What Is The Age Limit for Penis Growth?

Growing up was never easy.

The raging hormonal fluctuations, the constant itching from hair growth, the spontaneous growth in height and weight, and of course the increase in testosterone levels.

Puberty hits us all as children but all very different, the average age for male puberty being 12 years old. Most men continue to grow in their puberty state till they are 16 years old, but this can go on until they are 18 years old. But is this true for the penis as well?

Normal penis growth begins to accelerate at the beginning of puberty, to the age of 18 years old – with the vast amount of the development taking place from the ages of 12 – 15. The penis can be found to continue growing until the age of 21 in some males.

Testosterone and Growth Hormone is associated with male attributes such as deepening of the voice, muscular development, body hair growth, the size and color development of the testicles, and is also the primary driving force behind penile growth.

Testosterone and Growth Hormone continues to rise in the male body until they are 20 years old, thus it is not uncommon for some men to have penis growth in this part of their life as well. Sill, many men – if not most – are still quite shy about their penile length, especially fearing if they might have a micropenis.

What Determines Penis Growth?

As mentioned earlier, testosterone does play a role in penile growth.

When in the womb, testosterone is produced by the developing testicular organs, and is converted into Dihydrogentestosterone (DHT) in the penis.

This significantly increases penis growth, and testicular development as it is a much stronger version of testosterone.

Once the child is born, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is mainly responsible for penis growth. HGH peaks in younger ages, and with time begins to taper off from the age of 25 years old.

For the penis to have development, sufficient HGH needs to be present. Data suggests that if you do not have enough HGH as a child, your penis will grow less than 0.5 inches per year.

What Determines Total Penis Size?

Penile length is something that troubles upwards of 45% of men, and sexual data shows most of them wish they could increase the length or girth.

This is actually not something to be shy of, as the average penis size is 5.1 – 5.5 inches, compared to the average female preferred penis size of 6.3 – 6.4 inches.

This is primary evidence as to why some men are considering male enlargement procedures.

The penile tissue is comprised of two cylinder like tubes, when aroused there is blood flow into these cylinders and the flaccid penis increases in size to become an erect penis.

The main determining factor for penile length, is genetics. The genetics you inherit from your parents, more so the X chromosome, will significantly influence the length of your penile tissue.

Data indicates that other factors that influence penis size, are hormones such as DHT and HGH, bodyfat level, the amount of pubic hair you have, and trauma to the penis. Another small determining factor is the actual size of your body.

A single study published in early 2021 found a correlation between height and penis length, the claim being that taller men have a bigger penis size.

What Roles Do Testosterone And Growth Hormone Play In Male Sexuality?

Testosterone is the main male hormone, with the average healthy male producing 240-950 ng/dl but data suggests it can be as high as 1200 ng/dl in puberty.

This begins to lower with age, after the age of 30 a lot of men are going to their GP and receiving Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) which is a Testosterone Injection to mimic that of normal Testosterone levels.

Testosterone is responsible for various male attributes. Sperm production, libido, muscle and bone strength, and some is aromatized into estrogen. Having either low or high Testosterone is unhealthy, causing hair loss or body hair growth, reduced or increased sex drive, blood pressure issues, and has been linked to various cancers.

Human Growth Hormone is responsible for overall human growth. HGH is responsible for functions such as growth, body composition in regards to muscle growth, aging, and can even improve your quality of life.

Having sufficient growth hormone is essential and having low HGH can have symptoms such as fat gain, increase risk of disease, and overall poor quality of life. HGH is also a driving factor in penile growth, and there is possible evidence that HGH supplements could increase penis size.

Can I Increase My Testosterone Levels?

The notion that increased testosterone will make you more of a man has been around for decades.

Bodybuilders are known for using the stuff and they just ooze manliness, walking with massive size.

While a deficiency in either of these two will be detrimental to health, having a tiny bit more can always be better right? The data will show us…

In search of higher testosterone, it is often a response to take wild supplements or begin doing MMA. Increasing testosterone is fairly simple and straight forward – start living like a healthy man would.

