Benefits Of Swallowing Semen – Is Eating Semen Good For You?

Aside from having your first kiss, there’s no other moment more memorable than having your first blowjob.

Perhaps the feeling of being treated like a king, with the sight of your girl kneeling in front of you is pure bliss.

Equally as exciting is on how you’ll unload your cum.

Would you let your lover swallow? Spit out? Quickly shoot on her vagina? So, where do you blow your penis butter?

Well, read on to the article, so you’ll give her more reasons to give you a BJ!

Swallowing Semen Benefits

Swallowing Semen BenefitsThere are many semen myths that sometimes you think men only made them up so they can ask women to give them more blowjobs.

In part, it could be true.

However, thanks to science, urban legends have been debunked with facts from scientific studies. There are benefits of swallowing semen after all!

Here’s a look at the range of benefits of swallowing semen or from regular contact with semen.

Health Benefits Of Swallowing Cum To Women

As mentioned above, swallowing your man’s cum has some benefits as long as your guy practices safe sex and overall health.

Contains Oxytocin

The semen contains the hormone ‘Oxytocin,’ which relatively known as the “Bonding Hormone.” So, the oxytocin hormone helps build trust between partners.

Also known as the ‘cuddle hormone,’ it removes any fear or inhibitions you may have to a man. Essentially, it’s a chemical bond that helps you become more attached to your partner.

Mental Booster

You guy’s semen fluid also contains nerve growth factor, which’s responsible for neuron growth in the brain. Thus it naturally boosts brain health.

Healthy Antioxidants

Semen also includes different anti-anxiety hormones like progesterone, oxytocin, and serotonin.

📌You may not realize that your anxiety often results from oxidative stress. How do you feel this? It’s when you notice fatigue and brain fog issues. The antioxidants in semen help combat these oxidative stressors.

Semen similarly contains healthy antioxidants like carnitine, glutathione, NGF, progesterone, melatonin, gpx, citric acid, catalase, vitamin E, oxytocin, pyruvate, sod, vitamin C, and superoxide dismutase – all of which protect against those damaging free radicals.

Helps You Live Longer

Swallowing semen load also contains a compound known as spermidine, which has anti-aging properties. It’s notable that semen can increase your lifespan.

Spermidine’s a longevity agent due to its ability to regulate gene expression.

Contains Electrolytes

Your man’s semen also contains range of electrolytes like potassium, calcium, chloride, sodium, magnesium, and zinc.

These are vital for you to stay healthy. If you still don’t know, electrolytes’ especially important, so athletes function at optimum level.

Energy Booster

Semen contains some glucose amounts and even fructose, which’s what you usually need an energy boost.

The sugar content’s quite low, 20mg or less per load, so you may need to swallow more if you want some sugar rush.

Protein for Muscles

If you workout, you know that you need protein to develop lean muscle. Fortunately, you can also find protein in semen. Protein’s extremely vital repairing and build muscles.

Prevents Pre-Eclampsia

Scientific studies found that swallowing his jizz in oral sex leads to less likely for a woman to experience preeclampsia, a blood condition in pregnant women.

📌The TGF-beta hormone helps induce oral tolerance in women. This means that as soon as your girl starts swallowing cum regularly, she’ll be more tolerant to your body proteins, often found in sperm. Some studies this how it reduces preeclampsia.

This malady also affects other types of organs like the kidneys. So yes, swallowing semen’s beneficial even for pregnant women!

Natural Anti-Depressant

Sex, in general, can lift the mood, and you can notice this in both men and women. An orgasm cam immediately put a smile back on the face. As it’s, it’s not just ejaculation, but it has something to do with the seminal fluid.

In a study with female college students from the Albany’s State University of New York, women exposed to semen eventually have lower depression signs.

According to the researchers, the data showed the possibility that semen suppresses depressive moods. Evidence shows the vagina absorbs semen nutrients fast into the bloodstream, thus

Helps Sleep Better

Even if you’re ordinarily all sweat and tired after sex, you’ll notice that you readily doze off in the next couple of minutes.

