Advantages & Disadvantages of Swallowing Human Sperm – Everything You Need to Know

Oral sex has never been more diversified – these days, literally anything is accepted. Oral sex can go both ways and can occur both from the front and the back.

When it comes to women performing oral sex, some of them choose to swallow semen, while others spit or simply have their partners come elsewhere.

Swallowing semen has always raised some controversies. Some say human semen is rich in nutrients; others dislike the texture and taste. There are all sorts of theories about it, yet many of them are nothing but actual myths.

So, what are the benefits and disadvantages of swallowing human sperm?

What Is Semen?

Semen is a substance released by men when they reach an orgasm. The substance is released through the penis, and it has a viscous texture.

It is creamy and will usually have a whitish-gray appearance – sometimes, it may have a slightly gray appearance. The color depends on many factors, though.

It is made of two elements. One is the sperm – about 20% of the actual semen. The sperm contains all the reproductive cells. They have half of all the genetic details required to create a baby. The amounts of sperm vary from one man to another, yet the physical and chemical properties are the same.

The second component is the actual fluid. Those who eat sperm will not necessarily taste the actual sperm. Instead, the semen tastes like fluid, also called seminal plasma. This plasma is about 80% water.

This fluid makes the difference between healthy to eat sperm and a sexually transmitted infection.

Nutrients In Semen

Those interested in eating female sperm should know that male sperm is completely different and has a unique taste.

Now, semen has a bunch of nutrients that may actually make it suitable for human consumption. If a man thinks about eating female sperm, he should know that nutrients are different.

Female sperm may also contain the female reproductive egg.

The reproductive organs create semen in men. It is a complex substance with a caloric index of between 5 and 25 calories. Some men produce more semen than others – some will produce a few milliliters, while others will produce plenty of it.

Those interested in swallowing sperm should know they will get a dose of all essential nutrients. For example, the health benefits of calcium are well known. Then, a normal sperm count will also bring in a decent dose of glucose, which is a decent nutrient.

The semen taste often depends on what kinds of juices a man has first. However, the taste will not necessarily affect the list of nutrients. Other nutrients include magnesium, fructose, lactic acid, glucose, zinc, citric acid, potassium, and protein.

Sperm starts coming out before the actual orgasm, with or without a semen stimulant. Women performing oral sex on men will face semen exposure anyway. Even if they want to avoid eating sperm, they will still get some human sperm.

While drinking sperm will give a female some essential nutrients, doses are relatively small.

Disadvantages Of Swallowing Human Sperm

In theory, the male reproductive system will bring in healthy seminal pasta, regardless of the sperm count.

Sperm nutrition is definitely high, despite the small dose. However, eating semen may also have a few disadvantages.

So, is eating sperm good?

Some people may suffer from human seminal plasma hypersensitivity. The semen allergy is relatively rare, though, so such issues are less likely to arise. An allergic reaction is less likely to cause significant damage anyway – seminal plasma hypersensitivity reactions are mild.

The main issue with unprotected sex is contracting one of the numerous sexually transmitted infections out there. Scientists analyzing sperm nutrition found that despite the benefits, women can contract diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis, or even herpes.

The chemical properties of sperm are less likely to cause such issues. Also, while quite difficult, there have been cases of contracting HIV over oral sperm exposure. The human papillomavirus – HPV – can also be transmitted if carried by semen.

The bad news is that HPV cannot be detected in semen if tested.

Plus, some strains of this virus can cause throat cancer.

Is It Safe To Ingest Semen?

Semen varies in taste and viscosity, not to mention quantity. It carries the male reproductive cell but does not affect the taste or its properties.

It also carries a natural hormone, and the quantity each man may ejaculate varies.

Some believe semen can regulate sleep cycles, has antidepressant properties, or provides glowing skin. It is not vitamin C. It is not a beauty product, so such things are nothing but myths and misconceptions.

Now, knowing the disadvantages and benefits of semen, is it safe to ingest such bodily fluids?

Ingredients making this protein-rich fluid are perfectly safe. Whether a female wants to swallow, spit or ask her partner to come somewhere else – inside her, on other parts of the body, or just far from her – is entirely up to her. To the female brain, it is a matter of personal preferences.

