5 Best High-End Sex Dolls For Men – The Best Silicone Love Dolls That Are Worth Buying

Ever want a sex thing, as hot as supermodels…

Well, your best bet on this are high-end sex dolls! They’re considered as the best sex dolls because of their expensive cost, but you’ll get the closest sex doll to hot pretty women.

While these dolls are expensive, you can customize them and they’re worth it.

So, I bring you the 5 Best High-End Sex Dolls list.

Since you’re looking for high-end sex dolls, I assume that you’re already knowledgeable about the best sex toys in the market. Perhaps, you already own a number of these and would like to upgrade.

While I can’t say for sure the necessity of owning an expensive doll, I definitely understand why some men do. I also know that you’re on this page because you’re considering in getting one.

Are you already sure that you’re ready to purchase a high-end love doll?

Aside from the budget, you have to prepare for it emotionally because you will be paying for it big time. If you’re still not convinced whether you should get one or not, then be sure to read all the sections here.

5 Best High-End Sex Dolls For Men 2018

The dolls that you’re about to read in our list are designed skillfully and are equipped with superb features that will surely satisfy your physical and emotional needs. These dolls are pretty, sexy and a performer on bed.

Before we proceed, I just want to warn you that these high quality sex dolls are expensive. You have to spend a hundred of dollars or more to get them, but they are worth it.

Are you ready? Let’s get down to business.

1. Jasmine Japanese Silicone Sex Doll– The Busty And Ghetto Booty Sex Dolls For Men

If you love big boobs and butts, you will instantly fall in love with Jasmine. She is beautiful, curvaceous and is oozing with appeal that’s why she tops our list. She’s too lifelike that you will forget that she’s a plastic lover.

Jasmine is one of the best choices that you can find in the market when it comes to high end sex dolls. She’s expensive, but her features, quality, look, and performance are superb compared to most items that you would find on our list.

Jasmine looks and feels like your dream girl. She has a durable body, softer breasts and is lighter compared to most dolls from RealDoll.

Most items from RealDoll are heavy, but Jasmine is lighter compared to them. Thanks to its soft silicone foam core its weight was greatly reduced, so switching position is more convenient. This results in a more comfortable and enjoyable sexual experience.

Jasmine comes with a messy braided hair which makes her look more feminine. She is attractive and is oozing with appeal.

Aside from her beauty, you will love the gem between her thighs. This doll is equipped with removable inserts for both vaginal and oral cavities for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The insertable option also works great if you decide to upgrade these parts because it means that you only have to spend for those particular part and not buy an entire new doll.

Jasmine is highly customizable. You can change her body type, skin tone, lip color, fingernail/toenail color, eye color, add hi-realism eyes, add fixed eyes options, add hands punched eyebrows, customize makeup, hair color, breasts, nipples, vaginal insert style and more. You can also add extras like piercings, lube, and freckles to name a few.

As for the quality, Jasmine is every inch closer to fucking a real woman. The feel, the excitement, the desire, the fulfillment is the same that you would forget you’re having sex with a doll. Not to mention, she is always available and ready to be in action to help you achieve absolute sexual euphoria.

Jasmine is can be costly, but she’s definitely cheaper than our second doll, Emily.

She’s the best top-rated sex doll in the market. Learn more about her below.

Product Specification
  • Face: Jasmine Face T (full head design)
  • Body: Female
  • Skin tone: Light Tan
  • Eyes: Hand Painted Acrylic Eyes
  • Eye Color: Laguna Blue
  • Makeup: As Seen
  • Wig color & style: As Seen
  • Lip color: As Seen
  • Fingernails: French Manicure
  • Pubic hair: Shaved
  • Height: 100 cm
  • Weight: 13 kg (may vary +/-)
  • Cup Size: 32F
  • Bust: 63cm
  • Waist: 38cm
  • Hips: 60cm
  • Dress Size: S-M, Larger top needed
  • Shoe Size: 6
  • Custom Nipple Texture: None
  • Custom Nipple Color: None
  • Piercings: None
  • Freckles Face Only (+$150)
  • Breast and Butt Gels included.
  • Duracast on Hands and Feet.
  • Feels like a real woman
  • Most realistic sex doll in the market
  • Offers absolute sexual euphoria
  • Lighter than most RealDoll products
  • Flexible for all positions
  • Endless option for customization
  • Incredible detailed faces
  • Hyperrealistic skin
  • Removable inserts
  • Available all the time for you
  • Made of silicone
  • Offers you vaginal/anal/oral pleasure
  • Best sex dolls for beginners
  • Small size for some men

