Top 3 Oil Sex Lubricant

You all know you have to be careful on what you apply on your penis. Even so, you also have to consider what lubricant you use during sex with your partner.

Some people advise going natural, but you shouldn’t do that unless you have any idea on the actual ingredients of your application. You should also know if your body will react in some way into what you will apply in your genitals.

There are different sex lubricants on the market. You should take a look at these products since these are specifically made for sex intercourse.

Best Oil for SexRatingPrice CheckBenefitsBottle Contents
Fox Envy4.9Shop HereWater-based formula. Smooth and silky feel on skin. Rinses off easily. Latex compatible
Doesn’t dry quickly.
8 oz
Isabel Fay4.8Shop HereWater based and natural sex lubricant. Safe on condom and sex toys. Comfortable smooth feel. Highly stimulating and heightens arousal14.4 oz
Velvet Rose4.5Shop HereSilky smooth feel on skin. Safe, FDA registered product. Made in the USA sex lubricant. Easy clean up and rinse
8 oz

Top 3 Best Oil for Sex Lubricant

If you search the title of this article, you’ll probably see some articles that talk about a natural product such as coconut oil or olive oil.

For some reason, these natural oils became a fad, since we always thought ‘natural‘ is always good. However, that’s not always the case especially if you will use it for sex lubricant.

When we have sex, we apply lubricant in our penis, as well as for as the external part of the vagina of our partner. You shouldn’t just use natural oils.

You should consider the appropriate products for sex lubricants. Somehow the term oil has become a misnomer for sex lubricant, but there are appropriate terms for the product as you will soon discover in this article.

Fox Envy – Personal Sex Lubricant

If you’re looking for sex lubricating oil, you can try Fox Envy’s Personal Lubricant. It’s a smooth and stimulating water-based product that can enhance your intimate moments before sex. It provides enjoyable and smooth sensations for the body, without the sticky feel.

Using a water-based intimate lube helps set the mood. This product can be used for both genders, so it’s a good sex lubricant to have nearby. You can have one in the master’s bedroom, in the shower, tucked in the couch, or even hidden in a kitchen drawer. For me, I always love to have a sex lube within reach at home, since I love spontaneous sex in different areas of the house.

I’ve tried other sex oil lubricant in the past. Looking at this sex lube product from Fox Envy, it comes in a lightweight gel, that’s comfortable and smooth even on sensitive skin. If your sex partner has soft skin that easily gets rashes and skin allergy, Fox Envy’s lube is something to consider as a sex oil lube.

It is grease-free and glides easily on the skin. Using a smooth and comfortable lubricant helps intensify stimulation and arousal in sex. You want to use a sex oil that prevents friction on the skin, to avoid any irritation, discomfort, or skin injury. According to the maker, Fox Envy’s adult lubricant is a silky smooth water based oil without leaving any sticky residue on the skin.

📌 Fox Envy features non-flavored and non-smell oil for sex lubricant. It comes without any flavor or perfume that often interfere with the most intimate moments in sex and the actual intercourse. It is ideal for the hypoallergenic individuals, so it brings long-lasting foreplay, with no distracting scents or taste. As this can be used by both men and women, there’s no need to get separate products.

The soothing, water-based, hassle-free lube washes off easily. It is described as a water soluble oil liquid gel formula that you can easily apply, yet easily rinse off your body as well as your partner’s body. This means you don’t need to use soap when you wash off after sex. There are no residue and greasy feel.

This product claim that it wouldn’t stain or mark clothing, sheets, undergarments, or pillows.

I know some guys asking about sex lubricants that can also be used with condoms and silicone toys. Fox Envy says their formula is compatible with most materials commonly used in condoms and male sex toys. The lube can be used on materials such as natural rubber latex, silicone, polyisoprene, and polyurethane.

The ingredients for Fox Envy is said to include carefully selected ingredients, without parabens or other chemicals. These harmful irritants often cause intense tingling feel in the vagina. Having unsolicited sensations not part of sex intercourse, often interfere with genuine pleasure and bliss we all want to feel when we have sex.

Product Specifications: 8 oz bottle

Ingredients: Carboxymethylcellulose, Water (Aqua), Potassium Sorbate, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol



  • Water-based formula
  • Smooth and silky feel on skin
  • Rinses off easily
  • Latex compatible
  • Doesn’t dry quickly


  • Difficult to remove seal plug

Isabel Fay – Sex Lubricant for Sensitive Skin

Another high-quality oil sex lube you can consider is Isabel Fay Intimate Personal Natural Lubricant. This is water-based as well and can be used a natural personal lubricate during intimate and sensual moments. It is made in the USA and can also be used by both men and women.

