5 Best Male Enhancement Underwear 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

We know that size matters. If we have a huge penis we want others to know that we have an impressive package.

The truth is, not all of us are well-endowed. I am speaking for myself. I must admit, there was a point in my life when I envy those men with big dicks.

I’ve been using pernis erlagement pump for penile growth, but it will take a while to really see noticeable results like a huge bulge in front that will make women ogle.

Recently, I discovered a trick to redeem myself and get the opposite sex intrigued.

My secret: It depends on your underwear.

That’s why I created the Best Male Enhancement Underwear to encourage men to know about this “secret” that can provide an aid to small dicks. There is always a way and this list will be your guide.

Male Enhancement UnderwearRatingPrice CheckMaterial Type
Calvin Klein Underwear Boost4.5100% cottonBoxer Brief
Andrew Christian Almost Naked495% rayon and 5% spandexBrief
Joe Snyder Thong3.880% nylon and 20% spandexThong
Gregg Homme Erotik Ultra Male Enhancer4.582% nylon and 18% elastane Thong
C-IN2 Men's Core Basic Sling Support3.8100% cottonBrief

5 Best Male Enhancement Underwear

If you want to improve your profile in an underwear, you’ve got to find the best one. Get a brief or trunk that will complement your package.

Before you proceed, you should know that there are tons of enhancing underwear on the market today. These undergarments are designed to help us achieve the size we wish we had.

The good thing about these undergarments is that its price is not too far from the cost of a regular high-quality brief. It is very affordable.

Aside from enhancing your size, these products are very comfortable to wear. Without further ado, here are the best enhancement undergarments that should be in your closet.

#1 Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear Body Boost Hip Brief

This brand is highly-trusted and reliable, and this particular male enhancement underwear works as expected that’s why it’s in the first spot.

Calvin Klein is one of the most popular brands when it comes to men and women’s undergarment. So, they definitely figure out a way to device an underwear that will boost our profile underneath it.

This product is Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear Body Boost Hip Brief. Calvin Klein uses its strap technology as a less constricting version of a c-ring.

It applies the principle of pulling the balls and penis outward to enhance our profile for a sexier silhouette.

This is smartly engineered because the strap is not visible on the outside, so no one would think that you’re faking your lump.

This is a great brief to wear for men who want attention and wish to create an illusion that they have a bigger package.

📌 The snug fit gives us enough push for a bulging front end. This is more visible when viewed from the sides. This product is 100% cotton, which is the best and healthiest material for an undergarment.

Cotton briefs keep you from yeast infections, especially if you wear your underwear under the wrong conditions.

As for maintenance, you can machine wash but do not bleach it. Tumble dry low and do not iron or dry clean.

However, this underwear can be uncomfortable when worn for hours in the sitting position due to the hidden elastic that provides the lift.

Also, this brand is more expensive compared to other undergarments. If you’re looking for a great underwear to enhance your member, this Calvin Klein brief will never let you down.

It has impressive quality and performance that will surely satisfy your cravings for a bigger thing between your legs.

  • Effectively enhances your profile
  • Easy to maintain
  • 100% cotton
  • Can be uncomfortable when worn for long hours

#2 Andrew Christian Almost Naked Infinity Collection

This brief is another great male enhancement underwear that is why it comes second on our list. Andrew Christian Almost Naked Infinity Collection includes a comfort brief and boxer brief.

The brand is the pioneer of pouch enhancement technology and aims to anatomically correct underwear that supports our natural movement.

This undergarment has a contour pouch that virtually eliminates sticks, squashing, re-adjusting and chafing.

Furthermore, its hang-free design accentuate our size without hidden cups or padding, which makes it more natural.

Yes, when you wear this, the pouch will look generously full, making you more visually appealing down there. Also, it features an anti-muffin top elastic waistband for a slimmer looking waistband.

It also comes with a shimmering metallic gold finish for a stylish hook. If you love colorful undergarments, this is available in bright colors and will soon be available in cool blue and lavender.