Though, the scientific explanation for why you sleep well at night after sex because semen contains natural melatonin, a known chemical that helps induce relaxation and sleep.

So, whether you get semen through penetration or you swallow it, the seminal fluid will eventually enter the bloodstream to help you sleep nicely, perhaps better than OTC sleeping pills.

Lower Blood Pressure

Other studies also found that those who swallow semen regularly notice lowered blood pressure. This essential for pregnant women who often get preeclampsia — a pregnancy complication that leads to dangerously high blood pressure. As it’s, semen’s helpful to make the pregnancy of the baby safer.

Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

So this one’s for those who ejaculate. An obvious health benefit of semen, but rather the presence of semen’s released. The Journal of the American Medical Association stated that “high ejaculation frequency was related to the total lowered prostate cancer risk.”

This means that even if you do it alone or with a lover if you cum regularly, you’ll be dropping the chances of having prostate cancer in life.

Healthy Hair

There’s a growing pattern to have natural fluids in beauty products and even food, whereas semen seems to be the favorite ingredient in several hair salons.

The nourishment-abundant composition source claims it helps provide beautiful hair and even help stimulate hair growth with its Follicle-stimulating hormone.

Hari’s salon in the UK, which reportedly charges £55 for 30-45 minute hair conditioner treatment using bull sperm.

It claims that it contains less harmful chemicals from average conditioner, which even say to be eco-friendly.

Semen can even prevent hair loss. Spermidine was discovered to stimulate stem cells for hair growth and boost hair shaft elongation.

Come to think of it; the healthy hair advantages also brings body benefits which makes you ask to integrate semen into your girl’s everyday beauty regimen.

Youthful Skin

Many spas and salons throughout the world even have built-in semen treatments on the basis that this will cause healthier and more fresh, youthful skin. Seemingly, semen on the face’s not such wrong after all.

These facial treatments, even so, are high priced; some facial clinics charge from $250 just for a 10-minute facial scrub.

However, since the facial centers assure that the facial masks re-energizing properties are well worth it, so that’s something you have to consider that the semen comes from a healthy source.

Contains Healthy Hormones

Semen also contains a lot of healthy hormones like TGF-beta (protein tolerance), Oxytocin (wound healing), Follicle-stimulating hormone (hair growth), Estrone Sulphate, Estrone, Cortisol (reduce inflammation), Luteinizing hormone, TRH (mood enhancer), Progesterone (anti-anxiety properties), and Testosterone.

Contains Nerve Growth Factor

The Nerve growth factor (NGF)’s essential for the maintenance, growth, and body neurons survival. This includes the axons (electrical signal passes), while also help myelin repair (coating around the axons)

Nobel Prize winner, Rita Montalcini actually discovered nerve growth factor, where she used NGF eye drops to improve her health and increase her life-span.

There’s a lot of NGF in semen. Scientific studies found that NGF induces ovulation (egg release from ovaries), which leads to fertility.

NGF works as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory that help relieve conditions like schizophrenia, MS, and depression.

Helps Prevent Cancer

There are also studies that suggest that your semen have effects on women and can even reduce a woman’s breast cancer by as much as 50%.

The effect’s often attributed to the different healthy hormones like selenium, TGF-beta, and proteins.

Semen may keep any infections at bay. As it contains healthy nutrients, the potent anti-microbial properties help women against fungi, bacteria, and viruses

Increases Sex Drive

Since a man’s semen contains testosterone, this can naturally increase women’s libido.

So, if testosterone gets absorbed through your girl’s vagina walls, or even if she swallows the semen, it increases the probability that she’ll ask for more sex.

Semen’s Nutritious

Interesting to mention that semen contains lots of nutrients, though not in greater concentrations, but each nutrient’s beneficial. On the whole, the regular load of semen’s pretty good.

For instance, a semen ejaculated has around 0.56mg of Zinc. However, a typical guy needs more than 20 times of that in diet, so they take 20mg of Zinc supplement daily.

