5 Best Lifelike Sex Dolls For Men – Affordable Love Dolls That You Can Easily Purchase

Having hard time finding a sex partner, huh?

If you want a sex partner who will always be available whenever you want action in your bedroom, then read on. Here, you’ll get to know someone who will comply with your sexual whims without complaint!

If you think a spouse, girlfriend, or lover would turn you down for a blow job, doggie, or some weird sex position, then get this: Life size sex doll is your solution!

I created the 5 Best Lifelike Sex Dolls For Men to help you find that sex partner that you’ve been longing for a long time.

I understand that there is a stigma when it comes to buying sex dolls. Before, only creepy men purchased this type of dolls. They hide it under their bed because if one finds out, they will see him as a pervert or maniac.

However, this idea has changed over time. I know a lot of men who own a love doll and they are neither pervert nor maniac. In fact, they are saner than most men you will ever meet on the street.

If you’re not satisfied with your sex life and need to do more solo sessions, real life sex dolls are for you. These dolls allow you and encourage you to release your kinks without hesitations. You don’t need to be shy because you won’t hear her complain.

If you’re new to sex toys, specifically love dolls I know that you’re in this page because you’re interested in it. If you feel that you need to learn more about this product, then the next section will be helpful for you.

You don’t need to search for the best lifelike sex dolls elsewhere for I know that you’re reading this because you’re looking for one. There are tons of new sex dolls in the market and looking for the best one can be confusing and time-consuming.

So, I’ll help you find the right one for you.

ProductRatingPrice CheckFeaturesPrice
Jasmine Japanese Silicone Lifelike Sex Doll
4.9Click Here To Buy - Worldwide ShippingAffordable. Safe. Beautiful and sexy figure. Big boobs. Flexible$699
Katy Real Silicon Sex Doll
4.9Click Here To Buy - Worldwide ShippingFeels real. No peculiar smell. Doll is gorgeous. Offers buyer protection. Safe materials.$1000+
Emily Authentic Sex Doll
4.8Click Here To Buy - Worldwide ShippingDolls looks witty and pretty. Big breasts. Life-size.$1000+
Marie Sex Doll For Men Full Silicone
4.7Check Price HerePretty and sexy. Realistic look and feel. Customizable. Reasonable price.$800+
Eva Full Silicone Sex Doll
4.6Check Price HereOffers different height options. Free shipping. Buyer protection. Pretty and sexy doll. Slightly expensive.$1000+

5 Best Lifelike Sex Dolls For Men 2018

* I choose Jasmine Japanese Lifelike Sex Doll as #1 real life doll with her luscious body, big tits, and cute girl face. Its affordable, but has the same features like high end dolls. The dolls listed below come in different price range to address those with different budget, so pick according to your needs. Of course, if you fell in love with a doll, get them before it gets sold out!

#1 Jasmine Japanese Realistic Solid Silicone Lifelike Sex Doll

Silicone sex dolls are expensive, but you can find affordable silicone love dolls every now and then. Take note of the beauty and hot figure of Jasmine
compared to higher-end dolls. This sex toy got everything to helping you release your kinks.

This sex doll is made of semi-solid silicone body, but its head, chest, hands, feet, vagina and anus are soft silicone. The product is made from imported medical grade soft silicone. It uses non-toxic and soft materials for a refined, smooth feel and comfortable experience.

For your pleasure, this doll comes with big breasts. Her vagina is permanent and its skin mimics vaginal temperature of about 37.5 degrees. You will surely love the sensation whenever you enter inside her. Her skin is soft and smooth.

For additional titillation, this doll makes different poses, however position you want to romp her. You can adjust her as you wish, though I found it best for doggie style position. Other than this she can sit and stand. There are a lot of things that she can do with you.

This doll is durable, so you can repeatedly use it without damaging it. For maintenance, this is easy to clean because dust does not stick to the doll. Just follow the manufacturers given instruction to make her last a lifetime.

