Avena Sativa for Sex, Testosterone, Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction

Avena sativa is popular for its sexual benefits, it is a natural viagra and testosterone booster. In addition, this is generally safe to take, but results may vary.

Avena sativa is more popularly known as oats or oat straw, a species of cereal grain. This is taken as food, but unknown to many this offers more than nourishment in the body. This herb promotes good health for your physique and mind.

That’s not all because this also offers tons of sexual benefits to help you become more active in the bedroom that is why you often come across this herb in male enhancement products. By taking avena sativa, every sexual encounter is more enjoyable and unforgettable.

What Is Avena Sativa – Everything You Need To Know About It

avena sativa plantAvena Sativa is a member of the oats family. Its name is literally translated as “wild oats.” It has been cultivated for thousands of years as a source of food for humans and domesticated animals.

As food, oats are known to be good for the heart because it keeps your blood fats under control. They are also rich in medicinal properties.

Avena sativa seeds are not only rich in carbohydrate and soluble fibre. It also contains a high amount of iron, zinc and manganese. Avena sativa homeopathic remedy uses avena sativa tincture as nerve tonics.

This plant is more than a source of food because it is also used as a traditional herbal remedy to support mind, body and spirit as far back as 200 years. This could be the reason avena sativa is used in different supplements to support hormone levels, increase energy and encourage healthy sexual response in men.

📌 For those who are not familiar with this, avena sativa is popular for its sexual stimulation properties. In fact, it was dubbed as “natural viagra.”

The good thing about this plant is that it has no known side effect compared to sexual prescription drugs. In fact, this is used as a general tonic and health medicine.

Avena Sativa Benefits

Avena sativa offers a number of advantages for our overall health. Whether you are looking for something to improve your mood, increase your libido or enhance your performance in bed, you will never go wrong with this plant.

In fact, the quoted expression “sowing one’s wild oat” is often linked to this plant due to the sexual benefits it offers.

Here’s an overview of the things that this plant can do for you:

  • Stimulates testosterone production
  • Increases testosterone level
  • Enhances mood
  • Relieves stress
  • Natural aphrodisiac
  • Improves sexual pleasure
  • Promotes blood flow to the penis
  • Relieves stress and fatigue
  • Enhances mind and brain function
  • Improves memory
  • Improves energy level and confidence

Pretty sure, you are more interested in finding out how this plant works in helping you to be more active in the bedroom.

Avena Sativa For Sex – Increases Stamina, Heightens Sex drive And Improves Erection

avena sativa for sexThis herb is soothing to the brain and nervous system while increasing the sexual desire and performance in both men and women.

In fact, this is a popular and one of the best medicine for erectile dysfunction without side effects. In addition, this is also used to stimulate men and women quickly and effectively.

Dr. Larry Clapp has studied avena sativa as an alternative virility medicine extensively. He concluded that “ten drops, under the tongue, twice a day works very powerfully to enhance erectile function.”

Other studies also suggest that this is effective in increasing libido and treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Researchers at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality based at a California State graduate school have studied the effects of this plant for decades. They learned that regular ingestion of avena sativa can result in increased libido by about 70% for men and 76% for women. In addition, men experienced heightened sex drive that also resulted in greater firmness of erection, increased stamina and more powerful orgasms.

According to this article, avena sativa works by freeing testosterone that gets stuck to the various compounds in the body. As one age, the bounding up of testosterone gets works. Bound testosterone is not as effective as free testosterone in helping one increase his thoughts and pleasures associated with sex.

One of the crossover double-blind studies involved 75 men and women who had taken avena sativa. The study learned that it only significantly worked in men. The men reported more consistent erections and pleasure during sex.

In a prior pilot study, many men reported several big-Os with some even experiencing multiple orgasms. Another double-blind study examined the effects of sativa on men and woman.

All subjects consumed 300 mg of green oats extract or placebo every morning. Group 1 took green oats for 28 days. Group 2 took a placebo for the same amount of time. They then switched groups with no one knowing who was taking the placebo and green oats.

📌 The study found out that women need a more potent form of green oats to support sex drives. While men who took avena sativa supplement were impressed with how it improved their libido and sexual health.

Avena Sativa For Testosterone – Increases Luteinizing Hormone And Free Testosterone

avena sativa-for-testosterone
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Testosterone is the most important hormone for men. If your testosterone is too low then your sex drive and libido will drop too. In addition to this, you will pack on more fats. Testosterone increases your muscle and decreases your fat, if your T level is too low, you will experience otherwise.

If you need a supplement to increase your testosterone level, good news, this plant can definitely help you. Avena sativa is a natural testosterone booster.

This plant is effective in boosting your testosterone level and it works in two ways.

First, its efficiency is attributed to its ability to increase your luteinizing hormone (LH). When your LH level is high, this is great for your sexual health as it means more testosterone production.

Second, it increases your free testosterone. As mentioned this hormone is very important for us physically, mentally and sexually. With high T levels, you will experience an overall improved sense of well-being.

📌Unfortunately, over 95% of your total testosterone is bound to various proteins in the blood. Thus, only 5% or less is your free testosterone that travels through your body and works its magic.

A number of users have attested that this plant has helped them increase their testosterone level. Here are some avena sativa reviews that might convince you to try this as your natural T booster.