2. Katy Sex Doll – Your Chic and Smokin’ Hot Love Doll

If you love young women with beautiful hair, you will surely find Katy attractive. She is charming, sexy and very pretty.

Katy is made with the latest techniques and materials. She has a life-size silicone body that feels real in every inch, steel joints for flexibility and exemplary finish quality that will surely confuse you at one point whether your companion is a doll or a fine lady.

She will not disappoint you at all because she doesn’t feel plastic. The sensation when you touch her is real and her skin is very soft and supple. You will surely love to run your fingers in her.

Since Katy belongs to the next generation sex dolls, her weight has been reduced. Similar to Jasmine, she’s lighter, so you can easily adjust her posture in different stances that you desire. This equipped Katy to pleasure you in different positions you wish.

Also, each sex doll has a penetrable mouth, vagina and anus. These three orifices are designed to give you the best stimulation and natural sensation that you enjoy in a natural sexual encounter.

For additional titillation, Katy has silicone gel boobs for more realistic effect. She also has articulated joints for several poses. She can stand, bend, sit, and lie down. Take erection pills cvs meds if you must for hard wood stiffy. Then explore your imagination because Katy is willing to play with you all the time.

Just like the rest of the dolls, Katy is highly customizable. You can upgrade her eyes and skin tone.

This love doll will never turn you off when it comes to its quality and performance. However, you should prepare your bank account because Katy is not cheap, but it is not as costly as other sex dolls in the market. You’re free to customize her.

Katy is a fine sex doll. If you wish to enjoy her, save up for her. Check out her details below.

Product Specification
  • Height: 5’3″
  • Weight: 80lbs (may vary +/- 5 lbs)
  • Bust: 64cm
  • Waist:40cm
  • Hips: 64cm
  • Vagina:17cm
  • Anal:15cm
  • Life size doll
  • Flexible to accommodate any position
  • Offers vaginal/anal/oral pleasure
  • Customizable
  • Lighter than most RealDoll items
  • Doll looks young and pretty
  • Duracast hands and feet
  • Uses the latest techniques and materials
  • Made of silicone
  • Slightly expensive

3. Emily Real Sex Doll – Your Gorgeous And Seductive Love Doll In Bed

I understand that you’re reading this because you want to own one of the real looking sex dolls in the market that’s why it’s in the second place. If you want a pretty face to accompany you in your bedroom, Emily is a good choice.

Emily is attractive in her beautiful eyes, skin tone, and hair. Her natural lip color only adds to her sensuality. Her face and figure are what most men find attractive in her.

Aside from this, she is equipped with her own assets. Emily has round and big boobs. Her cup-size gives you an ample amount of flesh to play with. She stands tall like most women do and weighs just right to move her around.

She is highly customizable. You can almost upgrade every part of her. For instance, you can choose her eye color and skin color.

Her vagina’s great, they are ribbed and nubby, but the labia has nice nodes. The inside dimension is stretchable, around 7″ deep and 2″ in diameter. By default, she is shaved for your enjoyment.

Her hands and feet are duracast. By this, it means that those are precasted with a stronger and more durable silicone using a specially prepared.

As for performance, you can count on Emily. Being an real sex doll she looks and feels like a woman. Use a peniz pump for erection, so you get a sure ramrod whenever you feel horny. She is also flexible, you can position her in different stances. You will surely, enjoy your time with her.

Unfortunately, this doll is not for everyone, especially if you’re tight on budget. Emily comes with a hefty price tag. If you wish to customize her, you’ve got to pay more.

If her price is not an issue for your, then she would be a perfect mate.