📌 This is one of the most affordable sex dolls out there, and you’ll see much of the features similar to high-end dolls. Also, this sex doll is customizable and durable, as you can choose skin color, hair, and even eyes.

Jasmine is definitely good for men on a tight budget and can’t afford sex dolls priced in the thousands of dollars.

Product Specification

• Sex methods: Anal, vaginal sex, etc
• Sex doll: Virgin vagina sex doll
• Weight: 13kg
• Package Dimension: 36.2 x 13.7 x 9.4 inches
• Height: 100cm
• Material: Silicone Solid Skin Material
• Style: Japanese Female Sex Doll Life S Female Sex Doll
• Hair colors: Black, Blond, Brown
• Vagina Design: Vagina with a hymen,soft silicone
• Gender: Woman
• Vagina: Permanent vagina set up with doll
• Bust: 63 cm
• Waist: 38 cm
• Hips: 60 cm
• Vagina Hole Depth: 17 cm
• Anus Hole Depth: 15 cm


• Affordable
• Safe and non-toxic material
• No odor
• Offers anal/vaginal pleasure
• Permanent vagina
• Gripping hands
• Works great for doggie style
• Can sit and stand

  • None stated

#2 Katy Silicon Sex Doll – 135cm 145cm 158cm Real Pretty Love Doll

Pretty dolls are always appealing. If you’re one of those men who are easily attracted to beautiful love dolls, you will surely appreciate Katy because she’s adorable in every way.

Katy has a charming face that will surely awaken your senses when you glance at her. She has attractive eyes, well-chiseled nose and thin lips. She also comes with long legs, slim arms, thin waistline and big breasts.

She is equipped with a metal skeleton for flexibility. You can have Katy stand or sit. Also, thanks to this feature, she can hold any position.

This love doll is well-endowed, Katy has a handful of bosom that you can play with. She also comes with a realistic touching feeling feature that will arouse you whenever you run your finger over her skin.

For intense fun and excitement, the Katy love doll is also equipped with vagina, anus and mouth that are designed to give you vaginal, anal and oral pleasure. If you also love breast sex, her rich bust will never disappoint you. I have vacuum erection penies pump ready so I can get erected tent pole within minutes whenever I see her legs spread and inviting.

The brand understands that men have different preferences when it comes to this type of toy. So, they offer you a number of options. You can have your toy arrive with your preferences for skin and eye. You can customize your order by selecting her skin color and eye color. For a more enjoyable sexual experience, it is also equipped with USB accessory heating for warmth.

You will love Katy even more because the company puts your welfare in mind.

📌The package that you will receive includes a number of accessories like cleaning tools, USB warmer, wigs and clothes. Those who ordered this doll were all satisfied and happy that they did.

If there’s an advantage, perhaps, it is its the sex doll options. This is as customizable as high-end dolls.

However, given its price and quality. There is nothing that you won’t love about this doll. Also, if you go to high-end dolls, every customization comes with a price. So, it is very expensive.

Katy one of the best sex dolls you can find in the market in terms of quality, price and performance. You should own this because you will surely love it.

Product Specification

• Material: 100% TPE with metal skeleton
• Height: 135cm 145cm 158cm
• Weight: 25-35 kg
• Bust: 64cm
• Waist: 40cm
• Hip: 64cm
• Vaginal depth: 18cm
• Anal depth: 17cm
• Oral depth: 13 cm
• Functions: Oral / Breast / Vaginal / Anus sex
• Advantages: Safe, soft, smooth, real feel, no peculiar smell


• Made of TPE
• Has metal skeleton
• Offers you vaginal, anal and oral pleasure
• Katy sex doll is gorgeous
• The brand offers customer protection
• Includes accessories
• Offers you options for vaginal design and breast size
• Customizable
• Safe materials
• Soft and smooth
• Feels real
• No peculiar smell


• Slightly expensive

#3 Emily Sex Doll– 145cm Silicone Japanese Love Doll with Real-Like Vagina Oral Breast Anal

Emily is not the typical sex dolls for sale. Just like most women, she is a working girl, but unlike your girlfriend or partner, she won’t say no whenever you want to play with her.

