10 Best Treatments For Premature Ejaculation (Your Best Remedies To Beat PE)

Most PE sufferers have no idea that they have a sex condition.

Only after seeing the face of their girl, did they realize that early ejaculation is quite severe and they should deal with it asap.

If you’re likewise helpless and been looking for the best treatment for premature ejaculation, then be sure to read through this article.

You’ll learn some of the best cures, remedy, and therapies that you can use so you’ll not be a sore loser in bed.

PE Treatment #1 Pelvic Exercise

PE Treatment #1 Pelvic Exercise

Having weak pelvic flooring muscles may impair your capacity to control ejaculation. Pelvic surface exercise routines like Kegel exercise may help enhance these muscle tissues.

Find the right pelvic muscle groups. To distinguish your pelvic muscle tissues, hold you’re peeing in midstream or tense up the muscle tissue that stops you from moving. These maneuvers use your pelvic muscle tissues.

After you’ve discovered your pelvic surface muscle groups, that can be done exercise workouts in almost any placement, though you could find it simpler to do them resting at the beginning.

Work on your method. Tense up your pelvic flooring muscle tissue, retain the contraction for 3 seconds, after which relax for 3 seconds.

Test it several times consecutively. When your muscle tissues get more powerful, try out undertaking Kegel workouts when seated, standing up, or strolling.

Keep your focus. For the best final results, concentrate on tightening up only your pelvic flooring muscle tissues. Take care not to flex the muscle tissues in your abdominal area, upper thighs or butt. Prevent having to inhale.

📌As an alternative, inhale readily through the workout routines. Repeat three times each day for about three groups of 10 reps every day. Building up your pelvic muscle tissues is among the best ways to stop the beginning of premature ejaculation.

Research conducted recently to see that pelvic muscle workout get far better than medicine for treating early ejaculation.

How To Cure PE – Treatment #2 Press Method

How To Cure PE – Treatment #2 Press MethodThe press method is another treatment you can use in dealing with early ejaculation.

When you detect that you’re about to reach orgasmic pleasure, you disrupt your sexual interaction with your girl.

Then you should press your penis shaft, using your thumb and fingers.

Try to use light tension just under your penis head for around 20 seconds, after that have sex and foreplay interaction again.

📌The procedure could be frequent as you feel necessary. Once this method changes your timing, it makes it possible for you to see if you can hold ejaculation with the press method, and ultimately achieve ejaculation control minus the press method.

Your medical doctor may advise you, and also your lover in utilizing a PE approach referred as the press method strategy.

You should get started in sex as always, such as excitement and arousal of your penis for a hard erection, till your near to ejaculate.

Also, have your girl press the end of your dick, at the top (glans) that joins your shaft. Sustain the press for several seconds. Have your lover repeat the procedure as required.

After some practices, the sensation of learning how to postpone ejaculation may turn into a habit that you no longer necessitate the press method.

PE Medication – Treatment #3 Sex Pills

PE Medication – Treatment #3 Sex PillsUsing ED prescription drugs like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis can also treat premature ejaculation.

Most men tried premature ejaculation pills as it’s likely that medications are inhibitors that could be useful for people with a premature ejaculation.

They are more well known; nevertheless, that’s supporting men to get or preserve erections. The three most frequently used are:

  • Viagra – brand for sildenafil.
  • Cialis – brand for tadalafil.
  • Levitra – brand term for vardenafil.

An investigation in 2005 identified some exciting outcomes when men with premature ejaculation had taken Viagra.

They learned that even though it elevated long-lasting sex time, it was not by very much. However, it controls to hold the consequences in PE:

  • Guys experienced they had much better control.
  • These men were a lot more sexually happy.
  • They were necessary a shorter period to relax in between the guys sexual intercourse the first and second time.

So, though these medicines are not developed as sex delay PE pills, they can support differently. Especially significant could be the shortening of the split men require.

It is well-known that men often keep going longer the second time around. Thus if that next time comes about faster, it is probably equally associates will likely be more content.

Physicians never typically suggest these medicines for early ejaculation, however. You might have to consider the suggestion.

Also, scientists mostly assume that some guys have an early ejaculation as a consequence of reduced serotonin degrees.

📌Using 5-HTP can be a boost for the bodily hormone serotonin, so getting dietary supplements of 5-HTP might help enhance the serotonin degrees within the body. This is an early ejaculation remedy, even so, with small data to support it.

It does a similar job, though you never need to have a specific premature ejaculation pill from 5-HTP. You can select some products from wellness foods retail store.

Or you might just consider having Tryptophan, yet another boost of serotonin. Meats, ovum, seafood, almonds, and bananas are excellent good examples.

5-HTP is classed as being a natural nutritional supplement, and thus it is easy to produce as a sex delay supplements without the need for Federal Drug Administration approval.

For that reason, you’ll see that 5-HTP in several capsules distributed on online.

PE Cure – Treatment #4 Food Affects Ejaculation

PE Cure – Treatment #4 Food Affects EjaculationSo, are there foods that affect premature ejaculation? Professor Susan Duncan has talked recently concerning the impact of aphrodisiacs might have on your body. This can include whether they have specific undesirable consequences on your body.