Isabel Fay described their sex oil lube as a water-based and natural sex lubricant. It is said to be smooth and comfortable even on the sensitive skin of women (and even some men). There is no parabens and glycerin in the formula, the manufacturer added. One thing you have to watch out for in sex lubricants is that some may contain glycerin. This ingredient said to bring infections in some women.

This is said to be a condom safe personal sex lubricant, while it can likewise be used in most types of materials in sex toys. Another good feature of this sex oil lube is that it doesn’t have parabens and other harmful chemicals. One you apply it on your body, you’ll smell nothing. It is also colorless, does not stain, and can easily be rinsed. The manufacturer offers 100% money back guarantee in case you’re not happy with the product.

The customer service of the product said that they made sure the sex oil lube comes as all natural, without parabens or glycerin. Some individuals experience allergic reactions from these ingredients. Just the combinations of some artificial hormones and chemicals may trigger some reactions in the bodies. Seems like the Isabel Fay oil sex lube is a good option for those who only like to use natural ingredients.

📌 Isabel Fay’s personal lubricant is made in the USA and said to adhere to strict business responsibility and care in all their products. According to them, they make sure they help promote and protect customer health. They said to met the requirements as a pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturer, so all their products are high quality and safe, with no risk to the general public vary in any country.

According to the makers of Isabel Fay, the lubricant is made for both sexes. However, they also think more of women, since they have more sensitive skin than men. If you think of it, if she doesn’t feel comfortable in the midst of the sex intercourse, she may just go away and do something else. You don’t want to put in lubes that irritate her in some way as she may feel antsy. The Isabel Fay sex lube is claimed to be comfortable and soothing in the skin.

Of course, before buying a sex lubricant, you want to make sure that they have the features which the makers claim to have. For you to have a good idea, we’ve gathered some of the feedbacks and reviews of actual users.

A young twenty-something user attest that their past lubes are not good so they made the switch. The old lubricants they use are sticky and stays on the skin longer. The young couple said their sex usually last 20 to 30 minutes, but their old lubricant sticks in their skin for as long 24 hours, which makes them feel greasy in their genitals.

When they found out about Isabel Fey, it changed everything in their sex life. They like pump top and liked the ‘non-greasy’ feel of the sex lube. They said they liked the light slick feel, which made the penis go as much 30 strokes into the vagina, with more stimulating and intimate feel.

Product Specifications: 14.4 ounce per bottle

Ingredients: Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Xanthan Gum, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Purified Water (Aqua), Propanediol, Sodium Benzoate,



  • Water based and natural sex lubricant
  • Safe on condom and sex toys
  • Comfortable smooth feel
  • Highly stimulating and heightens arousal


  • Reapplication may be needed for longer sex sessions

Velvet Rose – Sex Lubricant for Men and Women

Another option you can try is VelvetRose personal sex lubricant. This is a water-based lube made for more intimate and sensual moments for couples. It can be used for male and female, so you have don’t have to buy different lubricant. The sex oil lubricant comes in 8 oz. size per bottle. Made by Intimate Rose, it is FDA registered and made in the USA.

I’ve looked into the features to know if it’s a worthwhile sex lube everyone can try. The texture is silky smooth, which is great especially if you have highly sensitive skin. Some guys complain that their girlfriends don’t like the icky feel that runs through the hands and eventually sticks on the skin. It seems not a lot of people wants a gross and slimy feel of your penis (and your girl’s vagina). It seems, VelvetRose sex lubes is a good ‘non-sticky’ lubricant you should consider.

Their formula is said to have ingredients that feel as delicate as water, yet gets the job done, as soon as you apply them in the body.You should apply only
small amounts on your intimate areas and should be more than enough to get heightened stimulation and pleasure.

I investigated further and the Velvet Rose lubes is said to be safe also if used with condoms and sex toys. Also, the manufacturer said that it doesn’t have any distracting scent or taste. Sometimes, when you’re in the heat of the moment and you go through your partner’s body, you get to slightly smell or even taste a little of their skin. The lubricant claims to even mimic the body’s natural lubricant trait, but with slightly velvety smooth texture.