Since the body just absorbs 20% of the actual dietary zinc, the need for zinc should theoretically go up by 2.5 mg after every ejaculation.

Zinc serves to stabilize the sperm cells DNA-chromatin. Any zinc type deficiency leads to lower fertility, based on the sperm fragility.

What’s The Basis Of Healthy Semen Benefits?

What’s The Basis Of Healthy Semen Benefits?Based on the explanation that seminal plasma, which’s the fluid that offers nutrients and

protection for the sperm, comprises an elaborate

organic selection as well as chemical ingredients, which have lots of health benefits.


📌The claimed primary plasma benefits are activated whenever a man deposits his semen right into the woman’s vaginal canal. Newer studies suggest that the very same benefits can be available in the event the seminal plasma would be swallowed.

Some concepts even advise that semen, blown into the anal will give you the same rewards. If you think of it, the very presence of “butt plugs” suggest some individuals might want to keep this seminal plasma on the inside of their butt.

So, just tell these to your female friends, and you might see their excitement as they become more receptive to sex.

More so, the determination to “swallow” increases once they think it can help them sleep better at night, make them ‘happy’ or lessen their body aches. Suddenly women may tolerate sexual intercourse if they believe it helps with depression.

Is Semen Good For You

Is Semen Good For YouDoing things that you love and make you feel great’s right for your mental state and overall wellness.

If anything, consuming a clean guy’s cum might, in fact, be right for you, because semen’s an excellent health protein source, natural sugar, nutrients, and minerals.

The principal thrust of these findings that sex will work for both of you. That semen’s right for you and also swallowing’s even better.

📌In the world of proper research, there’s an expanding evidence that supports a few of your fantasies. For a start, take “Oral sex eventually makes pregnancies safer.”

So, not only’s semen harmless to swallow, it’s perfect for your health. Time for you to call up that boyfriend of yours

There’s protein in semen, which’s right for you, but not practical enough to make a difference in any way.

It’s factual that protein does good things for your skin, your hair, and fingernails. It’s also true that semen contains healthy proteins.

Can Eating Semen Make Me Sick?

Can Eating Semen Make Me Sick?As mentioned above, it does contain protein. However, its protein content’s roughly just the protein content of an egg white.

So, if you’re thinking of eating semen to get enough protein, it’s just like having the egg’s white portion.

Not unless you find it gross to swallow and then just throw up because you find it disgusting to eat cum.

However, if your woman wants oral sex and swallows your semen, keep in mind to be mindful and not put her at risk of getting any sexually-transmitted diseases. So, stay safe in sex outside your relationship.

The mouth lining’s delicate, just like the vagina, and quite susceptible to various infections from bacteria, microbes, and viruses.

Firstly in oral sex or general sex, make sure you’re in a monogamous relationship, so you don’t get into a risk of having some STDs.

This makes oral sex and semen swallowing perfectly safe for your woman, eventually makes sex enjoyable.

What Happens When A Man Eats His Own Sperm?

What Happens When A Man Eats His Own Sperm?If you want to swallow your semen, here’s what happens to you just in case.

Your sperm gets broken down and then gets absorbed into your bloodstream. It’s just like you’re drinking water or even milk. If you don’t have any disease or STDs, it’s entirely safe to ingest your semen.

However, if you’re suffering from any sexual infections, avoid swallowing your semen. The reason, it may spread to your body that may be vulnerable to harm your other organs.

So, avoid swallowing your semen if you have STDs, especially gonorrhea.

What Happens To Body When You Swallow Semen (for Women, Gays)
When a guy unloads into your mouth, the results vary. Some people enjoy the taste but hate the texture. Some people hate the surface but love the smell. Everyone’s different.

But what’s semen doing to our bodies once it gets inside?

Swallowing semen – so, you’re either for it or against it. Of course, most dudes are into the idea of their partner guzzling down their swimmers.

And, most women are just as into the idea too, as it can be a significant turn-on for ladies to get their man off. But, what does swallowing a male’s ejaculate do to the human body?

Hopefully, you know that semen contains sperm, but the truth’s that’s just 1% of what makes a man’s ejaculate.

