Is Your Curved Penis Normal? And How to Fix It.

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Most think that penises should be straight. However, in reality, some men have a slightly curved penis. This curve does not really mean harm or any abnormalities.

Unfortunately, most misinterpreted the curve of a penis. When a penis is bent regardless of the direction, be it up, down or sideward many think that this is abnormal.

For this reason, some women find it surprising when they see a curved dick. Often girls fear that the curve might cause pain once it penetrates their vagina. These reactions make men feel anxious and uncomfortable.

It does not only affect their performance under the sheets but also crashes their confidence. So, is a curved penis normal or not?

In general, a curved penis is not always abnormal. A number of men are endowed with a curved penis. A slightly curved penis is different from bent penis syndrome which is severely curved.

Peyronie’s Disease is severely curved and can be painful when erect or during a sexual intercourse. However, a slightly bent penis is not painful. It’s just a typical penis plus a slight curve. Read more to be informed about a curved penis.

Why is My Penis Curved?

Penises come in different shapes, color and sizes. There are also different cases of penile curvature. So, is a curved penis normal?

According to Dummies, having a curved penis that bends to the side, upward or downward when an erection is normal.

The direction of how one’s penis bends depends on the proportion of crus (penis under the skin) to exposed penis. In most cases, a penis bent falls within the norms of most men and does not affect their relationship.

Upward curved penis


Why do some penises are curved upward? As mentioned above, crus matters. Men with longer crus will point outward or straight up, resulting in upward curved penis.

So if you are suffering from an upward curved penis, this explains the condition.

An upward curved penis is actually good in hitting your girl’s G-spot in frontward positions. So the missionary position will definitely work for you.

However, this penis curve also comes with a set of disadvantages. Here are some of it according to Thunder Place.

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Difficult to maneuver due to pressure.

Having an upward curved penis makes sex more challenging because you need to put pressure when pushing against the angle of your dick.

  • Difficult for deep throat unless you go into face fuck position.
  • Not as arousing as the view of a hanging penis.
  • Difficult to manage when you get a boner in your pants
  • Makes your penis look smaller because it is bent

A good solution to help you get that curve correction before having sex is by using vacuum pump to treat peyronie’s disease. This male device have been  proven to be able to straighten guys with extremely bend angles in their penile.

Curved downward penis

Why does some penis curve downward? Men with a shorter crus and longer member tend to have downward curved penis. For Peyronie’s disease, a curved penis is due to the scarring on the underside of the shaft that results in bending down of your penis when erect.

Source: Yahoo Answers
Source: Yahoo Answers

This condition is also good in hitting your partner’s G-spot in doggie style position. Just like the curved upward penis, this penile issue comes with its own challenges:

  • Having sex is very difficult
  • Doing a missionary position is difficult or impossible
  • Sexual positions are limited
  • Penis doesn’t look as attractive as straight penises

What is a Normal Curved Penis

Having a curved penis does not instantly mean that something is wrong with your member. But I understand that while reading this, you are wondering, “How normal is your bent penis?” You will find the answer here.

According to IMOP, a slight deviation of about 10-15 degrees, which occurs in most men is still considered normal. This is not a problem.

Source: Red Pepper Uganda
Source: Red Pepper Uganda

However, when the curvature reaches up to 30 degrees, that will be considered mild curvature. This does not affect penile function and vaginal penetration but this curvature affects men psychologically. Since let’s face it, a curved penis is not as appealing and as arousing as a straight penis.

Meanwhile, Peyronie’s disease is painful and per Urological Care, the deformities range from a narrowing of the shaft like an hourglass up to a 90-degree bend of an erect penis.

Sex with Curved Penis

Ideally, penises should be straight. However, in real life, there are curved penises. There are upward curved penis, curved downward penis, and penises that curved sideways.

The different shapes of penises offer different advantages and disadvantages. Curved penises deliver a different sexual experience compared to straight penises which most women are familiar with.

In general, a curved penis can either please or hurt a woman. For instance, according to Giverny Lewis, a curved penis can push into the walls of the vagina and may feel larger inside.

Depending on the direction, a curved penis may stimulate different parts of the vagina that straight penis don’t, which could result in additional pleasure.

For instance, upward curved penis can stimulate a woman’s G-spot in a missionary position. However, downward curved penis can stimulate the G-spot in a doggy style position.


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On the other hand, per April Pouchie the degree of curvature also matters. For instance, penises with a slight curve are fine. However, if the penis curve is extreme to the right or left, it can be painful.

In general, it depends on the woman. There are women who think that penises should be straight but those who experienced the pleasure brought about by curved penises, doubts if they could ever return to straight penises.

The only downside with curved penises is its limitations when it comes to sexual positions. For instance, downward curved penises work well for the doggy style but not on missionary. On the other hand, upward curved penis works on missionary position.

While sex with a curved penis can be more enjoyable, men with a curved penis due to Peyronie’s disease struggle when it comes to having sex, due to pain during erection and sexual intercourse.

Thus, there’s a big difference between a bent penis syndrome and a slightly curved penis. If your manhood is only slightly bent, you can still do regular sex without any pain or issues.

How to Straighten a Curved Penis

If you are suffering from a curved penis, whether it’s an upward or downward curved penis there are potential solutions for your condition. In fact, you don’t need surgery to solve this problem.


A number of men suffering from the same condition were able to get rid of their bent penises using different methods, in particular using the best penile traction device for peyronie’s disease.

However, remember that not all curved penises should bother you. A slight curve is still normal. Consult with your doctor for proper diagnosis.

We hope that this page eases your troubled mind when it comes to dealing with a curved penis. Always remember that a slight curvature should not be an issue of concern.

It is normal for many men to have a slightly curved penis. However, when it is already severe and painful, then that is probably a Peyronie’s Disease.