Would you eat a lot of oysters just because you’ll have a wild night in the evening?

It could end up that they could not help you feel adequate, and there are many food products to avoid if you’re the kind of person who could get ‘over-excited.’

Professor Duncan explained, “Eating aphrodisiac food items typically will not produce a powerful, uncontrollable sex desire.”

Nevertheless, if you already can’t stop thinking about your partner, means you’re aroused enough; so, no need for eating too many aphrodisiacs and energy boosters.

Avoid having stimulating food and drinks like caffeinated drinks, chocolates, chilies, or oysters, which have lots of capsaicin.

Anyone is going to be thrilled in sex but don’t overeat on aphrodisiac foods. The professor discussed you would possibly not truly feel way too efficient after having a pail of oysters just because you learned about its aphrodisiac properties.

So, what exactly is the link involving foods and passion? Professor Duncan discussed meals carries an “intriguing” capability to affect our feelings – the two emotional connections and physiological means.

She explained: “Ease and comfort food items frequently consider men to be pleased, safe, and in some instances, it emotionally affects how we’re feeling.

And yes you would have a psychological and biological reaction to foods within a few minutes.

Emotions last longer and could even go on for a few minutes or perhaps hours and therefore are very influenced by what you have in dinner.

So, in this case, you don’t have to eat anything specific to treat PE, but instead avoid those that stimulate, arouse, and excite you a lot that causes early ejaculation.

How To Stop PE – Treatment #5 Breathing Techniques

How To Stop PE – Treatment Breathing TechniquesDeep breathing is terrific for sex. In reality, if what you’ve read is valid, then breathing exercises can indeed help you fight stress, boost energy, and appear youthful.

According to studies, proper breathing can also improve your sex life.

Taken into account, the breathing technique’s ability to remove stress. As you already learned, stress and anxiety is the phantom punch that knocks good sex.

However, breathing should be able to focus you on the ‘here and now’ moment. More often, much better to satisfy your girl with an awesome orgasm control, when you’re not stressed out, and your thighs don’t shake.

More so, practice conscious full-body breathing as this can help stretch your pelvic muscles according to Leslie Howard, an expert in sex techniques and yoga mentor.

Howard suggests a direct deep breathing workouts. Just lie down and then start tuning into how you breathe.

You can count how many beats you actually inhale as well as how many you exhale.

After a few deep breaths, you should begin prolonging your breaths by two to three counts.

So, if you’ll inhale three counts, your next natural exhale should be the same, then draw each up to seven counts.

After 1-2 minutes, you should then add some pauses. You should inhale for seven counts, then after that hold your breath for three counts, then you should exhale for seven, and then hold that for three counts.

📌Similarly, practice breathing techniques with your lover, this time trying to coordinate your breathing with your girl. This might take several practices to get it right.

Howard also suggests not doing super rapid and too shallow breathing. Rather, you should be trying to breathe in even measures.

Doing so would help your body not to be tense in sex, which then leads to better control.

How To Treat PE – Treatment #6 Edging Technique

Edging, also known as most porn actors’ favorite orgasm control technique. For this, you need to consciously hold your ejaculation, for a more girl-friendly slow release of your cum.

It’s a learnable skill, so you avoid being the selfish guy with a rabbit dick who disregard the timing of his cum.

Edging is an excellent sexual technique, so you delay your ejaculation. Some men find that this method makes their cumming more powerful.

A man stimulated to the edge of orgasm; he should deliberately drop the stimulation so that the man does not reach climax.

As the stimulation and arousal increases that bring the man to the edge again, he should drop the stimulation once more.

These steps continue on and on for twenty minutes or so, which is the acceptable time for some couple who want to last longer in bed.

Here’s a detailed approach. When you feel that you’ll reach the peak, stop any sexual stimulation for 30 seconds.

Edging should not just be for men with premature ejaculation, but also for some men to enjoy delaying their sex session because they enjoy the body of their partner.

You can “edge” eventually if you learn how to focus on other sensations during sex, instead of the goal to get relief.

📌Lovers who like to try the edging technique is not limited to men, but women as well. You should talk about this at first. It’s essential to know what your girl prefer as both of you work on better sexual timing.

Both of you should need to be willing to make compromises. If she does not want to edge for twenty minutes or so, since it’s too tedious, then adjust your timing.

PE Remedy – Treatment #7 Herbal

PE Remedy – Treatment #7 HerbalRather than of going for pharma medicines and other chemical formulations, you can just use herbals to manage PE as they can help cure the sex problem.

Asparagus Adscendens – This herbal works as a potent sex stimulant, but also provides stamina to your dick. It boosts the blood flow. It even gives you a stronger erection, while preventing you have a fast orgasm.

Oat Straw – The herb contains the serotonin boosting compound which helps you lower than stress level, the primary cause of PE. After having the herb, you’ll be more relaxed, with diffused tension so you’ll be able to perform better. You should be able to last longer in sex.

