerned about their penis, and search for ways of penis enlargement or sexual enhancement, however most of the times men are perfectly adequate.

As children, men are told the function of a male is to be dominant, in charge and that there is in fact a “normal”.

Truth is, there isn’t. In search of being better, the primary goal should be becoming a better person overall, compared to just trying to grow your penis size. While women do prefer a bigger penis, they also claim to not like a penis size that is too big.

Size and length might not even be the most important thing, as height, face symmetry and wealth all play a role in attractiveness.

Your penis size is completely adequate, and if you’re still unsure, see your doctor about possibly getting surgical penis enlargement. Remember, you’re more than just a penis.



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Shrinking Penile: 5 Tips To Minimize or Avoid Penis Shrinkage

Is it possible for men to shrink? Is there a cure for shrinkage? In certain cases, your penis will decrease by a few inches for...

Is 5 Inches Small? What Is The Average Penis Size

Are you well-endowed or are you wondering if your package is enough to please your woman? What is the average penis size anyway? For men...

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