Emily looks smart and shy. She seems to lack the sex experience, but you can teach her how to please you and she will love it.

She is pretty and innocent. You will get lost in her eyes and would surely love to indulge in her soft and pouting lips.

You can dress up Emily in any manner that turns you on and she will be more than willing to comply. She is cute and pretty in her in height. She has big breasts that are handful enough for you to explore. She has ample ass that you will surely love to spank. So, go ahead and take best pills to keep you hard and penetrate her every position you can think of.

For a more enjoyable sexual encounter with Emily, she jiggles in the right places. Her skin is also realistic. It is soft and supple, you would surely love to explore her every curve.

In addition to this, she is equipped with articulating skeleton that allows you to position her in any ways you wish. In this way, she can perform to your maximum pleasure.

You will love Emily more because she is customizable. You can upgrade its body size, head, skin color, makeup, wig, nipple size and color, nail color, toenail polish, vagina, mouth type and more.

📌Fortunately, similar to every sex doll on the market, customization can be great. Every accessory or upgrade allows you to have the woman of your dreams.

Get to know Emily more below.

Product Specification

• Material: TPE
• Skeleton: Steel
• Weight: 29kg
• Height: 145cm
• Bust: 80cm
• Waist: 52cm
• Hip: 74cm
• Vaginal depth: 17cm
• Anus depth: 17cm
• Mouth depth: 13cm
• Manufacturer: ACSMSI Dolls


• Made of TPE
• Has real life skin texture
• Offers you vaginal/anal/oral pleasure
• Handful breasts
• Hot sex doll
• Affordable sex doll


• Not for very large cocks

#4 Marie Sex Doll For Men Full Silicone – Newest Adult Male Sex Toys Big Breast 158cm

Marie is one of the prettiest faces you would ever find in the market. Her long hair and innocent face would make you want her more.

She has big boobs and slim waist. Marie is designed with three holes to offers you oral, vaginal and anal pleasure.

She has a real like pussy appearance with inner bead curve that will surely tickle your senses. Marie is also designed with inner bead and deep throat for a more satisfying oral sex with your toy. You would certainly need man plus pills so you last longer and perform every sex act you can think of her.

Also, for your convenience, Marie sex doll is equipped with a metal skeleton so you can position her in different stances. You can even move her hands, have her sit or stand.

In addition to this, to add to her sexiness, the manufacturer gave her a life like toe design. She has well-polished ankle skeleton for a fancy feet. Her fingers are slim and flexible too.

The Marie sex doll is customizable too. You can update its wigs, eyes colors, skin color, finger nail, and toe nail. Her vagina can also be upgraded to be removable, pubic hair can be planted and you can add a standing strengthened point for a more wearable stand.

However, not all sellers offer this option. Also, if you want to enjoy the changes, you may have to pay for it.

Another great thing about this doll is that it has a lot of accessories. Everything you need is already included.

📌 The package you receive will include a pussy heating rod, pussy cleaner, comb, a dress and manual instructions. The package will be sent to you discreetly for your privacy.

Check out the details below to know more about this doll.

Product Specification

• Functions: For oral / anal / breast / vagina sex
• Model Number: 100cm Video show style
• Gender: Woman
• Style: Japanese Female Sex Doll Life Size Mannequin
• Material: 100% TPE with metal skeleton Solid Silicone
• Advantage: Safe, Soft, Smooth, Real Feel
• Brand Name: Kung Fu
• Height: 100 cm / 125cm / 148 cm / 158 cm / 165cm
• Breastline: 96 cm
• Waistline: 60.5cm
• Hipline: 86 cm
• Weight: 28 kg (may vary depending on the height)
• Package size: 100.0 * 45.0 * 30.0 ( cm )
• Gross weight/package: 15.0 kg.


