Bathmate Side Effects: What to Expect, How to Avoid And What Else to Do?

Bathmate pumps are effective in growing penis length and girth. I have been using this device and the gains are impressive! However, I understand that some are hesitant in trying this device due to the potential side effects. Learn the different Bathmate side effects and the different ways that you can do to avoid or alleviate it, so you can also enjoy the same gains!

Vacuum pump for penile elongation is a popular male enhancement device that have proven their efficiency in increasing our penis length and girth. However, despite its success, a number of men are still reluctant to buy one for themselves due to the potential side effects.

When To Buy Bathmate Pump?

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Looking back, I have been very insecure about my penis size. With a dick measuring only 5.6 inches, I can’t compete with my friends who have been bragging about their 7 inches and 8 inches cocks. The humiliation triggers me to try anything to grow the thing between my legs.

I started my research to learn about Bathmate and bought one. This particular pump caught my attention due to the promising gains that most users experience. I long to enjoy the same gains and my desire to increase my size and girth overshadow my fears about the potential side effects.

To help you understand the different adverse effects that you may or may not encounter. Some of these things are dependent on how you use the device. Check out the next sections to learn the details.

Bathmate Injuries

In general, this male enhancement device is created without side effects but as I said, it depends on your usage. Here are few of the things that I experience using Bathmate.

Rings Around The Shaft

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During my first usage of this pump, I observe rings around my shaft. This could be due to the gaitor pressing into the shaft. It’s not painful at all but I am concerned because the color of the pigment in the ring is lighter than the rest of my shaft.

Later on, I learned that this could be due to too much pressure from pumping.

Solution: There are a number of solutions to this. For instance, you can use a condom to even out your shaft. Since this is due to pressure; you can also use lube to drop pressure. Other BM users also attested that jelqing and other manual exercises efficient in getting rid of those rings.

Bruising On The Surface

Bruising or hematoma is created when the tissues of the body are put under strain or pressure. The process causes the blood to rise to the surface of the skin and takes on a purplish hue. This could happen if the user pumps too hard creating excessive suction that results in the blood to rise to the surface of the skin and takes on a purplish hue. For most users, hematoma leaves on its own after a few days.

Solution: Make sure to pump slowly and be aware of the pressure. When it is painful don’t endure it. It means that you are doing the process incorrectly, so better stop and re-read the instructions. You can also apply maxman men enlarging gel as it has some cooling effect as well as penis growth ingredients.

Testicles And Shaft Being Sucked Into The Cylinder

Another unlikely incident that you might encounter with your Bathmate is finding your testicles and shaft sucked into the cylinder. The process can be very uncomfortable.

Solution: To avoid this incident make sure that your testicles hang low. If it starts to get suck, you should tie it back.

Donut Effect or Testicles Swelling


Penis pumps can also draw lymphatic fluid into the penis. This is similar to the water-like substance found within a blister. When it is present in the penile head, it produces swelling that looks like the donut. Hence, the name “the donut effect.” This is harmless but can be a precursor to more serious problems.

Lymphatic fluid may accumulate in the penile shaft if not massaged away. It can also make your penis feel sponge-like when erect and cause urethra problems. If it builds up, it can put pressure on the urethra and causes it to clamp shut, which will make urinating difficult.

Solution: Make sure that you insert your penis in the pump correctly. Also, never use too much pressure. Do everything in moderation. Pumps deliver slow but permanent results if use regularly.

Aside from a number of side-effects that you might encounter when using this device, there are a number of users who reportedly shared the injuries they experienced after using BM. Luckily, I don’t experience any of this. However, to give you a complete overview of this device, I decided to share this with you.

Bathmate Side Effects

Here are some of the Bathmate injuries reported by the BM users. Read it to be informed.

Diminished Erections And Libido

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In a separate forum, according to Pradox, after using Bathmate X40 he had a good pump but he noticed a reduction in erection, libido, and force to pee. There was no problem on his first week of usage. However, he did some changes in his second week. He pumped while kegeling inside the tube. He lost a bit of sensibility and libido after ending with a soft cock.

