Bathmate Gains: How Much Can Your Penis Grow?

Bathmate is one of the few pumps that offer real results. I have gained almost 4 inches in length and 1. 75-inch in girth using this pump. If just like me, you want to experience real and permanent gains, this device is the one to purchase!

Why Buy Bathmate Pump?

bathmate penis pump reviews

For men like me with insecurities on his penis size, I turn to penis extenders and pump to grow my dick naturally. I have read a number of success stories from using Bathmate pumps. According to them, the gains are real. The results are impressive. Most, importantly, the increase is permanent.

The different testimonials convinced me to try the same device. I purchased my first Bathmate Hercules and it didn’t fail me. After using it for several months I feel that my member was thicker and fuller. Since, then there was no looking back. I tried the different series of Bathmate and followed some good tips in pump use. I am celebrating the gains and progress I made throughout the years and personally, I will tell you, yes, Bathmate gains are real.

Bathmate Length Gains

This male enhancement device is more popular with girth but it is also efficient in increasing your length. I have been using different Bathmate products for years and my gain is continuous. Initially, I measure 5.6 inches when I bought Hercules. After several months of using it, I gained 0.2-inch.

After about 6 months, I upgraded my pump to Bathmate Hydromax X30. This is the pump I used for over 2 years and the one where I had my best progress. After 24 months I gained 2.2 inches in length. Then I level up with X-treme X40 where I gained another 1.5-inch. I also take pennis growth tablets to maximize the gains and support my overall penile health

From 5.6 inches, I now measure 9.5 inches and I am never happier. Looking back I used to pity myself for having such a small dick but now, I am very confident. Whenever I go to parties, I was too shy to hook up with the pretty girls I met because I don’t want to endure the humiliating looks I get from them when I lower down my pants. Now, they are amazed at the size of my member and I can sense how they adore my bigger and thicker dick.

In addition to this, I no longer feel shy wearing shorts on the beach. I am loving the thing hanging between my legs.

Bathmate Girth Gains

Pumps are popular devices for growing a penis girth. As what most claim, restorex penile extender traction therapy device are for length and pumps are for girth. However, both male enhancement devices can also help you grow your girth and length respectively.

I started with a thin and short penis and when I tried pumps I was expecting to grow both. Luckily, this pump did not disappoint me. I started with a girth of 4.8 inches after over four years of using this pump I can proudly say that my penis is 1.75-inch thicker. Yes, my penis circumference is now 6.55 thanks to this pump.

I cannot speak for all the men using Bathmate. I know that some have as impressive and even better results than I have. However, as for me, I am already very happy with what my progress.

To give you a specific overview of how big you can get with Bathmate, you can see the photo below. It specified the maximum length and girth that you can potentially enjoy using the different Bathmate series.

Source: thebathmate

Bathmate Length and Girth Gains Table

For a clearer view of the different gains in length and girth, check out the table below. You will surely love Bathmate even more after learning seeing the figures below.

Most Bathmate users enjoyed 2-3 inches in length and 1-inch in girth. However, with persistence results can be better. Results vary from users to users. If you want to get the best of this pump, allot regular time to pump and jelq.

Are Bathmate Gains Permanent?


When we look for vacuum pump device to increase the penus length and girth, we want the gains to be permanent. Of course, it is more convenient if after years of using this device we need not do it as frequently as we had when we were beginners.

With Bathmate, I can guarantee that the increase is something that you will enjoy permanently. However, it needs dedication and determination in the early years of using this pump to achieve the size you’ve been dreaming of continually.

I’ve been using this different Bathmate pumps for over four years and I am not as persistent as before after gaining almost 4 inches. However, good news because I am able to maintain my gains. Although, I still make it a point to use my BM for a 10-minute session at least twice a week.

Aside from me, there are still other Bathmate users who can attest the permanence of the results of this device. In this forum, one member gained .25 inches nbp and .5 in girth. He doesn’t use too much pressure and has stopped using his Bathmate. If he has time, he only uses it once every other week but the additional length and girth he enjoys from the device remains.

On the other hand, Chris from Good Looking Loser also attested that there are lasting gains with Bathmate. Actually, you can enjoy temporary and permanent gains.

However, if you regularly use your Bathmate pump, you are exposing your manhood to tension and fatigue that produces a gap. You can apply penile growth gel to further reinforce the gains.

The good thing about this is that our penile tissues divide and multiply to fill the gap. Thereby, giving us permanent growth.

You just have to expose your penis from continuous fatigue and recovery to maintain 90 to 100% of your gains. In my case, doing a one or two 10-minute session for a week is enough to keep my gains. The hard work is only at the beginning so persevere for the size you long for.


Yes, Bathmate is a great device that you should consider if you want a good pump that delivers real results. This guarantee gain in length and girth. Most importantly, the increase is permanent, which you will surely enjoy.

With this penis pump and with patience and persistence, you will grow your length and girth naturally. I did it and I am sure, you can make it too!