• Doll is pretty and sexy
• Life-size
• Realistic look and feel
• Offers anal/vaginal/oral pleasure
• Equipped with bead curve holes for sensations
• Includes several accessories
• Reasonable price
• Made from TPE with skeleton
• Safe material
• Available in different heights
• Customizable


• Limited customization
• Not all sellers offers to customize this product

#5 Eva Full Silicone Sex Doll – Real Mouth Oral Sex Dolls 140/158/165CM

Eva love doll is one of the top selling toys in the market. She is gorgeous and I’m pretty sure you will love to see her beside you.

This plaything is designed with a big mouth to give you the oral pleasure you desire. In addition to this, Eva has big boobs and a small waistline that gives her a petite frame but makes her busty at the same time. If you love well-endowed women, she is perfect for you.

I understand that there are men who prefer short girls while others want tall ones. This particular line of doll is available in different sizes, you can choose from 148 cm, 158 cm and 165 cm.

Eva is made from 100% TPE with metal skeleton for flexibility. You can position her in different stances you desire and she is capable of performing anything you want from her.

This love doll has three holes. You can do as you please to her. Eva is good to perform oral, anal and vaginal sex.

When you get this doll, you can opt to customize her eyes color: black, blue or green. You can also decide for her skin tone white, flesh or brown.

For more fun, the package includes a number of accessories: one suit and a heating rod to keep your doll warm and more lifelike during your playtime.

This love doll works as it should and purchasing this offers you a buyer protection. You can get a full refund if you don’t receive your order or a full/partial refund if the item you receive is not as described.

📌In addition to this, the company offers free shipping to the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, United States, Spain and Russia.

Eva is something that every man should try on. She’s alluring, high-quality and does the job well.

Product Specification
• Material: TPE with metal skeleton
• Usable parts: Vagina, Mouth, Anus
• Height: 148 cm
• Weight: 25 kg
• Breast: 76 cm
• Shoulder width: 39 cm
• Arm length: 57 cm
• Palm length: 17 cm
• Foot long: 21.5 cm
• Waist: 51 cm
• Hip: 74 cm
• Eyes: Brown, Blue, Green (you have to select one)
• Skin color: Tan, Fresh, White (you have to select one)
• Package size: 150x45x30 cm


• Offers different height options
• Offers vaginal/anal/oral pleasure
• You can customize skin and eyes base on your preference
• Package includes accessories
• Offers free shipping
• Offers buyer protection
• Doll arrives as described
• Pretty and sexy doll


• Slightly expensive
• Limited customization
• Only few accessories are included in the package
• Expensive

What Are Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls are the type of male sex toys that are designed with the size and shape of a sexual partner. They are created to aid you in your solo session or when you masturbate.

Imagine this, you’re really in the mood for some pleasure. Unfortunately, your partner is away. you’re tired of jacking off and is desperate for a beautiful lady to romp.

However, you can’t just go out and grab anyone you meet on the street. Also, you don’t want to cheat on your wife or girlfriend.

When you’re in this situation, a sex doll is the best solution. You can play with her without the guilt of being unfaithful to your girl.

A sex doll may be consists of an entire body with face, or just a head, pelvis or other partial bodies with accessories (vagina, anus, mouth, penis) for sexual stimulation. The parts may be vibrating and it can be removable or interchangeable.

A sex doll has a bizarre history. Some said Hitler ordered it while others claimed it was inspired from Dutch sailors. If you want to learn more about this sex toy like how it started, who invented it and the current manufacturers, check it out Who Invented Sex Doll? The History Of Love Dolls That You Need To Know for more information.

Why Do Men Buy Sex Dolls?

Men purchase sex dolls for a number of reasons. Most men do so because they want to have an active sex life.

On the other hand, some men don’t feel that they are that desirable to attract the woman of their dreams. They find themselves busted whenever they find the guts to court a woman.