If you love Emily, I suggest that you check the details below to know her more

Product Specification
  • Height: 145cm
  • Weight: 29kg
  • Cup Size: 80cm
  • Waist: 24″
  • Hips: 35″
  • Highly customizable
  • Lightweight
  • Looks and feel natural
  • Doll is pretty and sexy
  • Perfect height and weight
  • Breast enhancement
  • Duracast
  • Flexible
  • Made of silicone
  • Offers you vaginal/anal/oral pleasure
  • Not for guys with very big dicks

4. Brooklyn RealDoll – Your Bootylicious Love Doll

Do you love women with big butts? Then, Brooklyn will surely please you. In addition to this, she is well-endowed and has the curves in the right places.

Brooklyn is gorgeous whether she’s blonde or brunette. Her hazel eyes are attractive, her nose well-chiseled and her mouth are very tempting.

She has big boobs that are very welcoming and a big butt that you will surely love to spank while you romp on her. Take maxman pills for stamina if you need to so you last longer throughout the night. Brooklyn is the best girl to release your kink.

This doll has a type D body with gel implants on her buttocks. She has a slim waist and shaved pussy.

In addition to this, just like the rest of the doll in our list, Brooklyn is highly-customizable. You can change her body type, skin tone, lip color, fingernail and toenail color, hair, eyes and more. You can also decide for the vaginal attachment style whether it’s permanent or removable, and what type of insert you prefer.

If you love a woman with a bush down there you can also add a pubic hair for Brooklyn. You can have it black trimmed, black full, blonde full, blonde trimmed, brunette trimmed or brunette full. More options are available on their site.

Standing 5’6″ tall, Brooklyn is as beautiful as the girl you just met at the bar last night. She is as playful and always available to be in action with you.

Unfortunately, she is heavier compared to most dolls in our list. Actually, Brooklyn is the heaviest at 95 lbs. She is heavier than Natalie who is taller than her.

Aside from her weight, Brooklyn is perfect. Her frame is what most men desire and her face is very charming. She could be the girl of your dreams in a rubber form.

Get to know Brooklyn more below.

Product Specification
  • Face: Brooklyn – Face M
  • (RD2 Full Head Design)
  • Body: D (Includes Gel Implants in Buttocks)
  • Skin tone: Medium
  • Freckles: Custom – Face & Body (+$450)
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Makeup: Medium black eyeliner, Natural shadow
  • Wig color & style: Brunette (shown with blonde and brunette), Style 0702
  • Lip color: Natural
  • Fingernails: French Manicure
  • Pubic hair: Shaved
  • Outfit: Not available
  • Height: 5’6″
  • Weight: 95lbs (may vary +/- 5 lbs)
  • Bust: 36 (DD Cup)
  • Waist: 24″
  • Hips: 38″
  • Shoe Size: 8
  • Special Features: Features Gel Implants in Buttocks.
  • Life size doll
  • Flexible
  • Offers vaginal/anal/oral pleasure
  • Customizable
  • Made of silicone
  • Duracast hands and feet
  • Heaviest doll in the list
  • Expensive
  • Customization comes with a price

5. Natalie RealDoll – The Skinny And Towering Beauty

Natalie is a supermodel. At first glance, you will probably think of the Victoria’s Secret Angels you’ve watched in the runway. Yes, that’s how attractive and sexy she is.

Natalie looks alluring in her medium skin tone. She looks dazzling in her light brown eyeliner with custom eye shadow contouring. The light freckles on her face only add to her undeniable appeal.

She is tall and very skinny. Her medium blonde hair looks good on her. However, in case you want to change this that is possible.

For men who love women as tall as or taller than them, Natalie is among the towering sex dolls you will find in the market. She stands 5’10” which makes her a standout for men who are attracted to tall women.

Natalie is designed with a very flexible skeleton. You can adjust her posture in any way you wish. She can sit with you during your meals, lie on your bed while you take your shower or sleep with you. Most of all, changing position while you bang her is easy and convenient.

Natalie is heavier than most dolls. This might be an issue if you want to move her around. However, other than this, Natalie is one hot girl you want to spread her legs whenever you need to have sexual relief. No moods. No complaints. Natalie would give in to your boner.