📌 Andrew Christian offers extra comfort in its Almost Naked Infinity series. It is made of 95% super soft rayon and 5% spandex that gives us the same comfort like we are not wearing any underwear at all.

This brief is sexy and chic, which makes it perfect for underwear aficionado. It is soft, lightweight and sporty to keep up with you no matter what your activity is. When you pull this up, your member will fall naturally into its super soft snuggle.

Compared to Calvin Klein this product is cheaper, which is another advantage. If you want a great male enhancement underwear but can’t afford Calvin Klein, this is a great brand to consider. It cuts the price by almost 50%, huge savings for you.

However, you should consider the size, most find it too small. You might consider sizing up when you order one. Overall, this product remains a great option when it comes to male enhancement undergarments.

It is affordable, efficient and reliable. I must admit this is one of the best male enhancement briefs on the market today. It is worth trying.

  • Effective in adding a size in your bulge
  • Sexy design
  • Snuggle fit
  • Anatomically correct pouch
  • Tag less for extra comfort
  • Slimming waistband
  • Provides great support
  • Good value for money
  • More affordable
  • Size is too small for some

#3 Joe Snyder Thong

This sexy thong is designed to not only give you a hotter and sexier look but a bigger bulge down there, that’s why it on the third spot.

Thong is an interesting undergarment because of its design. It offers a bare minimum cover at the front and a string on the back.

This provides a minimal coverage to accentuate your size. It gives your member a lift up and out to create a noticeable bulge down there.

The great thing about this undergarment is that, the additional size is still noticeable even if you’re already wearing jeans.

📌 This underwear from Joe Snyder is manufactured to level up your package’s size and confidence when you’re in your underwear. This will complement your shape and size to make you look more attractive and desirable.

The quality is sturdy and dark colors aren’t too transparent that you can wear this in a thong-friendly beach or pool.

Also, it offers great support and very comfortable to wear that you can wear it when you do your running or while working out. It is also great for work.

If you love to tease your partner, this undergarment is perfect.

Joe Snyder Thong is 80% nylon and 20% spandex. This is available in a variety of sizes to cater different waistlines:

  • Small (28 – 30 inches)
  • Medium (31 – 33 inches)
  • Large (34 – 36 inches)
  • X-Large (36 – 38 inches)
  • One Size (30 – 36 inches)

This thong is also available in different colors, pretty sure you will find one that complements your shape and size.

For instance, there is metal black, black, dazzblack, purple, navy, pink, wine, red, turquoise, white, royal, dazzroyal, yellow and nude to name a few.

If you love a combination of colors, Joe Snyder Thong is also available in snake, black and white stripe or jail, camo, newsprint and rainbow.

However, just like the other products on our list, the size might be small. I’ve heard from other men that XL is still too small for them.

Thus, oversize men might not find a size that fit them. So make sure to check the chart size before ordering one to ensure that you will receive the perfect size.

A number of men who bought this as their first thong were impressed with the comfort it delivers. In fact, it feels like you’re not wearing any underwear at all.

Joe Snyder Thong is a great underwear, just be sure to order the perfect size for you.

  • Enhances your profile
  • Offers good support
  • Fitting and comfortable
  • Cool fabric
  • Visible results even when wearing jeans
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Good enough for thong-friendly swimming areas
  • Comfortable enough for running or when working out
  • Size is too small
  • You have to size up when you order
  • Tight and uncomfortable if you order the wrong size
  • Not for oversize men

#4 Gregg Homme Erotik Ultra Sheer Mesh Enhancer Thong

Source: Gregg Homme

This item is another thong that is capable of enhancing your profile. It is effective and comfortable to wear, that is why it’s in the fourth spot.

This underwear is another proof that thongs are very comfortable and convenient. Owning one is a must for every man.

This Gregg Homme Thong is 82% nylon and 18% elastane. It has a sexy sheer mesh with attached covered elastic enhancer ring to improve your bulge down there.

Its contour shape adds lift to make the enhancement more visible and the results are impressive. This thong has a perfect fit and feel.

Its mesh support lining doesn’t chafe. It is very comfortable to wear even with the strap on all day.