Ashwagandha – Known also as the Withania Somnifera herb, it can reduce your anxiety, while enhancing your sperm volume and quality. However, when you consume this herb, get the advice of a professional naturopath, so you get the proper dosage.

Peppermint Oil – An herb that you can consume as well as use as an application directly on your dick. You can rub the oil onto your whole cock to help to numb the area as it will prolong your ejaculation. The oil aroma is likewise stimulating as it will also arouse you, so you perform better in sex.

Mucuna Pruriens – Another tested and tried herbal which helps manage premature ejaculation. Mucuna pruriens boosts and increases your sperms as well. You’ll also get a good working on your sex stamina. The herb works wonders for your desire to have more sex, so it allows you to be more aroused for several more rounds of sex.

Shilajit – This herbal consists of wonderful effects and benefits on your reproductive system. It can be extensively used to treat sex problems like low sperm or even PE. The herb also gives your an extra stamina boost so you’ll perform well in sex. The herb is quite commonly found in the Himalaya Mountains as it is known to be fortified with minerals, making it a unique herb.

Garlic – Another essential herb for treatment and medication for PE. Garlic which has that pungent smell that can be effective in your reproductive system, so it works more efficiently. It has been proven as a cure to ED to some extent.

How To Fix PE – Treatment #8 Topical Medications

How To Fix PE – Treatment #8 Topical MedicationsPE creams and desensitizing sprays can be easily used as a quick solution for your premature ejaculation.

These applications can be notably useful if your sex problem comes from physical sensitivity instead of stress, anxiety, or emotional issues.

This works as an easy alternative as it requires very minimal effort on your part. You can use premature ejaculation sprays or creams as your quick fix, a faster approach in dealing with PE.

What you need to do is put it on before sex, then wait for a few minutes before you rinse, a little washing it off, and you’re good for sex.

Use delay creams and sprays and applied them each time you’ll have sex. So, if you’re not having sex quite often, you don’t have to worry about continuously applying something.

This is in contrast to other medications such as anti-depressants, which you would need to take daily and may have some side effects.

📌The ingredients of PE creams and sprays are safe. The products typically use Lidocaine and Benzocaine, some topical anesthetics safe for most men. Condoms like Durex, Promescent, and Doc Johnson, are known to use such topical ingredients.

These are mostly available without a prescription, so most delay spray and creams can be purchased over the counter or you can even order them online, with no need for some prescription.

So if you’re timid on talking to professional doctors because of an embarrassing ejaculation issue, it’s something discreet as it’s a self-help option.

The numbing of topical medications just as effective. The most vital question in using a delay creams and desensitizing sprays is of course if it works. However, keep in mind that the numbing action may sometimes be too little or too strong, so you need to adjust the amount applied.

How To Prevent PE – Treatment #9 Counselling Behavior Therapy

Sexual counseling is a therapy that works on the relationships in emotions, cognitions, beliefs, habits, and behaviors.

The treatment suggests that you change these aspects, so it leads to changes. Treatment for your emotional issues targets these behaviors as the pathway temper the emotions. Most men with PE can’t focus on their feeling and sensations, thus have no control.

Some guys often have an extreme anticipatory failure, while they have difficulty in relaxing their bodies while they are sexually stimulated and aroused.

They may also experience this lack of body awareness, as they overfocus on their girl’s body and her reactions. These can make you feel uneasy, restricted, or anxious.

The use of psycho sex therapies is to heighten your awareness on sexual sensations, reduced the anxiety, lower the performance demands, and minimize the emphasis on sex intercourse.

Often, the issues in premature ejaculation are mental, emotional, and psychological.

📌It is quite common that you feel insecure, embarrassed, disappointed, ashamed, and frustrated. It may, in turn, affect your relationship. So, sex counseling and therapy should be a crucial part of your PE treatment.

Sex therapy helps you in some behavioral techniques. Clinicians often address some relationship issues, performance, anticipation anxiety, and women concerns.

Psycho sex therapy for PE may be conducted for both of you (with your girl) or for you only.

Treatment For Premature Ejaculation #10 – Practice

Treatment For Premature Ejaculation #10 – PracticeIs there any way to improve the timing of your ejaculation, than to practice it time and again. Of course, the best way to train yourself is through masturbation.

Also, if masturbating with your hands seems to start boring you, try using sex toys like pocket pussies, real-like vagina, or sex dolls.

Several experts suggest that practicing and training yourself to last longer, while continuously changing some personal beliefs can indeed help you overcome premature ejaculation.

📌Try using the pressing method, while controlling your breaths while masturbating with a pocket pussy or Fleshlight. This time, don’t rush in a minute but go in some rhythm longer.

Time yourself initially and keep working to build it overtime. If you usually cum within a minute, work it up to two minutes, then three minutes and so forth.

Work and practice until you can hold your ejaculation until around 7-8 minutes which is usually an average for most guys.


As you can see, premature ejaculation is quite serious, and it’s something you should not take for granted. There are treatments available, and you should use them to your benefit for the betterment of your sex life.

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