Bathmate Tips and FAQ

Bathmate is developed to help us enjoy real gains in length and girth! I understand that in some instances, despite using the device for months, we still end up with some questions. To make your Bathmate experience easier and more convenient, I compiled the different questions about the product that are frequently asked. This also includes some tips to maximize your gains when using this penis inflator pump device.

Does Bathmate Work?

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Yes. The company spent hours in designing and developing this product to ensure that it delivers what it promises.

How Does It Work?

In general, this pump works by filling your chambers with blood to give you an erection. Full details here.

Is This Pump Safe?

Yes. This pump is designed with your comfort and safety in mind. All parts that come in contact with your skin are thoroughly tested and approved. Other men even use Bathmate to treat erectile dysfunction.

Are The Results Permanent?

Results are permanent after 6 weeks of proper use.

How Long Should Every Session Last?

It is recommended that you only use Bathmate for 15 to 20 minutes a day of after every 2 days. It is also suggested that you use this on a regular basis to maintain penile health and ensure its lasting results.

How Much Can I Gain From Using Bathmate?

Most users reported 2-3 inches in length and 1-inch in girth. However, since results vary from user to user, some experienced a better outcome.

How To Maximize The Power Of Bathmate?

This device is a hydropump, so it is best to use it in the shower or bath. Although, you can still use this in air.

What Are The Different Bathmate Products Available For Me?

There are three types of Bathmate products that are available in different sizes: Bathmate Originals (Hercules and Goliath), Hydromax X-Series (X20, X30, X40), and Hydromax Xtreme-Series (XX20, XX30, XX40, XX50).

Read our comprehensive Bathmate products review here.

Should I Get The Bathmate Hercules or Bathmate Goliath?

It depends on your size. Majority of men, up to 90% are satisfied with Hercules, which supports up to 9 inches in length and 6.5 inches in girth. However, if you are already well-endowed and still wish to gain more, Goliath is for you. This device supports up to 13 inches gains in length.

Do I need To Jelq And Do Other Exercises To Enjoy Bathmate Gains?


No. You can use, Bathmate alone and still enjoy gains in size and length. I’ve read from forums that I should use Bathmate with an erection or partial erection but the instructions suggest that use it in a flaccid state. What should I follow?

For beginners, I suggest that you use this in a flaccid state for your first few sessions. You can ask your doctor about this and use the pump with a 70 to 80% erection on your next session.

As you use the pump longer, you will notice that you can last longer session and stronger pressure, this is how I progressed. Aside from this, you will also notice that the force is more intense with an erection.

Is Bathmate Okay For Uncircumcised Users?

Yes, whether you are circumcised or not, this pump will work for you. In fact, some uncircumcised men use this to improve their penile health. One user claimed this that he wants to use Bathmate for better blood flow and harder erections.

The experience of Bathmate with foreskin rolled back exposing the head had stretched the foreskin out. For him, it helped him address his foreskin issues. It also grows his penis bigger and thicker.

Should I Do Stretching, Jelqing, or Just Settle With My Bathmate?

Stretching, jelqing and using pumps works in different ways. We need a moderate amount of each. Stretching is for penis length.

Meanwhile, jelqing and Bathmate are for growth. To enjoy 1.5-inch growth, you need to devote at least 30-minutee penis enhancement daily.

Do I Need To Trim Or Shave My Pubic Hair To Use Bathmate?

You don’t have to but to it is recommended to create a better suction.

Do I Need To Buy The Entire Bathmate Package (Cleaning Kit, Shower Strap, Etc)?

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No. When I bought my first Bathmate pump, the Hercules, it did not include any accessory.

The shower strap is helpful but not necessary because these pumps are 100% hands-free after putting it on.

As for cleaning, I only washed it with soap and water, and it works fine.

When Will I Do My Stretches And Jelqing To Maximize Gains? Before Or After Using The Bathmate?

In my personal practice, I do my manual PE work before using the Bathmate. Pump expands the tissue in our penis and jelqing might only injure it.

Also, if you use the Bathmate prior to jelqing, your penis would be too thick by then. I can’t really speak on using Bathmate before stretching or jelqing as I haven’t done it.

Is It Okay To Have Sex After Using Bathmate?

Yes, having sex after pumping is okay. In fact, you are at your largest size and the sexual encounter will surely be pleasurable to you and her. However, there are reported cases when the penis is bloated. This is when your member looks big but it is not as rigid when you penetrate her. Check this case here.

Probable reason for this is fluid retention. Too much fluid is pumped in the skin making it bloated. This happens when you pump hard or for a longer period of time. So, stick to the rules.

Bathmate Tips: How To Maximize Gains?

I’ve been using different Bathmate devices in the past years and while most of what I observe is great there are a few things that need to be improved in how I did things. Here are some tips to help you maximize the results and enjoy gains quickly while maintaining your safety.

Keep Your Testicle Away From The Suction.

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In my first use of this pump, I also experienced the inconvenience and pain of getting a portion of my balls sucked in the chamber. It was painful and inconvenient.

This incident is likely to happen but avoidable. A part of our scrotum is loose so there is a tendency that when we pump that chamber will suck your balls. To keep this from happening, always pull your testicles away from the tube when you insert your penis. Then, seal it with your hand holding the Bathmate.

Minimize Fluid Retention

Bathmate can be used for 15-20 minutes at most. While some proudly say they do 30-45 minutes per session it is recommended that you stick to the 15 minutes rule. Any session longer than this may result to the donut ring effect and penile bloating.

To solve this, again, do not pump more than 15 minutes and don’t pump too much harder than your previous session. Also, massage your penis with mk iii enlargement oil after pumping to maximize the results..

Get a Good Seal

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You will not see great results if you keep on using your pump with a poor seal. I understand that it takes time to practice this but this is achievable.

To start with, shave down there. It is difficult to achieve a great vacuum with your pubic hair. It can also be inconvenient for you.

After landscaping, position the pump against your body until you are fully comfortable. If you are in the bath, it will be full of water. Push it own firmly to create seal.

If you don’t get it in your first try, release the valve at the top and try again. It takes a couple of attempts to get it right, so don’t feel bad.

Never Over-Pump


There is a tendency that we over-pump, especially if we want to see results quickly. I started using a strong vacuum right away but only find red dots on my penis. Pumping too hard is not the way this device should work. We’ve got to take it slow because our body is not used to that high suction.

It’s best to start with a moderate force and build up gradually. By practicing this approach, you will eventually see better and quicker results. Also, over-pumping might result in some side effects and injury.

Be Consistent and Persevere

Pumping can give you instant and temporary results. However, if you want to see permanent growth, you need to be consistent.

It takes time to enjoy lasting gains. On my first three years I did a 15-minute session daily. I also take the best permanent penis growth pills. Sometimes I used it twice a day. Make it a habit to use it in the shower or bath so you won’t miss any session.