Avena Sativa For Premature Ejaculation – Relaxes The Brain And Nervous System

avena sativa premature-ejaculation
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Finding a premature ejaculation treatment is a common problem among men. A number confessed that they struggle to last longer in bed that sometimes they can’t wait until their partner achieve her big-O before they blow their load.

When this happens more often than it should, it can adversely affect your sexual relationship with your partner. But don’t worry because avena sativa can help.

Avena Sativa Relaxes Nerves

Premature ejaculation can be caused by various condition including performance anxiety, thyroid problems, prostate enlargement, hormonal imbalance, excessive masturbation and medication. These conditions weaken the ejaculation valve, over stimulates the penile gland and cause hormonal imbalance that may lead to PD.

Oat is a potential solution. Avena sativa anxiety is loaded with vitamins B1 and B2, and other herbal nutrients to relax your nerves which make it very effective in addressing performance anxiety which is nerve-related.

Avena sativa anxiety reviews revealed that this plant is effective in reducing stress and tension. According to reports, this soothes the brain that results in a calmer and more oriented you.

📌When you are doing well physically and mentally, it will help improve your premature ejaculation issues. In the next section, you will see how your mind helps in your PE problems.

Avena Sativa Help You Control Ejaculation and ED

Aside from calming your nervous system, oat works well in soothing the brain. If used with fda approved ed vacuum pumps, it helps you take control over your climaxes and gives you the power to prolong your erections. So, this definitely works in aiding you with premature ejaculation.

A number of men, especially when they age tend to suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). Avena sativa is popular for its attributes in helping one prevent impotence.

Let’s admit it, when one notices that he misses his morning wood, it becomes a source of alarm. How much more if your penis disappoints you when you are already in action?

If you need ED treatment, avena sativa supplement might help. This plant has what it takes to help you enjoy hard rock erections.

How do Avena Sativa Work?

Avena sativa can be found in some of the best sexual performance tablets in the market and it can help you with erectile dysfunction by temporarily increasing the nitric oxide (NO) levels to boost the blood flow to your penis. NO expands the blood vessels for easier blood flow. As a result, your penis will be engorged and you will experience hard erections.

NO is believed to be the main vasoactive nonadrenergic, noncholinergic neurotransmitter and chemical mediator of penile erection. This chemical compound is released by nerve and endothelial cells in the corpora cavernosa of the penis.

It activates soluble guanylyl cyclase, which increases 3′,5′-cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) levels. Acting as a second messenger molecule, cGMP regulates the activity of calcium channels as well as intracellular contractile proteins that affect the relaxation of corpus cavernosum smooth muscle for easier erection.

Avena Sativa Side Effects and Warnings

Avena Sativa is natural, but there are some things that you should consider before taking this ingredient.

Use Extract Only

Most avena sativa on the market is made of root or powder. Some come in the form of avena sativa drops. Although those products are more affordable, they are worthless because it does not contain any active ingredients in it. That is why it does not work.

It is recommended that you only use avena sativa extract. Its highest and most potent extract to powder ratio is 100:1

Your body adapts to it and it stops working

When you use one ingredient only, there is a tendency that your body will quickly adapt to it. So, this ingredient may stop working after a couple of weeks. This is definitely not what we want.

To combat this, you need to increase your avena sativa dosage. After a week, your body will adapt to it again. Then, you will have to increase the dosage again. Unfortunately, this will be very expensive in the long run and may lead to negative side-effects eventually.

Negative conversions

As you age, your body creates various enzymes that convert testosterone to “negative hormones” such as estrogen, DHL, prolactin and cortisol to name a few. All of these decrease your positive testosterone.

  • Estrogen can make you fat.
  • Prolactin reduces the frequency of your erections.
  • DHT causes hair loss and prostate cancer.
  • Cortisol is stress hormone and directly decreases your testosterone level.

We don’t want these negative conversions. We want our body to increase testosterone levels and keep it high by preventing these negative hormones.

📌 To solve this, you can take avena sativa and pair with complementary natural ingredients that help increase both your total and free testosterone such as fenugreek, tongkat ali, panax ginseng, ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto, maca and stinging nettle. To reduce estrogen you can take DIM and selenium. To reduce cortisol, you can take vitamin C and ashwaganda. For prolactin, you can take vitex agnus and zinc for DHL.

You have to reduce the adaptation process to get better results with lower dosages.

Avena Sativa Special Precautions

avena sativa side effectsAvena sativa is generally safe. But there are a few things that you still need to consider. Here are some precautions that you should take note.

Chewing problems

If you have difficulty in swallowing food or have chewing problems or have missing teeth or poorly fitted dentures you should avoid eating oats. Poorly chewed oats cause an intestine blockage.

Digestive problems

If you have digestive tract disorders in the esophagus, stomach and intestines oats are not good for you. Digestive problems that could extend the length of time it takes for you to digest the food allows oat to block your intestine.

Where to Buy Avena Sativa?

Avena sativa offers tons of benefits for your health, mind and sexual life. This versatile plant works well in increasing your free testosterone, libido and sex drive. It also has the potential to improve premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. If you like to buy Avena Sativa, just click the button below!

Conclusion – Wrap Up

📌This plant is safe to take, so if you are interested you can try it. There are already tons of this supplement on the market and online. You can start your search with Avena sativa amazon. However, make sure to read the warnings above. Also, be reminded that while this works, just like any other herb, its results may vary among users.

Have you tried avena sativa for any sexual concern? Did it work as expected or did it make things worse? Feel free to share your experience with us to help other readers decide if they should try this or not.


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