The majority of us, including Pradox believed that he has overdone it. He admitted that he increased the pressure and kegel inside the tube for five minutes, three times.

Our penis is sensitive and they can grow with the right pressure and frequency. Overdoing something can be dangerous. In his case, his cock needs serious rest to recover and heal.

These are only a few of the injuries reported with Bathmate because the device is not meant to harm but help. The majority of these incidences are due to your manner and attitude when using the device, so be very careful.

Testicle Infection

One user shared his BM injury in this forum, according to him every time he uses this penis pump he feels uncomfortable and his scrotum is sensitive. In fact, it reaches to a point where his testicles got swollen and he needs to take antibiotics.

Another user said that part of his sack was vacuumed inside the tube and it was so painful. He ended with 2 bruises and his doctor told him gave him tablets after telling him that his testicles get inflamed.

Source: Men’s App

Solution: Often times, this could be due to having the testicles sucked into the vacuum. To avoid this inconvenience, another user suggested a hair band or rubber band trick keep the testicles out of the chamber. First, enter the chamber when you are erect.

Second, position the rubber edge of the device as close to the belly of the shaft as possible to give a clear delineation between the penis and scrotum. This will also make rubber-banding more convenient.

Bathmate Dangerous: Not True, Learn The Tricks To Avoid Injuries

This device is not dangerous but may give few side effects and result in injury when not used properly. Follow tips in using Bathmate to help you achieve your size goal. It is important that you be informed about the ins and outs of the device before using it.

According to Cheap Bathmate Discount, here are some ways to avoid Bathmate injuries. Be sure to learn this thing before using one.

Observe How It Is Hanging

How your scrotum hangs has a huge impact on the pumping process. If it is hanging a little more than normal, the pump may suck it and it will be painful. Avoid it by using the rubber band method and place the pump accurately.

Take The Time To Manscape

It is recommended that you shave before using a pump. It can be uncomfortable when your pubic hair gets pulled into the cylinder when you start pumping. So, take the time manscape to avoid such inconvenient incidence. Regular razors will do.

Read All The Instructions

You will be using the pump in the most delicate part of your body, your penis. Thus, take no chances, make sure to read the manual and follow it strictly. If every session says 15-20 minutes follow it.

Get A Perfect Seal

Source: New York Urology Specialists

A number of users blame the pump for poor vacuum. However, according to the article, the real cause of most pump complaints is the lack of technique. It actually takes some practice to achieve the perfect seal, so aim it if you’ve been using your pump for quite a while and you can’t still master it.

Don’t Over-Pump

Anything that is too much is not recommended. Most think that if they over-pump they will see better results but in reality, it can be dangerous. Too much pressure may cause two issues. First, it can cause redness on the cock and result in a hematoma. Second, it can cause other forms of swelling not related to erection.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Using a penis pump is not easy for beginners as it may take the time to get everything right. Getting a perfect seal and ensuring that your balls will not be sucked in the chambers could be challenging. So, persevere to see penis size gains but not to the extent of your safety. If you need to stop and rest from pumping, do so.

Take Penis Growth Supplements

Regularly taking penile enlarging medicines along with the use of Bathmate can boost your gains. By using your pump as directed and following the rules regularly, you will eventually achieve these cock growth.

Bathmate Effects

If used appropriately, Bathmate can give you impressive results. It just needs dedication, hard work, and endurance. After years of using this male enhancement device, I am very satisfied and happy with the results.

Basically, its advantages, for men like me who are looking for ways to increase their penis size outweigh its disadvantages. It needs effort and continuous practice to perform pumping perfectly but when you are very familiar with the process the risk of injuries is slim.

So personally, I still recommend Bathmate. Just be careful with the device. We only have one penis, let’s not risk it in exchange for having a bigger and thicker cock. Let us be always on the lookout of our dick’s state. Let’s take good care of the thing between our legs!