Meanwhile, others do not have enough time to pursue a relationship. These cases urged these men to buy a love doll.

Other men opted to purchase this toy because they want to improve their sex life. There is an itch that your partner might not satisfy or you couldn’t get yourself to demand.

“I’m married, but get way less sex than I’d like. Doll sex not only makes up the difference, it satisfies many itches that married sex won’t: Sex acts the wife doesn’t do with me and some I’d be afraid or embarrassed to even ask for,” one sex doll customer said.

There are also a number of lonely men who turned to plastic dolls for companionship. Their love dolls bring life to their empty home. These creations also made them feel comfortable with themselves because they don’t complain, criticize or judge you in whatever you do. They are just there to accompany, support, and accept you as you’re.

Single men, those who don’t have a social life or who struggle to fulfill their kinks will surely enjoy this type of dolls. If you find yourself wanting one don’t be shy because a number of men already do.

How Sex Dolls Are Made?

I understand that you’re wondering how sex dolls are designed and made. After all, it is natural for us to wonder about the origin of the thing that interests us.

In this section, I will give you an overview how love dolls are made. They are handmade and are highly-customizable that’s why they are expensive.

First, they will design several figures made from silicone. These include different boob sizes, vaginal opening, waistlines, etc.

Second, they will cut any excess silicone using sharp scissors.

Third, they will polish and improve the doll. At this phase, they will also color the nipple by hand.

Fourth, they will apply the articulated skeleton superimposed silicone.

Fifth, they cast a fiberglass to use for face dolls. To change the color of the skin, they use pigments and powders. For the teeth and gums, they use silicone.

They also do the makeup especially for the eyes, lips, eyeliner, eye shadow and more.
They will then dress these dolls in underwear and high-heel shoes.

How Do Sex Dolls Work?

So, how do sex dolls work? Just like other women, these dolls are equipped with vagina, anus and/or mouth for vaginal, anal or oral sexual pleasure. A number of these love dolls come with HIT system that provides heat and sound for your doll to make your playtime with her more fun and exciting.

These dolls are made from silicone so they look and feel real, you won’t feel bad when you make love with these sexbots because they are not just toys. You can even mistake them as real women.

Aside from the aforementioned, your love dolls are always available for you whenever you want action in your bedroom. She is also willing to perform whatever you want from her. You can do to her whatever you desire without any criticism or complaint.

In addition to that, you can rely on your love doll when it comes to fidelity. She will never hurt you, cheat on you and leave you.

More and more men are turning to their plastic partners in bed for comfort, convenience and pleasure. These dolls are not cheap, but they are safer than paying prostitutes and are relationship savers. When your partner is not in the mood, romping your toy is not cheating.

If you don’t want to endure the rejection of your spouse or want to make your solo session even more exciting, don’t hesitate to get a love doll. Sex dolls are worth every penny. Trust me, you will love this.

So, are you ready to meet the best real life sex dolls in the market? I’ll give it to you in the next section.

Sex Dolls Price

Sex dolls have three price range, often based on materials, brand, design, features, accessories, and customization.

Cheap Sex Dolls

Investing for your pleasure doesn’t have to be expensive. If you love to own a sex doll, this particular doll will surely fit your budget.

Mid-Range Sex Doll

I understand that there are customers who are hesitant to buy very cheap items and are also afraid to invest in too pricey love dolls. These mid-range realistic sex dolls for men that you will find are in the average price range.

Premium Sex Dolls

If you’re willing to invest on a good quality love doll, the premium sex dolls can be quite costly, but not too expensive to leave you broke. If you have a huge budget for your doll, you can check a lot of great high-end sex dolls.


These dolls are great sexual partners because they are life size. That’s not all! They have the body and the face that most men desire.

Men, like you and me, purchase love dolls for different reasons. Whatever your reason is, investing in good adult sex dolls will surely be worth it and healthy for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get one today and you will surely love it.


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