Some wear it when they are working out. Some wear it all day even in work. The results are visible under your gym shorts.

Also, just like Joe Snyder Thong, this is very sexy and would make a great props if you want to tease your partner or get her in the mood.

As for maintenance, this underwear can be machine washed cold and line dry. However, you should not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean.

Unlike Joe Snyder there are no complaints about Gregg Homme’s sizing and they offer XX Large.

Here’s the different sizes available for this thong relative to your waist measurement:

  • Small (28 – 30 inches)
  • Medium (32 – 34 inches)
  • Large (36 – 38 inches)
  • X Large (40 – 42 inches)
  • XX Large (44 – 46 inches)

However, unlike Joe Snyder, which is available in a variety of colors, this thong is only available in two colors: black and white.

This thong is very good but although some find it comfortable, the c-ring can be a bit tight if worn throughout the day. This disadvantage may depend on the user though as some don’t have issues wearing this all day.

Aside from the comfort concerns, this thong is more expensive than Joe Snyder but prices aren’t too far.

Overall, Gregg Homme Thong is a great male enhancement underwear. It is comfortable and very convenient to use.

It is also effective in adding the size of our bulge down there. I can’t complain. This product is highly recommended.

  • Effective in adding size in your bulge
  • Includes elastic enhancer ring
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Can be worn during working out
  • Can be worn all day with the strap
  • Mesh support lining doesn’t chafe
  • Feels like you’re not wearing anything at all
  • Results are visible even if you’re wearing gym shorts
  • Available in different sizes (including XXL)
  • Strap might be uncomfortable for some
  • Limited colors
  • Pricey compared to Joe Snyder

#5 C-IN2 Men’s Core Basic

This is another great find for men who wish to improve their looks in their underwear. Finding a good support undergarment that offers comfort at the same time is quite difficult to find.

However, all of these, you can find in C-IN2 Men’s Core basic Lo No show Profile Sling Support. This brief is 100% cotton. It is imported and machine washable for your convenience and comfort.

It is equipped with a patented C-In2 sling support about 0.25 inch that offers the same reinforcement as women’s push-up bra.

This sling support is flat and is made from an adjustable elastic that gives you extra profile and of course, extra confidence.

None of the elastic bites the skin, so you’re safe from chaffing. It is very comfortable to wear and has a great fit.

For your comfort and convenience, the package includes an easy to follow instructions on how to use this wonder brief.

📌 The C-IN2 Men’s Core Basic gives you the look and feel that you’ve always wanted down there. The size is perfect and the design is smart. You will notice the changes not just from the mirror but from the people around you too.

When I’m wearing this undergarment, I noticed that more people approached me and I know deep down inside, why. However, although this is a great product, sizes could be an issue for some men. I realized that the pouch can be too small for men with a large groin.

Also, the sling needs getting used to, so you can maximize its results. In fact, in the first use, it can be awkward.

For instance, when walking the movement might force the sling to roll and turn into a string loop instead of an elastic wide loop that can tug your member and that would be uncomfortable or painful.

Despite its limitations, this product remains impressive especially when it comes to improving our profile. It effectively adds extra bulge down there, just enough to make it appear real and natural.

It doesn’t feel fake at all and the brief feels very comfortable. This is a great male enhancement underwear that you should try on.

  • 100% cotton
  • Price is competitive
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect size
  • Smart design
  • Comfortable and snug fit
  • Sling support is effective
  • Feels like you’re wearing a comfortable cock ring
  • Effectively adds one’s profile
  • Pouch can be too small for men with large groins
  • Sling can be uncomfortable
  • Sling needs getting used to
  • Sizes are not the same (Grey is smaller than the black one)


It’s high time to get over your insecurities when wearing shorts and underwear because there are always solutions.

Though there are permanent methods to enlarge your manhood like penis extender traction device, there are those who are impatient and want to impress and would want to have larger male profile fast.

The products listed above are effective in adding a bulge to give you extra boost and confidence. If you feel that we miss any great item that should be on the list, please feel free to reach out to us and we will consider your suggestions.


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