Product Specification
  • Face: Natalie – Face N
  • (RD2 Full Head Design)
  • Body: C
  • Skin tone: Medium
  • Eye color: Dark Brown (with veins)
  • Makeup: Light Brown Eyeliner, Custom eye shadow contouring
  • Wig color & style: Medium Blonde, (Custom Style)
  • Lip color: Red
  • Fingernails: French Manicure
  • Freckles: Light Freckles, Face Only
  • Pubic hair: Shaved
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: 90lbs (may vary +/- 5 lbs)
  • Bust: 34 (A Cup)
  • Waist: 24″
  • Hips: 34″
  • Dress Size: Small or 3-5
  • Shoe Size: 8-9
  • Life size dolls
  • Tallest in the list
  • Flexible skeleton
  • Offers vaginal/anal/oral pleasure
  • Skinny
  • Beautiful
  • Customizable
  • Heavier than most dolls
  • Expensive
  • You have to pay for every customization

Why Men Purchase High-End Dolls

Others might think that an expensive love doll is a luxury and that you shouldn’t really buy one. However, there are points when getting a high-end doll makes sense. Check out the list below to understand why some men do.

You want an uncomplicated and secure relationship

Do you know that more men are turning into rubber romance? If you’re interested in having a long-term relationship with your doll you should invest in a quality sex doll. Your connection won’t last if you ruin her just after a few uses.

I understand that this type of dolls is manufactured mainly as sex partners, but they are more than that to a number of men who seek for a peaceful relationship. Those who purchased this doll love them for what they lack.

Yes, they can’t speak nor move. In the same way, it means that they can’t hurt you or leave you.

“She never betrays me, she makes my worries melt away,” said Senji Nakajima, 62, who has a rubber girlfriend, named Saori.

“A synthetic will never lie to you, cheat on you, criticize you, or be otherwise disagreeable,” said Davecat. He also added that these dolls are “like organic humans, but they would lack the qualities that make organics difficult to deal with.”

You want a constant companion

Are you too busy to pursue the woman of your dreams? Or did she just reject or dump you? Your love doll is here to stay. She would always be at home waiting for your return.

“My heart flutters when I come home to Saori,” Nakajima said about his doll.

You can’t keep a constant companion if your doll is not durable. Expensive ones are made of high-grade material. If her body doesn’t last, you can replace it.

According to Davecat, when her love doll’s body became too irreparable, he saved up to purchase a new one for her. One of her dolls, Sidore already had three bodies.

“She’s looked exactly the same from 2000 to now, excepting the fact that her current body looks more like how I wanted her to look, to begin with,” Davecat said.

You want a sex partner who is always available for you

It is given that sex dolls are designed to give you the sexual pleasure you desire. They are designed for your carnal needs.

She won’t disappoint you because she would never say “no” to you. She is always ready to play with you.

The good thing about this high-end sexbots is that they don’t feel plastic or rubber at all. They have smooth and soft skin like every woman you desire. So, she won’t turn you off.

You want to release your kink without cheating on your spouse

Let’s admit it, we have our own sexual fantasies. However, there are acts we can’t bring or demand to our spouse.

“I’m married, but get way less sex than I’d like. Doll sex not only makes up the difference, it satisfies many itches that married sex won’t: Sex acts the wife doesn’t do with me and some I’d be afraid or embarrassed to even ask for,” one man who owns a sex doll said.

The good thing about this is that you can release your itch without being unfaithful to your wife. In this way, you can’t hurt her.

“Honestly, it is very easy to just pay a little money to find a woman in China, but I simply cannot bring myself to cheat on my wife, so I have never considered it,” another man told Japan Times. “The only way a doll is better than a woman is that it won’t resist, so people can do whatever they want with it.”

By getting an expensive doll you can romp her all you want without the fear that she might burst as in the case with inflatable dolls. She is also made of high-grade material, so she is safe to use.

After reading the section above, do you still feel the need to buy an expensive love doll? If you do, then here are the things that you should know before you do your purchase.

Major Features of High-End Sex Dolls

The first factor that turned most men off about these dolls is their price. However, the same element is what makes these dolls a standout in the sex toy market.