Training with resistance weights has been shown to increase your levels, as well as losing bodyfat. Eating a diet lower in unhealthy fat also helps, and trying to manage stress can also help.

Foods that can also possibly increase natural testosterone are seafood, ginger, and eggs. Increasing testosterone by a large amount will be difficult without getting treatment from a doctor.

There are procedures you can take to have your test levels tested if you think they might be low. Hormonal Replacement Therapy is the one often used.

Can I Increase My Growth Hormone Levels?

Increasing human growth hormone is a lot more difficult than increasing natural testosterone production.

HGH can be increased by following a fasting diet. Intermittent fasting is a diet in which you fast for a long period throughout the day, and follow that by a small feeding window.

Following a intermittent fasting (IF) diet can increase HGH levels by 300%. 16/8 is the most common of these procedures, and scientific articles do state that this diet does not only increase HGH, but also leads to limited fat gain, and better health markers.

Other ways to increase HGH is by optimizing sleep, reducing stress, and consuming less sugars.

Supplements To Increase Penis Size

Supplements are a exponentially rising market, with some of these magic pills being wonders – and some being bust.

The treatment these provide varies greatly, and are apparently a cheaper and safer alternative to surgical enhancement.

The supplements that do actually have science backing them in regards to helping you sexually, are often Vasodilators.

These provide Nitrogen to the body, and allows veins to dilate, causing more blood flow. Both Arginine and Citrulline can increase this, which can help in achieving fuller and bigger erections. The vasodilator creams otc available in the market right now contain natural ingredients that can help you get larger erected penis.

Ashwaganda does have some supporting science, with one study that a 675 mg/d dose for 90 days administration resulted in a 17% boost in Testosterone.

Taking a Multivitamin, Vitamin D, and a Vitamin B supplementation have all been linked to an increase in test levels. Be sure to check with your GP if you are primed to take these, as taking too much of one supplement can be detrimental.

Can Exogenous Growth Hormone Act As Penis Enlargement Technique?

The most common administration of HGH is to children with a HGH deficiency, patients with renal failure, patients who suffer from Turner syndrome or Prader-Willi syndrome.

The size of their deficiency will determine the dosage they require, as production of your own HGH varies greatly from person to person.

There has been some medical research to use HGH as a sexual aid, and to help with penis length.

Research published in 1983 does show exogenous HGH administration resulted in increased penile length, and there was even sufficient response from the testicular area. It is still unclear if this procedure will work for adults as well.

Taking growth does have severe side effects though. Decreased insulin sensitivity has been strongly associated with this hormonal therapy, which can worsen your body composition and then decrease your penis size.

Joint and muscle pain, increased risk of some cancers, spike in bodyweight, and carpet tunnel syndrome are all possible effects of exogenous HGH.

Are There Free Or Cheap Methods To Increase Penile Length?

Are There Free Methods To Increase Penile Length

You can begin to increase the size of your penis, today even – you can even do it right now. Live healthier.

There is sufficient evidence that high fat mass, high blood pressure and high cholesterol is directly linked to a smaller penis.

Your health is incredibly important, and exercising a few times per week, losing some weight, and lowering saturated fat intake can all lead to better penile health. This will all also improve your sexual function, as research has found that looking and feeling healthier can lead to better sex.

Another relatively safe way to grow your penile size are enhancement methods such as the use of penis stretching device. Using something like an andro penis extender regularly, it works by stretching your penis, causing tiny tears and bruises in the penis. This damage in combination with more blood to heal this damage, causes the penis to swell and lead to penis enlargement.

Others do jelqing or penis massages. However, these can have side effects in your sexual health, as it can cause scar tissue build up, pain, and not as effective. It is important to check with your GP as some claim this method can be extremely intrusive, and can alter the function of the penile tissue.

What About Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Penis enlargement surgery is the medical practice of surgically altering the composition of the penis to increase the length or girth.

There are a few medical surgeries available, all having their drawbacks and benefits.

The main three main surgeries are Penuma (only FDA approved surgery), Fat Grafting, and Suspensory Ligament Alteration.