Semen and the body. With the ingredients found in semen, it seems to be a pretty harmless, maybe even health substance to swallow.

So, will swallowing semen make an individual gain weight? Not really. On average, a man’s seminal fluid contains approximately 5 to 25 calories. In other words, it’s not fattening at all.

Is it edible? It seems to a pretty harmless substance to chow down.

In short, semen can, in fact, be eaten — and if it’s, it travels down the esophagus and into the stomach, where digested in the same way like food.

What does it taste like? Sex and health sites explain that semen taste varies — just like the taste of a woman’s vagina! Semen’s alkaline quality may give it a bitter taste.

That it contains sugars such as fructose lends support to a sweet taste. A high sugar content’s also typical to ejaculate produced by men with diabetes.

That it contains zinc also supports claims to a metallic taste, while some people claim that semen tastes salty.”

Is it a reliable protein source? Semen does contain protein. However, the amount of protein it provide’s similar to the protein content of an egg white.

Swallowing Semen Effects

Swallowing Semen EffectsSwallowing cum will never, by itself, give you an STD or some other disease, as long as the man’s healthy.

If your companion carries any viruses or diseases then — Yes! He could transfer it to you personally, including HIV or gonorrhea, although it’s not an entirely high probability of transmitting it this way.

There are numerous viruses which can be transmitted, nevertheless the sperm alone, if clear will not possess any dangerous results on your overall health. It has no harmful results at all.

With regards to the link to many forms of cancer, it’s just possible that semen could have some effect on diseases of the cervix or ovaries.

As for the experience with effeminate males, who might also regularly be opened to and swallow semen, yet have possibly higher rates of depression.

One research suggested that explanations for any anti-depressant outcomes of semen may need to be only for females.

Is It Harmful To Swallow Semen

Is It Harmful To Swallow SemenIn all cases where a person asks for medical advice, I think the only answer that will convince the asker will come from a qualified doctor or at least from a sexologist.

But since it’s a common question, the only way it could be harmful’s if one or both of you’re carrying any form of STD (or STI) that can be transmitted from one to the other.

If both of you’re good, there’s nothing inherent to sperm or vaginal fluids that can do any damage of any sort to the human body.

If anything, swallowing a healthy man’s cum may, in fact, be right for you, since it’s a high protein source, with natural sugars, and some minerals.

A healthy guy’s seminal fluid mostly consists of fructose, hormones, and proteins. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

📌The slightly bleachy smell of semen comes from its alkaline pH, while the minute traces of chlorine are usually mild enough for any vagina, but not going to be any harsher on your mouth or even your throat.

Since the urinary ducts and glands produce the components of semen feed into the urethra; so, the same passage carries urine out of the penis, your cum may pick up some traces of urea or uric acid.

However, these are harmless, as the normal urine in general.

The urinary tract of a healthy person contains only trace amounts of bacteria, and there no substances in the urine harmful to consume in quantities excreted normally.

The sort of good news’ in swallowing your man’s cum will not put you at any higher risk of catching an STD.

The flip side, if your man does have an STD, by the time you’ve had unprotected oral sex with him, whether you decide to swallow or have penetration, you’re exposed to whatever any sexual disease they’re already carrying.

Can Swallowing Semen Cause Stomach Problems

It’s mostly comprised of harmless vitamins and minerals-now how bad it’s?

She loves supplying oral, and she usually swallows. No shame in this, but how about all that gentleman juice?

Semen’s formed of the same safe vitamins and minerals, minerals, and sugars you probably consume in everyday-food stuff like ascorbic acid, calcium, fructose, and potassium.

📌But it also doesn’t contain any dangerous ingredients, and your body digests it as with any other sustenance you eat. This’ based on Professor Debby Herbenick, from Indiana University College of Public Health.

The real risk lies in the chance of infection before deciding to swallow, notably if a man’s sick.

You can contract a sexually passed infection. But that’s whether or not you consume or not, Herbenick says.

Get tested and remain informed about your sexual overall health status.