📌 To know more if this product is of high-quality, we need several factors about the company. The manufacturer Intimate Rose claim that their product Velvet Rose has already been FDA certified, which is important for us consumers since this determines that it is safe for use. The genital is a sensitive part of the body and we don’t to develop any side effects or allergies from using it. The company reiterates that the sex lube has no odors, additives, artificial flavors, or harmful allergens.

We like to be able to moisturize our intimate areas, so you should always prefer water-based products for sex lubricants. These ingredients formula are smooth, light, and easy on the skin. When you use this types of lubes, sex becomes more pleasurable and stimulating, you can go for more rounds if your wish. The Velvet Tose oil sex lube provides a soft moisturizer, that leaves the skin fresh and supple.

If you’ve been searching for a good sex lubricant to fulfill your sex life every night, this sex product from Velvet Rose may be a nice choice. It leaves no sticky feeling, as well as does not stain clothes, underwear or the bed sheets. Importantly, it doesn’t bring skin irritation, redness, or chafing in your pleasure spots. However, if some side effects occur, stop using it and call their customer hotline to ask for their money back guarantee.

We all love to experience erotic, smooth, ecstatic feel in our lovemaking. There should be nothing that irritates or annoy us as we feel the body of our partner. Having a safe and reassuring sex lubricant should intensify our experience and not dampen it.

Since this is okay to use for both men and women, Velvet Rose’ oil for sex lubricant should be able to bring back the bliss, fun, and pleasure of sex in your life. You might even be tempted to go at it in any place since sex becomes more exciting like never before.

Product Specifications: 8 oz per bottle

Ingredients: Carboxymethylcellulose, Glycerin, Water, Pentylene Glycol, Potassium Sorbate



  • Silky smooth feel on skin
  • Safe, FDA registered product
  • Made in the USA sex lubricant
  • Easy clean up and rinse


  • Small size on bottle

Why Are Some People Using Oil As Lubricant?

Somehow, when most people ask online about ‘oil for sex‘, they were actually talking about ‘sex lubricants’. I’ve just discovered this by observing the comments, reviews, and related searches for the term. In reality, the best sex lubricants are ‘water-based’, which is an ideal lube application for sex.

Can Natural Oils Be Used As A Lubricant?

The bottom line for this question is that using oils instead of specific personal sex lubricant are harmful to the skin. It is especially harmful to the women’s vagina. Some women even reported having vaginal bacteria, skin irritation, with some even having fungal and yeast infections. You certainly don’t want your woman to have vaginal problems since this prevent you from having sex altogether.

Is It Advisable To Use Flavored

Most of the commercially flavored and scented lubricants actually have artificial ingredients. As anyone who has experienced using flavored lubes attest, and flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etc, does not really have the actual taste of these flavors. They’re artificial flavors that contain ingredients that may cause some reactions or side effect to users.

Should You Use Petroleum Jelly As A Lubricant?

It is not advisable. The distilled product of petroleum jelly is actually baby oil and is not good for sex lubricants. When you touch it, you may feel it can get the job done, but there are reports that it caused redness and chaffing in the vagina of those who used petroleum jelly as a lube. A study at the University of California said that women may develop bacterial growth, which results in irritation, skin burn, and unusual discharge. Just buy ‘personal water-based sex lubricant products’. You can refer to the products we mentioned above.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Coconut Oil As Sex Lubricant?

Some people insist that since coconut is so good for a lot of things, it would be good as a lubricant. I actually have to dig deep into this and found out that coconut oil is ‘comedogenic’ which can work to clog pores. If that’s the case, this may cause irritation and bumps in the genital area, not good.

📌 Also, coconut oil may cause an imbalance in the natural equilibrium of the vagina. Coconut oil can be used in wounds, but it should not be applied in the vagina. There may be some adverse reactions in your partner’s genitals if use it as a lubricant.

Also, coconut oil is not good in certain temperature. You probably observe some oils in the bottle during the cold season. They become hard residue. You certainly don’t want to see that in her vagina. The ‘water based sex lubricant’ products we discussed are still a safe choice.


This may come as surprise to you, but most people online confuse that when they search oil for sex, they actually mean sex lubricants. Some would actually mean ‘sex massage oil’, which you don’t really use for sex intercourse.

The actual sex lubricant products you can see in shops are all ‘water-based sex lube’. So I hope, that clears the confusion on what the answers you’ll see online. Personal lube for sexual adults.

📣 Do you have a question, ideas, and suggestions, please share your reactions in our comment section below.

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