The Penuma treatment can significantly improve your penile length, anywhere from 1.5 – 2.5 inches. More than 80% of men are happy with the results of this surgery, as the procedure is simply the act of inserting a medical grade silicone into your penis. Unfortunately, this treatment can run you $15 000 in costs.

Fat grafting is a great medical treatment, as fat is taken from one part in the body, cleaned, and then injected into the penis. These fat cells also contain stem sells, which can initiate penile tissue development.

Since the fat cells are from the same body, there is relatively little chance that the body will reject them. The surgery is also quite expensive, and not covered by medical aid.

The last surgery is cutting the Suspensory Ligament. Seems like the most intrusive procedure for penis enlargement. Cutting this ligament will allow the penis to appear larger, and in combination with the fact that the penis hangs more freely now is a great penis enlargement procedure.

Help, I Have A Micropenis

A micropenis is a penis that is shorter than 3 inches in length, and scientific research shows that 0.6% of men suffer from this condition.

While surgical penis enlargement is the first thing that springs to mind, medical personal will rather prefer hormonal administration for a micropenis.

A micropenis is often noticed in children, as the development of penile length has been greatly documented and doctors know which penises will need penile enhancement.

Hormonal replacement therapy will include applying Testosterone cream to the penile area, however this administration is mostly effective before or during puberty. Doctors expect the micropenis to grow by up to 3.5 inches following this procedure.

HRT will function as a replacement for the low testosterone level in some boys. This can be as a result of the mother not producing enough human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) while carrying the male baby, or the male fetus not producing enough testosterone.

A micropenis is nothing to be ashamed of, as the sexual function of the penis is still perfectly normal. Males who have a micropenis can still orgasm, masturbate, and urinate just like other penises. However, if you still do not feel like you are happy, reach out to your local GP for medical treatment.

Help Again Please, I Have Erectile Dysfunction

Help Again Please, I Have Erectile DysfunctionErectile dysfunction (ED) is the condition where the penis is unable to become or stay erect whilst trying to engage in sexual activity.

This condition can affect more than 55% of men across their life. The main causes of ED differs from person to person, but is often hormonal imbalance, hypertension, or even just anxiety.

By living healthier, you are also at a much lower risk of ED. The very first treatment for ED is to live healthy. Giuliano et al. found that 67% of high blood pressure patients, have some form of ED. Following a strict regime of exercise and diet is the simplest method to combat ED, and maintain a healthier penile functionality.

Porn addiction is also sometime linked to ED, and various men claim that porn does alter their sex life – and not always in a good way. Some men also have the claim that using psychological focus methods in response to their ED could potentially help. Sexual function of either sex can be negatively affected by pornography as it does not represent normal sex.

There is of course a surgical solution. A penile implant is placed in the penis, and an external cylinder is used to keep the penis erect enough for sex to take place. Compared to using pills such as Viagra, this might seem extremely intrusive. This procedure might even alter the length of your penis, but the data is inconclusive.

Another method is by using penile vacuum pump devices. These male ed pumps work to treat erection problems in men by inserting the male genitals into a cylinder. The vacuum causes blood to fill in the penile, thus engorging a bigger erection.

Is My Penis Normal?

9 out of 10 times, yes. Penises come in all shapes and sizes, some have curls, and some even have exponential growth from a flaccid penis to an erect penis.

Many men are concerned about their penis, and search for ways of penis enlargement or sexual enhancement, however most of the times men are perfectly adequate.

As children, men are told the function of a male is to be dominant, in charge and that there is in fact a “normal”.

Truth is, there isn’t. In search of being better, the primary goal should be becoming a better person overall, compared to just trying to grow your penis size. While women do prefer a bigger penis, they also claim to not like a penis size that is too big.

Size and length might not even be the most important thing, as height, face symmetry and wealth all play a role in attractiveness.

Your penis size is completely adequate, and if you’re still unsure, see your doctor about possibly getting surgical penis enlargement. Remember, you’re more than just a penis.



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