It means getting analyzed for STIs as often as your healthcare provider advocates. Do this especially when you’re sexually active with a new partner or maybe in an open relationship.

Can You Get You Pregnant If Swallow Sperm

Can You Get You Pregnant If Swallow SpermUnlike some viruses, sperm does not notably freeze and gets stored, according to Doctor Morgentaler. They’re designed to be transferred very close to exactly where they need to go to create a baby.

It would swiftly die when exposed to temperature, changes in pH, cold, dry skin, and contact with water.

So don’t worry about heading near spas you think could have semen inside them. I mean, you need to worry. You should possibly rethink your life options if you find your self in such situations. But you won’t get pregnant if you just swallow.

semen’s designed to fertilize inside the vagina and not through the mouth.

Is It Safe To Swallow Semen In Pregnancy

Semen contains a development factor which assists a mother’s immunity process in accepting the semen. Regular coverage before carrying a child helps her immune system get accustomed to her partner’s sperm.

However several research suggests that semen has antidepressant properties or reduces the chance of preeclampsia-a dangerous hypertensive complication in pregnancy-the investigation looked at genital contact as well as the findings are inconclusive.

If you’re in a mutually monogamous romantic relationship, and you’re sure your spouse’s STD free, having unprotected mouth sex and swallowing semen won’t pose any serious threats beyond, potentially, a temporary stomachache.

📌Going unprotected without knowing in case the guy’s thoroughly clean? Ideally, then, he should use a condom each time your mouth will go south on him. That’s the safest option, but it’s also comparatively uncommon, Herbenick says.

In 2012, Gordon Gallup, a biologist at NY-Albany, offered a study that semen likewise helps women suffering from early morning sickness.

Gallup claimed expectant mother frequently feel nauseous because their systems reject the semen’s genetic materials as exotic food.

However, biologists agree the female entire body initially rejects the maternity due to the unknown nature in the semen within her.

The entire body undergoes this technique by inducing the woman to vomit. Research has revealed that swallowing sperm mediates the impact and in good reasons for introducing much more sperm in the body, it will adjust and stop this refusal process.

Bio-psychologist Gordon G. Gallup Jr. feels semen characteristics improve a woman’s disposition so that she experiences more amicable feelings to her man.

So remember, semen’s also a natural cure for morning sickness. Biologists agree that this female entire body initially rejects the maternity due to the unknown nature from the sperm on the inside.

Experts suggest swallowing the semen of the dad’s the ideal option, as consuming ejaculate of any different guy can improve the likelihood of miscarriages.

How To Swallow Semen (For Women, Gays)
Learning how to swallow cum at the end of the blowjob’s undoubtedly an exciting subject matter.

For some women, the idea’s frightening, while others get the idea each erotic and fun.

One of many psychological explanations why your man may wish you to place your lips on his penile and take his fill after cumming I that it’s each a beautiful and submissive gesture.

And let’s be sensible here, lots of guys like to take the prominent role when having sex. Another reason could be that he has seen it in a porn and planned to tries to imitate art.

Maybe you like the thought of swallowing his semen too; a lot of women do.

📌A study learned that 73% of women fantasized about giving their man fellatio, while 42% of women fantasized about a person ejaculating about them.

Based on this, you can almost certainly see how consuming a guy’s semen’s an utterly typical dream to have.

And in case you like to know if having his cum’s safe, just see if he’s healthy and illness free, then semen’s entirely harmless.

In fact, it’s not only safe; it even has health benefits.

Swallowing your man’s semen’s relatively straightforward. All you need to do’s just allow him to ejaculate in your mouth.

When he’s done orgasming, just swallow it!

Of course, this much easier in case you wash it down using a glass of water or something like fruit juice or cola to hide its taste.

As his semen feel quite tacky, just allow him to ejaculate into your throat. It will enable you to consume the semen more efficiently.

Also, it means you don’t need to bother if semen touches your taste buds.

You’re only encouraged for you to swallow your man’s load, if he’s entirely free of STIs, as his semen can transport infection like STD and HIV.