Yes, these dolls are expensive but its features and specs are superior compared to the cheap ones.

High-quality material – Most of the high-end dolls are made from high-quality silicone with a rare exception of TPE. Platinum-based silicone,
in particular, is more durable. The inclusion of platinum also means that it is medical grade and ensures that oil lubricant is not used or will be oozing from your doll’s skin.

Flexible skeleton – Thanks to this feature you can position your love doll conveniently in whatever stance you desire for a more enjoyable sexual experience.

RealDolls are extremely pliable, they can sustain any reasonable position as long as the stance is natural and painless for most adults. Do not twist it into a pretzel or compressed into a tight fetal position.

Strong joints – These dolls have stainless steel joints. They are strong and are designed to bend in a very humanistic way. The joints are stiff when the doll is new. It will make a creaking sound, but this will be less noticeable over time when it becomes loose.

Unlimited customization – If you can purchase a doll that looks exactly as your dream girl, then why not spend for it? High-end dolls are highly customizable from their head and body up to its intricate details like eyes, browse, mouth, breast, butt, vagina, nail polish, makeup and more.

Since you can customize this, most of its parts are replaceable. For instance, you can request for removable orifices for her mouth, anus or vagina. If one part needs to be replaced, you don’t have to buy an entire doll. In this way, the process will be cheaper in the long run.

Things You Can Do With Expensive Sex Doll

You can treat your love doll like a real partner. Since they are made from quality material, they are durable. You don’t have to take extra caution to enjoy your playtime with them.

In fact, you can take a bath with her. No worries, no water will get trapped inside them because she’s made of solid silicone. Their bodies are not hollow.

These dolls are designed to give you an all around pleasure. They are designed with three entries for anal, vaginal and oral sex.

Each entry is shaped and textured efficiently. The labia can be stretched apart realistically. Meanwhile, their mouth has soft, stretchy lips with ultra soft tongue. Their mouth is ribbed for additional pleasure. If you love a blow job, count on her to perform well.

When you penetrate her, there is a vacuum inside the doll’s entries that provides a powerful suction effect. The strongest is in the oral entry. This particular feature is the reason behind the intense orgasm that you will enjoy when you play with her.

For men who love oral sex, while all dolls are equipped to perform this, there are heads designed with larger mouths to accommodate big members.

It is recommended that you use lubricant whenever you play with her. When you do so, go for a water-based lubricant.

You can express your kink in your doll. You can lick and bite her. Her breasts feel real, her nipples are erect. It can withstand approximately 400% elongation before tearing so you can play with it. But, don’t be too rough.

To make your doll look natural, you can dress her. However, be mindful when choosing the type of clothing. Dark clothing dyed with low-quality dyes can stain her. Meanwhile, very tight or binding straps may leave dents on her body.

If you want to give your doll a touch of cosmetics that is possible. However, in this case, it is recommended that you specify “natural” colors in your order. Liquid eyeliner, powdered cosmetics (blushes, eye shadows, powder foundations, etc) work well with this doll.

These dolls can join you on the table when you take your meal or sit with you while you watch TV. However, she can’t stand unsupported.

If you’re planning to take your love doll with you outside, the best way to move her around is by using a rolling chair such as a wheelchair or office chair. In this way, you can avoid injury.

Where to Buy for Quality High-End Sex Dolls

There are a number of sex dolls manufacturers in the market. However, if you’re looking for the best toys that look and feel real, I suggest you start with RealDoll from Abyss Creation.The dolls they created are superior in quality and performance. Their dolls are close to real women. I know this is what we want why we spend much, right? So, visit their site and look for your dream sex doll there.

Click Here To Buy High End Sex Dolls


High-end dolls are produced with extensive labor that’s why they are pricey. However, their quality and performance will surely exceed your expectations.

The love dolls mentioned above are the best in the market. All of them are not comparable to cheap and mid-ranged rubber dolls. So, if you’re planning to get one, don’t hesitate because you deserve it and I guarantee, you will be happy with your choice.

If you do want a cheap or mid-ranged dolls, you can visit our 5 Best Lifelike Affordable Love Dolls That You Can Easily Purchase Article.


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