A woman’s body works in the same way. Some women may be disgusted by the viscosity, for example.

Before deciding the benefits of swallowing semen, women should have honest conversations with their partners. Oral sex should be performed with close and serious partners, rather than random one-night stands.

In the end, a woman should only do what she is comfortable with.

There are other energy drinks out there. There are no risks to encounter health issues if she is not comfortable with them. There are no health conditions. The aging process will not be slowed down, and there are other natural antidepressants out there.

Moreover, the benefits of swallowing sperm depend on the potential risks as well.

How To Prevent Problems From Swallowing Semen

An honest conversation between partners is the best way to prevent issues associated with swallowing the creamy fluid – bacterial infections, among many others.

This is the optimal way to have fewer symptoms from potential problems.

At the same time, it does pay off by paying attention to the appearance and smell of the partner’s semen.

If he decides to come in a woman’s mouth, assessing the sperm quality could be an issue. But then, a brief inspection will prevent further problems if he comes elsewhere.

Normally, sperm should have a white, yellowish, or grayish color. It should have no smell at all. If there is a foul smell, the genetic material is bad, or there is an infection. At the same time, a female should also pay attention to the color.

If sperm has a reddish color, it has nothing to do with the blood pressure or seminal melatonin. Instead, the glands producing sperm may have a problem.

Yellowish sperm is alright, but an infection could cause yellow or green sperm. Vitamins may also give it this color, as well as medication.

The taste may also indicate an issue. Normally, semen should be slightly salty or bitter if the pH level is too high, but also sweet due to the high amounts of fructose. There is nothing to be concerned about if it has a metallic taste either – many minerals and vitamins.

The best way to prevent such issues is to remember that sperm has the role of facilitating fertilization. It is not a natural antidepressant, and it will not give women the daily recommended dose of certain nutrients. Avoiding oral sex is the best way to prevent issues, especially with a new partner.

Women can also use a condom to prevent their partners from coming into their mouths. If a woman trusts her partner, she can give oral sex and finish stimulating him with her hand. It implies the partner warning her before ejaculating.

STDs Associated With Swallowing Human Sperm

While, in theory, semen is safe to swallow, there are very rare cases when it can cause allergic reactions – difficulty breathing being the most popular sign.

Such body releases are safe, yet a man suffering from specific infections can transmit them further.

A sexually transmitted disease is the most significant risk associated with swallowing sperm, yet not a very common issue. If a woman performs oral sex on a man she knows very well, such risks are extremely low. One-night stands are different, though.

Herpes is the most common infection transmitted this way. Pain, itching sensations, small red bumps or blisters, scabs, and ulcers are the most common symptoms of this infection. Syphilis is also quite common, with signs like warts growing around the genital area.

Gonorrhea is not to be overlooked either – yellow or green vaginal discharge, bleeding while not on a period, and painful sensations while peeing. While extremely rare, HIV can also be transmitted to female partners by swallowing semen.

The same rule applies to HPV. The bad news about HPV is that this virus cannot be detected in men. Even if the sperm is thoroughly analyzed, the virus is not identified in men. Sometimes, this virus may lead to throat cancer – again, extremely rare cases.

FAQs Disadvantages On Swallowing Semen

Following are common questions if you’re unsure about swallowing sperm.

What Drinks Help Sperm Taste Better?

Pineapple juice has a reputation for sweetening the taste of body releases, and the same rule applies to semen.

Naturally, semen has a slightly bitter taste. However, pineapple juice is a bit acidic, so it will interfere and make the taste sweeter. Cranberries have similar effects.

Is Sperm Good For Your Teeth?

Sperm has a bunch of minerals that will, indeed, help prevent tooth decay. It should not replace good hygiene standards. The nutrients are quite low, so they will not make a massive difference.

Is Sperm Good For Your Skin?

Given the nutrients in its composition, sperm is very good for your skin.


Bottom line, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of swallowing human sperm can help people make more informed decisions.

Sperm is naturally good, but it is important to perform oral sex on a trustworthy partner, rather than on a new one.

While small, there are quite a few risks that may turn oral sex into a problematic experience.