Advanced Techniques For Swallowing His Cum For Women

Advanced Techniques For Swallowing His Cum For WomenFor a fundamental technique to taking his semen, let’s start finding more sophisticated techniques.

After he ejaculates in your mouth, don’t immediately swallow it, but ensure that semen stays in your mouth. Show him his load well before swallowing it.

Or you can even swirl it close to your mouth so that it looks like you might be savoring the flavor before gulping it downward.

If you want to be even kinkier, you can open your mouth wide and then make use of your fingers.

As it’s so sticky, you can also grab it with your hands and fingers. Then, let it drip back into your mouth slowly.

Another kinky way to have fun with it’s by blowing bubbles with his cum.

If you’re not too enthusiastic to play regarding his cum well before swallowing it, but make eating his cum hotter than usual, then just go with some noises after swallowing.

Delicately humming, “Yummmmmmmm” or saying
“Mmmmmmmmm” following your swallowing, is usually an excellent way to make more erotic.

📌You may even go just a little further by dirty talk and tell him how it tasted, “Honey, I like swallowing your cum a lot” or “Swallowing your cum makes me so crazy.”

Making him finish off in your throat during fellatio’s not the only way that you could swallow his cum.

If the semen left somewhere on his body, you might still eat it!

Just keep on licking it up right after he cums, which can make him crazy as fuck!

After he blows his load on your face, use your fingers to scoop up all his cum from your face then drop it into your mouth.

Once you have all his cum in your mouth, swirl your tongue, like after you eat an ice cream, then swallow it and breathe a huge sigh of relief!

Do Women Like To Swallow Semen

Swallowing your cum sounds like some Yoga mantra that you would tell women as a joke to get them to eat your semen every day.

Most probably, women will detest it!

However, sooner or later, after you make progress and your girl give in to kissing and then penetration sex, tell them slowly about all the benefits, like when they feel depressed or something.

Persist and keep on telling her that swallowing semen has lots of benefits!

Should You Spit Or Swallow Semen?
With the standard practice of oral sex, it’s always an issue of what to do when you get semen in your mouth.

The reliable thing to do if you get semen in your mouth’s to swallow it or just spit out.

When you swallow semen, the acids and enzymes in your stomach will quickly destroy any bacteria.

When you spit out, you can use mouthwash to remove any lingering semen.

📌Don’t brush your teeth before or after oral sex. The brushing can even cause slight bleeding of your gums leaving them open to infection from HIV.

Specific behaviors that involve your man’s ejaculated semen may be considered erotic to others, but unappealing to some people.

Such behaviors include ejaculating onto the face in sex; somewhat a porn staple referred as “facial.” Entirely, notable, the finale could be to cum into a girl’s mouth.

In other cases in fellatio, if the penis gets withdrawn from the mouth before orgasm, the woman may choose to spit the semen, or to swallow all of it.

It’s ultimately personal choice or-or preference. The safe sex practices, along with communication, and even experimentation, spice things up before orgasm.

What Does Semen Taste Like?

The semen tastes vary widely.

Semen’s alkaline quality leads to bitter taste, while sugars content like fructose makes semen sweet.

If it contains more zinc supports claims that it’s somewhat metallic in taste, while other girls claim zinc filled semen tastes salty.

Based on some evidence, one can find the semen taste from enjoyable, tasteless, to gross or disgusting.

There are some ways to find out; as some men may sample their semen for curiosity!

The best way to control the semen taste is through proper diet. Recommendations include certain foods.

Keep track of your diet, and try recommendations for sweetening the semen like having lots of fruits – pineapple, avocado, oranges, or coconut.

There are gnc male enhancement products and also semen flavor supplements specially made to improve the semen taste, but like any dietary recommendations, your own experience may be different.


As you can see, the benefits of swallowing semen may surprise you, that it would motivate you to ask for more blowjobs from your partner.

📌Have you enjoyed reading our article, then share it with others whom you think are interested in swallowing semen.
Also, let us know of your comments and suggestions.


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